Zoonosis Shills

Zoonosis Shills

Market Zoonosis Shills Astroturf Internet, Latest SARS Neuroscience, & more (2:09)

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      • 40:00 Export Gas from Oz to the UK
      • 43:00 Shelling Ukraine Nuclear plant https://youtu.be/Bee0kQq9L5s


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  • 01:27 Monkeypox

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      • 01:57 As mentioned, I drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention. That law is still in force and would provide life imprisonment for everyone involved in the creation and release of SARS-CoV-2. The UNC article says exactly it was dealing with synthetic molecules. In my Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, I specifically criminalized – by that name – synthetic molecules. The whole synthetic biology movement was set up and funded by the Pentagon’s DARPA. In fact, DARPA money is behind synthetic biology, gene drive and all the rest of it. That is why at the first convention of synthetic biologists, in their final report, one of their key recommendations was the repeal of my Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act – because they fully intended to use synthetic biology to manufacture biological weapons. That is what they have done with Covid-19. The law still applies. It provides for life imprisonment for everyone who has done such a deed, including the scientists involved and everyone who funded this project, knowing it was existentially dangerous.

Gay men infect dog with monkeypox

Gay men infect dog with monkeypox

I thought that headline would grab your attention but it is a legitimate study in  the Lancet.  You better get ready to be black pilled and you may need some honk pills as well.

Market Zoonosis Shills Astroturf Internet, Latest SARS Neuroscience, & more (2:48) – 15 Aug

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  • 20:00 JJCouey suspended from twitter can be found @GigaohmResist
  • 24:00 This is the article that Kev was looking for: Clip with Maajid Nawaz
  • 48:00 Degenerates
  • 50:00 Dog with monkeypox

  • 01:26 Edward C Holmes

Charles Rixey sub-stack

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Human Coronaviruses as Multigene Mucosal Vaccine Vectors for HIV Coronavirus genomes are the largest RNA genomes in nature (~30kb), and contain multiple genes that are not essential for viral replication, theoretically allowing the insertion of multiple heterologous genes into a single virus with a packaging capacity much larger than most other vector systems.


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  • 02:32 Blood Test for amyloid
  • 02:38 Pfizer CEO Bourla got covid

Gigaohm Biological (Aug 9)

Gigaohm Biological (Aug 9)

A long but enjoyable show by Dr Jonathan Jay Couey. Very interesting explanation on the workings of PCR and I particularly enjoyed his deconstruction of the “comedians” (propagandists) demonstrating once again that television really is Heroin crossed with Hypnosis.  When you watch these jokers with open eyes you see how trite, nasty and manipulating they really are.  When commenting on how Colbert denigrated Sanders, Jay remarked that “they devour their own” and he is right.  It is how sociopaths behave.

Interesting factoid that the first smallpox vaccines were produced in 2002 under Bush but medical responders refused uptake (lolz) now both the older vaccine and the newer pox vaccine are approved despite not having any data on whether they work or not. Never-mind it is an “emergency”. Where have we heard that before? (lolz).

This latest video has a number of personal messages from Jay and we can see how this pandemic has stressed all of us and driven wedges between family members. What they have done is unforgivable.

Looking into the Firehose : Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (3:08)

Rough Running Order

00:00 intro
13:00 Emergence of immune escape at dominant SARS-CoV-2 killer T cell epitope
23:00 BNT162b vaccines protect rheus macaques from SARS-CoV-2
24:00 Deepak Kaushal caught in scientific Fraud

30:00 PCR test
45:00 All cause mortality

48:00 Stephen Colbert
01:01 Jon Oliver on monkeypox
01.37 Dr John Campbell pushing the vaccine
01:39 Bill Mahr on overpopulation
01:55 The blessing of children
02:02 Gender and homosexuality
02:12 Adverse reactions
02:14 HIV Sucharit Bhakdi
02:30 Bill Burr
02:48 Charles Rixey WMD expert
02:55 Influence of Rodney Mullen Jay (motivation and passion)

Monkeypox Sores

Monkeypox Sores


“Band-Aid Your Monkeypox Sores And Come On Down!” Say Gay Fetish Festival (8 min)



Must watch

Rarely have I seen Dr Kevin McCairn so frustrated and angry as they have blocked his second PayPal account and he has refunded all the PayPal contributions. He has fresh vaccine samples and can rent lab space but Dr McCairn requires more funding in order to progress.  The previous money was spent on lab work (which was streamed live) and on building the alternative platform WTYL to avoid censorship (part of the funds went to Simon the tech expert and coder).  Simon has also set up an alternative payment method which is more difficult for them to remove. Even that account has been attacked trying to breach security and steal funds. The fact they are are so aggressively trying to shut him down while they allow con-men and grifters  free rein should tell you something.  I have made my contribution and am a Patreon.    It is imperative and urgent  that we continue this work because no one else is.  There are plenty of con-men doing microscopy and  finding  “magnetic graphene”, or “chips” or “hydras” but no one is doing qualitative elemental analysis.   Kevin has not found any phosphorous in the samples.  How is that even possible?  This suggests that either Kevin is doing something wrong or the vaccines are placebos.

Does it even matter?   Of course it matters because if some of the vaccines were placebos then this would make the data impossible to read correctly and make it more difficult to disambiguate a signal.   It is deliberate corruption and manipulation of the data which is a cardinal sin in science.  If it is allowed to stand then any future pandemics and vaccination campaigns can be directed in which ever direction they want the “data” to go.

I would like to see Dr McCairn do more work and retest fresh vaccines using different methods. Possibly Mass spectrometry (MS) , Northern blotting and or PCR.  All this and more  is possible if we can raise the funds.  Having run my own lab on shifts I can vouch for the genuineness of  the work that I have seen.

Finally, we are fighting a ruthless, godless behemoth with unlimited funds at their disposal.  We are also fighting disinformation and con-men who are taking money from vulnerable people. Think of it as an investment in your children’s future because your money will be worthless anyway when they crash the system.  As a Christian you may think that Jesus will sort it out anyway….but that is not how it works.  You must expose the lies and stand for the truth.  You must show how utterly corrupt and twisted the system has become.  Put your money where your mouth is.  Times are tough and will get tougher but right now we can still fight….every little bit helps…  Click the article in the tweet below or go direct here https://wtyl.glitch.me/

War? DRACO, Dark Horse Getting Close To The Third Rail (3:09)

Rough Running order

Russian War Crimes, PRIONS

Russian War Crimes, PRIONS

We try to bring you balanced reporting.  It seems that a terrible war crime has been committed by  Russian military on a Ukrainian POW who was castrated.  The video is doing the rounds but I have not watched it and Kevin does not show it.  If it proves to be true I hope the Russians are quick to arrest and court martial the perpetrator.

Russian Warcrimes, PRIONS, Evidence Of Early SARS (Angola), More Bimbo Bailey Drivel (2:57)

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Streaming With Dr Davey Crocko (Gay Expert)

Streaming With Dr Davey Crocko (Gay Expert)

This stream is both funny and disgusting.  Not for sensitive souls as it discusses a twitter feed from a gay man who got monkeypox after attending multiple gay orgies.  Then there is that tool from the CDC the Jewish Walensky squirming on air as she describes two young children as adjacent to the gay community.

CDC Definition of Adjacent:
Adjacent= gay man who is very close to children who come down with monkeypox

If you have the stomach for it look up the thread where BabePigBoi describes his (s)exploits. Why does twitter allow this when they ban other material?  They obviously have an agenda to promote. Nothing is what it seems.

This article is briefly discussed at 01:27:


Here is the stream on YT. If it gets taken down search for it on WTYL. I have started this after the intro.

Streaming With Dr Davey Crocko (Gay Expert)- A Monkey Pox On Your House (2:22)

This is now on WTYL:


1980s AIDS Redux

1980s AIDS Redux

Very good Recommended

Is monkeypox the new covid or the old AIDS?           Fool me once.

This was the Clyde Lewis interview that was more or less all intro (https://www.biblaridion.info/blog/clyde-lewis/) before Kevin switched to other platforms to avoid YT censorship.  St Nick is an anonymous contributor and investigator with close links to the gay community and is on the Racoon Discord (despite rule one no poofters-lolz) who lost so many friends when the gay community was targeted in bio experimentation because no one would question the sickness and death of gay men. They have done it before. This is a Frankenvirus.

I never knew that  Gaëtan Dugas (Gay-tan you gassed) was supposedly patient zero. You have been gas lighted again (lolz).


Ground Zero interview (no ads) St Nick & Dr Kevin Mccairn (1:05)

Here is the paper Kevin referred to:



The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again (Shepperton Studios / 1978)-9 min