Omicron Smorgasbord

Omicron Smorgasbord

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Deaths in New Zealand

Deaths in New Zealand

New Zealand is a fascinating real-world experiment on vaccine safety. After locking themselves out from the rest of the world and thereby strictly eliminating Covid as a variable, they went about with a mass vaccination campaign. What did we learn? Well, not very unexpectedly they had a surge in all-cause mortality in the 60+ cohort that almost perfectly correlates with vaccine delivery intensity. More jabs = more deaths and fewer jabs = fewer deaths. It deserves to be looked into more carefully, but responses from New Zealand’s health authorities indicates that maybe they don’t have any such interest. No surprise there. Further, we’re being “trickle truthed” as the world comes to the realization that not only don’t two jabs work very well against omicron, but neither do three jabs and now four jabs. While the U.S. mainstream media still hews to a stale campaign of trying to whip up more concern and fear over omicron, even the CDC has had to admit that omicron is a lot less deadly and far milder than delta. The narrative is now fully shredded, but the agenda marches on. But for how much longer? People are waking up and the first large demonstration in the U.S. is planned for Jan 23 from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln memorial. Begins at 11:30 a.m. EST. Links: Hatchard Report – New Zealand vaccine & Mortality Data… Trickle Truth… TIME Mag experts says not to get omicron… WSJ – regular people say, get omicron… AwwwWwwkward questions… Peak Prosperity 2022 Event… DC March

Negative Efficacy

Negative Efficacy

This article based on UK govt figures has two charts at the end showing vaxx and unvaxx death (in numbers) but also “adjusted rates” (per 100k) which seems to establish the opposite. Whereas the first chart shows more vaxx numbers  dying the second chart show the unvaxx have a higher death rate?  How is that possible?

These were my calculations

These charts are based on the numbers on page 39 and the adjusted rates on page 40

Rate of death vaccinated per 100k =50 (80+)

1,500 vaxx died (how big the vaxx population?)

3,000,000 (3 million vaccinated) 1,500 deaths

therefore 1,500/ 3,000,000 x 100,000 = 50 deaths

50 people per 100,000 die
Rate of death unvaccinated per 100k = 250 (80+)

250 people died

…therefore 100k people unvaccinated?

1. Is my reasoning correct?
2. There are 100 k people over 80+ unvaxx and 250 died but did they die of covid?
** number of deaths of people who had had a positive test result for COVID-19 and either died within 60 days of the first positive test or have COVID-19 mentioned on their death certificate.

If this rate of death applied to everyone over 80+ (3 million)
then we would expect 7,500 deaths (instead of 1,500) so vaccination saved 6,000 (80+) lives but…
….nearly half a million of this cohort die every year anyway (see under)..
as far as I can see this is statistical slight of hand..

For context:
Death in people aged 75 years and older in England in 2017

Amongst those aged 75 years and older in England in 2017, 1.8 million (40.0%) were aged 75 to 79, 1.4 million (30.2%) were aged 80 to 84, 856,812 (18.9%) were aged 85 to 89, and 495,244 (10.9%) were aged 90 years and older.

In 2017, there were 498,882 deaths amongst people of all ages in England. In general, death is an event that occurs in old age. In 2017, 341,620 (68.5%) of all deaths occurred in people aged 75 years and older, of which 17.6% were amongst people aged 75 to 79, 23.5% were amongst people aged 80 to 84, 27.0% were amongst people aged 85 to 90, and 32.0% were amongst people older than 90 years.



  • 117,237 deaths (80-84) in 1.4m population = 8.4% of 80-84 year olds died of natural causes in 2017


  • 134,698 deaths (85-90) in 856,812 population = 15.7% of 85-90 year olds died of natural causes in 2017


  • 159,642 deaths (90+) in 495,244 population = 32% of 90+ died of natural causes in 2017


  • Total population 80+ = 2,752,056 (2.7 m in 2017) total natural death pre-covid = 411,577 = 15%


Australian Deaths

Australian Deaths

The Northern Territory had one (supposed covid) death in two years.   The NT has a population of 246,500  in a territory six times larger than the UK.   Now this evil monster wants to punish the unvaccinated.  Previously they used the army to collect isolated Aboriginal communities and put them in “quarantine camps”.    They launched biological weapons against civilians.  They want to jab and experiment on children.  What don’t you get?  What the hell is wrong with you?


Increased Excess Mortality

Increased Excess Mortality

Chris demonstrates that Public Health Policy is an epic fail.  If that is the case (and it is), then it begs the question…why do they continue with failed policy?

CDC, FDA NIH and Fauci doing more harm than good (28 min)

The highest goals of public and /or national level health agencies should always be doing the greatest good when the totality of their efforts are summed up. This means that after all is said and done, fewer people die in a given year and more people are living healthier lives. That is, less mortality and less morbidity (sickness). How have the various agencies done in the US on those fronts? Terribly! They get an “F.” In 2021 excess deaths (above expected baselines) are higher than they should be, by far, and are even running above 2020 levels – the supposed height of the pandemic. What are the reasons for this? We don’t know. For some reason the national health agencies are not only silent on the matter, but apparently completely uninterested. In Part II (found over at peak prosperity here:…) we uncover why they are doing this. Hint: it has nothing to do with public health or your personal health.


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:48 – The CDC’s Own Goals
  • 04:25 – #1: Less Death – Vermont
  • 06:56 – #1: Less Death – California
  • 08:37 – #1: Less Death – NY Ages 25-44
  • 12:41 – US Funeral Svcs: Excess non-Covid deaths both increased and “tended to skew younger”
  • 15:48 – FDA & CDC get an “F”
  • 16:45 – Can this be true?
  • 18:48 – #2: Less Disease
  • 23:16 – Conclusions

OSHA Blocked

OSHA Blocked

The Fifth Circuit struck down the OSHA vaccine workplace mandates on the basis that they are a hot mess. Well, not precisely, but pretty much. Also, when we score the public health outcomes for both overall mortality and overall morbidity, so far the combined efforts of all public health agencies in the US get an “F.” All-cause mortality is actually higher in 2021 than in 2020. A healthy society would stop and ask why. Hard questions would be asked by journalists. None of that is happening which is why I’m here asking and answering the questions for you.

OSHA Blocked & Public Health Efforts Get an “F” (50 min)

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:11 – OSHA Website
  • 02:11 – Say What?
  • 04:42 – What’s the true Infection Fatality Rate?
  • 10:18 – What Happens Next is Unclear
  • 15:12 – New European Locokdowns
  • 20:26 – Public Health: What Are The Goals
  • 23:20 – Public Health Sub Goal #1: Mortality
  • 30:49 – Public Health Sub Goal #2: Morbidity
  • 33:43 – What The Endpoints Ought To Be
  • 44:14 – Conclusions

Where is the pandemic?

Where is the pandemic?

Burial and cremation figures obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) requests from Local Councils do not show a significant increase in mortality.  Where is the pandemic?

I have charted the data from Kirklees council FOI for friends and family in the UK.  There is no pandemic and there are hardly any excess deaths……and the slight increase in mortality was caused by bad policy. The elderly did not go to hospital or seek help.

In other words they are lying through their teeth.

The first clip came from the UK Column (great show) that can be found here:

UK Column News – 21st May 2021



Putting the “con”  back into conflation.  There is a conspiracy alright and it is not by citizens on the internet exposing the truth – it is by big Pharma, governments, WEF and WHO.

“Did the CDC Let the Cat Out of the Bag?” “Just the Facts” Podcast May 6, 2021, with John Cullen

John Cullen uses the CDC data and demonstrates how he charts their “death codes” on the evidence that they present on the 5th of May. The data shows that they are lumping PNI (Pneumonia and Influenza Infections) together with the Covid numbers. The data (their data) clearly shows that their were MORE PNI deaths than Covid deaths. How is that possible because according to the authorities Influenza A and influenza B has disappeared? Yet it contributes more than half to the death rate. So the questions that this video raises are:

1. Why are they lumping PNI together with Covid?
2. Why are they saying flu has disappeared?
3. Why did the yearly flu vaccines not work?
4. Why do some densely populated countries have hardly any covid deaths?

It seems then that PNI is just as much a problem as Covid. It is possible that Covid is triggering PNI or that we are seeing two overlapping infections? In the Spanish flu people died of bacterial infection after catching the virus. It was like a double whammy – first the virus then PNI. Pneumonia is deadly especially in the elderly but it is seasonal and improvement in general immune health (Vit D, C and Zn) can diminish this.

The conclusion is that the deaths are grossly exaggerated. Actual Covid deaths in the UK are estimated as between 15k-18k not 128k. The death numbers have been inflated and exaggerated.

This so called “pandemic” is driven by propaganda and “cases” caused by false positives and improper use of the PCR test. The most at risk are the elderly (average age 80+) which is the same every year. A bad flu season is about 0.04-0.06% CFR and “covid” is about 0.15% CFR which is double a bad flu season. I believe that we are seeing ordinary flu and covid counted together. The elderly should be protected with HCQ, Ivermection, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zn, AZM and Budesonide. There is no pandemic.



The soundtrack for this video was brilliant and I have included it (for you Mindir)

Roam, written by the B52s ( Kate Pierson, Fred Schneider, Keith Strickland, Cindy Wilson, Robert Waldrop) Performed by: Morgan James

Mortality data

Mortality data

During this breaking MUST ATTEND presentation, Joel Smalley (MBA, Quantitative Analyst) unpacks the mortality during the Pandemic in England and explores what impact Covid-19 has had upon overall mortality amongst other key factors that must be considered in evaluating the impact of the Pandemic.

Joel Smalley is an experienced quantitative analyst who is also a member of HART, a group of UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts, and PANDA – Pandemic Data & Analytics, where both organisations independetly seek to widen the debate in order to formulate an exit strategy that benefits everyone in society.

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The Vaxx Unicorn

The Vaxx Unicorn

This is a major 2.5 hour long video by Del Bigtree on the Vaccination agenda.  It is in my opinion one of the best videos out there bringing it all together.  I recommend watching the full video if you want to know what is going on.  I have added my own breakdown underneath with time-stamps which you will need to copy and paste into your browser if you want to directly to that segment.


WHO symposium
statement by Prof. Heidi Larson
Shifted the global population dependence on Vaccine induced immunity
HCQ trials deliberately sabotaged
Four times the dose given
patients murdered (overdosed)
Lancet withdraws article
Jaxen report
Claim investigated that dexamethasone (steroid) decrease Covid deaths by 30%
Canada Mandatory vaccination bill defeated
– Investigations into 399 scientists of possible concern
– paid by foreign actors
Victory in Fluoride toxicity trial
The vaccine Unicorn
The rush to bring an UNTESTED vaccine onto the market
-antibody immune enhancement (antibodies make the problem worse)
Citizens petition
Fauci does not want herd immunity he wants vaccines
Interview with Prof Karl Friston
Neuroscientist who demonstrates that his
brain modeling software can be used to model Covid
end conclusion is that many people will not catch it at all
not susceptible.
It seems that T-cells play a major role
and T-cell “memory” in other words
if you had a previous cronavirus infection (a cold)
you could be already immune. Up to 50% of the poulation could be immune.
This ties in with the modelling by Prof Karl Friston suggesting up to 50% of the pop not
Vitamin D
Second Wave – fake
Protest against mandatory vaccines
over 800 lawyers, parents and citizens
directed at Bar association
Got the lawyers to change their recommendations

The website





They also have a Twitter account……they do very good work so send a donation if you can.  They argue for informed choice and proper testing.

The vaccine and germ agenda

The death rate

Covid is a very disappointing disease. It does not even make it into the top twenty. If this was the hit parade it would be a runner-up.  More people die of diarrhea. In Australia you have more chance of dying from a Koala bear falling out of a tree onto your head.  So, 99.97% of people survive this dreadful killer disease.It has a CFR of 0.26% and a global mortality of 0.004% in short it is a big nothing burger.

A final word