Rainbows for Everyone

Rainbows for Everyone

Just started watching this and had to post…. Kevin starts by critiquing this “science” article which is pushing homo garbage. Dr Kevin McCairn is right to be enraged and he makes fun of this abomination. There is nothing left to save of these ideologically motivated and captured institutes. Let it burn.

Ukraine Proxy War Escalation, Monkey Pox, SARS Neuroscience (4 hours)



I will embed the video when I have uploaded it to Odysee.ย  This belongs on the same page (not watched it yet):

๐Ÿ˜จ Science as Belief. Priests of Materialism ๐Ÿ˜จ (20 min)

Lab Research updates

Lab Research updates

Not watched this yet but Dr McCairn has had his back-up PayPal also removed. He is being targeted.

Lab Research Updates: More Samples For Analysis, Monkey Pox Metabioota (2:19)


Monkey Pox Update

Monkey Pox Update

The stream starts at about 12 minutes and among other things discusses monkeypox which seems to have been spread from a gay parade. Seems like it is not the face that needs covering with a mask but something else (lolz).

The remainder of the stream is an analysis of the debate with the husband (aka Himbo) of Dr Sam Bailey (aka Bimbo Bailey).ย  The “debate” was moderatedย  by the “independent” host ย  Tim Truth.ย  Suffice to say that Dr McCairn demolishedย  Himbo and exposed Tim Truth.ย  This is a vast gifting network.

Monkey Pox Update & Looking At More Insane Viruses Don’t Exist Cranks (2:25)

Jikki Read Failures

Jikki on Read Failures

I wonder why there are read failures?ย ย  Could it be that they are trying to hide something?ย  Nah, they would never do something like that.

ย Immune-suppression is the contributing factor

This is just my opinion..a lot of these pox-like virusesย  have overlapping symptomology.ย  If you suppress the immune system you get all kinds of dormant viruses (that you always carry) manifesting (like shingles if you had childhood chickenpox). There are also cancers that look like the pox (Kaposi’s sarcoma suffered by AIDS patients). There are even medications that produce similar symptoms for example Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

My favorite is amyloidosis which can be caused by the Spike-Protein.ย  In many cases only gene sequencing would differentiate the diseases or probably a specific test (PCR type?) but unless you have the correct primers (and with monkeypox we have unread stuff) then how can you tell? ย  It is a bit like confusing pneumonia and common cold with coronavirus due to deliberate faulty targeting. ย  Everything becomes “covid” and now everything will become “monkeypox”. And that is exactly what they want.ย ย  We know the playbook.ย  Fool me once and I won’t be fooled again (unless I am George Bush). They can now cover for every single immune disease over-reaction to the vaxx by calling it monkey pox. So releasing monkey pox is a very clever way of covering up a multitude of evils.ย ย  Genius move. Note that this is my opinion and I am a bucket chemist (industrial) and not a virologist but it fits the psychological profile of these sick puppies.


The scene is set to cause maximum fear and panic and confuse everyone…

This is the only WHO that I will listen to… we won’t get fooled again…

A noisome and grievous sore

A noisome and grievous sore

"And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image" (Rev 16:2 ).

ย  Monkey Pox outbreaks


What is causing this outbreak of Monkey-pox? Could it have anything to do with using a chimpanzee adenovirus as a shell for the mRNA?ย  I really don’t know but there is some crazy stuff going on. They always conduct an exercise before they launch the real thing. I know lets blame it on leopards.

Good thing they already approved a vaccine (lolz). Such foresight.