Mason Family

Mason Family

This is interesting – the United Fruit Company was a CIA front and the nexus between Cuba, the Caribbean and New Orleans is fascinating. The Mason family was a CIA MK Ultra project alongside the Laurel Canyon music scene.  I never knew that the Folgers Coffee Heiress was one of the victims.   This was a hot bed of espionage and cultural programing.

A matrix of lies

A matrix of lies

Twilight Zone Alert. Been following Goldstein’s brilliant tweets and investigative work. He has a very long thread on Khomeini and Khamenei being crypto-Jews and the ruling class of Iran being Jewish for centuries (very interesting) the thread starts here ( When you get to the end of the thread click on date stamp at the top of the tweet to open up following posts as it is a very long thread) he traces genealogies and names and one of them was the Jewish-Polish suspect in the Jack the Ripper case Aaron Kosminski with the wikipedia link (

This is some weird stuff…..I saw it immediately (I am a Dutch speaker) Mordke is supposedly Yiddish for “warrior” but Mord means “murder” in German and the Scandinavian languages, and can refer to: Murder (German law) · Murder (Norwegian law) · Murder (Swedish law) … moreover the gematria is 66 (ordinal) and 33 (reverse). And then there is this: Aaron Kosminski (born Aron Mordke Kozmiński; 11 September 1865 – 24 March 1919) that is 11 Sept (911) 1865 (9/11) 24 March (=9) 1919=(10/10 =1/1)= 911. What the hell is going on? Is everything a big fat lie or am I going insane?

Watch these one minute shorts:

Here is another interesting Goldstein thread if you want a dive down the rabbit hole:

You ready for more rabbit hole stuff?  How about the CIA, bio-warfare and MK Ultra?

Who is Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West? (1:32)

The Brain

The Brain

This tweet is worth a blog article by itself.  Click on the image and it takes you to an interactive website app.  I have placed the link underneath in case the tweet goes missing.  Click the right corner button where it says “more” for other diagrams.

This is the direct link to The Brain

Deep Dive

Bad Gaslighting Epidemic Sweeps The Elite

Read the following article and then the anonymous comment.











I urge you to follow the link in the comment and any follow up links in the Vigilant Citizen articles.   I find the “one eye” occult reference particularly disturbing.  The CIA program MK ULTRA is a known fact and no longer a conspiracy.  It is no longer hard to believe that many terrible incidents are state sponsored false flags or that they are perpetrated by Manchurian candidates (the murder of Jo Cox comes to mind).   Whether people want to believe it or not the fact is that the elites do love their symbolism and like to flaunt their occult (=hidden) messages. The fact that it is so “in your face” supposedly demonstrates their superiority over the ignorant (deplorable) masses.  To put it bluntly –they are the face of evil.  Psychopathic narcissists that worship Satan.  That does not mean that they believe that “Satan” is real -merely that he represents rebellion against the Old World Order (OWO). They are superior, therefore they do not need to abide by any morality or rules. The Jew Saul Alinsky wrote the book ‘Rules for Radicals’ about  overthrowing the Old World Order.  He became a mentor to Obama and Hilary Clinton.   Alinsky dedicated his book to  Lucifer as ‘the first radical known to man’.   If people think this is so far fetched look at the involvement of the elite with pedophilia and Epstein.  It runs so deep even the aristocracy is involved.  I can promise you that if we can see this on the surface that it runs very, very deep.  There are most certainly much more terrible things that still remain hidden.  After all, if you are a “god” you can do whatever you like.  Their goal is not to remain hidden anymore but to be able to function openly. We have been made the victims of pornography and violence in order to desensitize us.    They do not believe in God at all and despise ALL people of faith.  Boy, are they in for a big shock.


Anonymous Comment

THey are mostly ‘puppets’…. fronting for the SG (=Sovereign Government?) puppet masters… add in that now the SG script is to ‘out their OWO’ so they can introduce their NWO before Mother Nature arrives to ‘clean house’… think Younger Dryas…. endtimes scenarios… just part of the Grand Cycle… with all those little cycles spinning around within it.

This ‘gaslighting’ is being done on them as well as us… with less affect due to the repetition that is endless until the herd tunes out…. not much protesting in the States these decades, right? Most haven’t a clue about the shitstorm about to descend on them… the market collapse etc… add in the cosmic crap that is set to start within the next 8 yrs… interesting that that little Satantic daughter Greta girl used that 8 yr figure in her performance…. who gave it to her? Someone in the club? One of her handlers other than her Satanic parents? The Elite Machine Behind Greta Thunberg – The Vigilant Citizen

Meanwhile, these puppets in the West are disposable pawns in the Great Game.. they don’t need to know, they are filled with psychopaths in suits… not kidding… again disposable…. as is our OWO…. all of it.. thus the chaos being engineered for this transition… they need global chaos on a much larger scale than the little crappy stuff we witness today… usually they end things in war…. just saying… the clock is ticking on them…. once Mother Nature arrives and the ‘harvest’ begins, everything ‘opens up’ and the game changes.