The trap is closing

The trap is closing

The Jewish spider-web is closing and they own both sides.  They own the left and they own the right.  The bankers always win because they bet on both sides.  Both the left and the right have their useful idiots.  The dumb masses are so easily swayed.  So easily manipulated.  To call them sheep is an insult to sheep.  This is not about aborigines, it is about Jewish power and global control.  They have murdered people and will murder more.  They don’t care about aborigines, of black people, or Chinese….   They don’t care about “gender” blah, blah.  They care about continuity of power and the “white” race (mainly Christian) with their idea of freedom and freewill stand in the way.

You are seeing different Jewish groups being unleashed to cause chaos, the groups are either in bed with intelligence agencies or with oligarchs and private corporate power.  Call them Anglo-Zionists and globalists if you will but they all want the same thing.  Power.  And they are going to fight it out with us stuck in the middle.  However, these two groups do not hold ultimate power because their is a level above them which for simplification we will call  Rothschild but they include many aristocratic bloodlines. They are happy not to get their hands dirty and to let the peasants battle it out before they impose their New World Order.  They are the real power brokers and you will never see them.

Hobby Activism for the Bourgeoisie (3 min)


This guy (Aware Australia) is heavily shadow banned. Follow his account.




They control it all.  Left and right:

They have already murdered


Global control

Midazolam Mat

Midazolam Mat

Important watching now.

Watching this now. Starts at about 2 min.  Midazolam Mat allowed a Mossad spy a back door into NHS data and she is linked to Epstein and Thiel.  Do you see it yet?


Midazolam Mat Hancock, Mossad And Your Genetic Data – With Spartacus


I found this:

Junkermann 1 0 – The IDF-linked Bond Girl Infiltrating the UK NHS by Johnny Vedmore #Epstein #NHS

World War Womb

World War Womb

Highly Recommended

I thought this was an excellent stream by Dr Kevin McCairn.  Not too long and very informative with Nick as a guest speaker. I have called this World War Womb because a war is being waged against fertility and women in particular are being targeted. In many countries global populations are in free-fall and we are seeing population collapse which will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  This is not by accident but by design and not just due to Covid or the vaccines (they are just the icing on the cake). Glyphosate, endocrine mimickers, GMOs, sugars and carbs, herbicides and pesticides etc., all impact fertility. Male fertility is also dropping precipitously. The simple fact is that they no longer need us as they have robots and AI to do the work.  You are obsolete and therefore you will be phased out.  Useless mouth breather (lolz).  Hence the big transgender push. They want sterile, barren, infertile humans.

The show starts at about 12 min and some of the main topics are @22min Perth gold mint @29 min Israel, Jews , (Tishbite mentioned) @33 min St Nick @35 min Births and deaths @47 min the Security Memorandum 1974. @1:12 The Harvard Department of Population Studies

Johnathan Jay Couey

You can safely skip this as a distraction if you are not interested but I record it here for the sake of keeping a  historical record.

The show starts by discussing the situation with Johnathan Jay Couey who  is now employed by Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. of Children’s Health Defense and has significantly shifted his position on the existence of GOF techniques and their pathogenicity. He occupies a half -way position between “virus don’t exist”  and “they do exist but can’t cause pandemics”.  In other words semantics and sophistry as a cover for data and science. In order to do this he replaces GOF with something he calls “Gain of Purity” and cloning. He believes that we have all been “Scooby-Doo’d” into following breadcrumbs and that we have been given clues to solve the mystery of who is behind the the lab leak and GOF.

Now cloning is an amplification technique that has been used for many years in order to multiply a component.Often viruses are cloned using bacteria like E. Coli (because they multiply so rapidly) and then the cDNA is purified. Viral genomes can be cloned from chemically synthesized DNA if the availability of virus isolates is limited, but established approaches using Escherichia coli are often inadequate to accommodate the large genomes of RNA viruses such as coronaviruses (family Coronaviridae).  In any case what Johnathan says is a distraction because the Defuse proposal by Peter Daszak mentions cloning as well as GOF.  Logic says that if you make a synthetic organism using GOF then you need a method to rapidly multiply the pathogen.

The main point is that Johnathan minimizes the threat of Covid and finds it impossible that a so called “Gain of Function” virus could be dangerous.  It is not the changes to the virus that make it dangerous but the fact that it was purified and (presumably) released in large quantities.  In his theory the pathogen cloud (quasispecies) reverts quickly back to the wild type and many of the viruses are replication incompetent.  A quasispecies is a large group or “cloud” of related genotypes that exist in an environment of high mutation rate.

So, the pandemic was mostly the result of a psy-op.  The death figures (COD) and PCR testing were manipulated (this is true but to what extent?) and many deaths were iatrogenic (also true for treatments like Remdisivir or the withholding of medications like IVM and HCQ).

JC believes that the subsequent Covid variants are all part of the psy-op. We have all been “Scooby Doo’d” with talk about “lab leak” and “GOF” .  Now there is no denying that a psy-op was run and used to frighten people into compliance but there is also no  denying that some people got very sick and died with a disease that cannot be written off as a rebranded flu.  They had unusual vascular-thrombotic symptoms and visceral reactions such as cytokine storms. This was no ordinary influenza.

There is some truth in what Johnathan is saying but the one thing I have a problem with is that he dismisses bio-warfare  (GOF) and is trying to  neutralize Charles Rixey who is a WMD trainer and ex-marine. According to JC we have been all “Scooby-Doo’d”  and JC was instrumental in having Rixey removed as advisor to JFK, apparently because of Rixey’s links to McCairn. Here we see JC trolling everyone while wearing a Mossad T-shirt (which might not be far from the truth).


I am glad that Rixey was removed as an advisor to JFK because I believe that JFK is controlled opposition. JFK was involved with Epstein (on this see John Brisson) and has thrown his hat in the ring as Democrat Presidential candidate for the upcoming election. I think JFK is damage control to keep people focused on vaccines rather than biowarfare.  They will probably throw the Children’s Health Defense organization a bone to make it look like we are “winning”. Meanwhile GOF work will continue unabated. Moreover JC was at Erasmus University in 2012-2016 where Ron Fouchier  the deputy head of the Erasmus Medical Center Department of Viroscience was writing articles about GOF in Nature (lolz). A false story got spread about work being done on the non-existent (not yet built?) 26 floor. That was in my view a planted story to deflect investigation. All very suspicious especially for someone shouting that GOF is not a problem. Someone who is unwilling to debate (See here for a deconstruction of some of the critiques and a time-line taken from discord comments).

Moreover, JC  discredited the warning (subsequently proven correct) by Dr Kevin McCairn the systems neuroscientist about the increase in neuro-degenerative diseases just as he poo-pooed the warnings and data presented by Nobel  Prize winning virologist Luc Montagnier.  To characterize the symptoms as biting, spitting zombies is a misrepresentation (even though we are seeing impulse control disorders) when the data clearly shows increases in dementia, Parkinsons  and other priongenic/amyloidogenic diseases.  Enough said, but the fact that he feels the need to dredge through older videos trying to justify himself and slander everyone speaks of a psy-op.

Moreover, I am off the opinion that the weapon is binary. It is both Covid and the vaccine. I believe that Covid19 was meant to “prime” the subject and lay the ground work for the “vaccines”.  Even if you were asymptomatic they were preparing you for the gift that keeps on giving (lolz). Otherwise, why did they still use the original Wuhan strain (mRNA code) in bivalent booster shots two years after it had disappeared?   How does that make sense?  It seems to me that they have a program that they want to work through and each strain and each vaccine builds on the previous “work”.  But what the hell would I know?

J.C. is doing the work of a spoiler. Distracting and blowing smoke.  He is not striving to hold anyone to account.  He has sold out.

Population Collapse

Some very important points got mentioned in this stream.  They have our genetic data – from ancestry websites and by swabbing for covid, from blood samples, bowel samples (cancer monitoring) etc.  By now they have built one of the most comprehensive global genetic data bases in history including the reactions to their experiments.  I guarantee you that not everyone got the same vaccines (leaving aside contamination and degradation issues) they will have tried out different formulations and probed human physiology in a way not possible with animal experiments.  I guarantee that different formulations ( “vaccines”) were pushed out “on the fly” (in small exclusive numbers) to test certain theories.  I guarantee that was done.  These people have no scruples and will justify their actions as for the greater good. Sacrifices need to be made.  The end justifies the means.

The discussion around the memorandum is very good.  They have been poisoning us for years.  This is monstrous.


The Neo-Malthusian Eugenicist Inflection Point & Couey Crumbles (1:52)



If you wait long enough eventually they will all expose themselves.  People have to realize that we are at war and part of that war is psychological.  Information is used to confuse and manipulate you.  This is called Hypernormalisation and it is meant to induce a state of learned helplessness and dependence on the power structures (I can scarcely call it govt anymore).

We are going to use the latest Project Veritas video as a case study.  The revelations in this video were almost too good to be true….that is probably because they were not true or partially true.  A so called CEO of Pfizer revealed that they were discussing making more variants in the lab so that they could anticipate which ones would emerge in nature. This would allow them to get a head-start on manufacturing the correct vaccine.

George Webb was quick to jump in and expose the flaws in the story. Read the full threads.

This was my response to someone:

The icing on the cake is that George is Mossad (ex(??)-French Mossad??) George Webb said: "I'm with the old guard. You know, the Negev Brigade, and Ben-Gurion, and Avi Braverman." []

Zionist George Webb – Mossad’s Agenda Supercut (9 min)

Someone’s comment on the Discord:

Or maybe he works primarily for American or Russian intelligence but he has occasionally worked together with Mossad. Another clue that George Webb might be a Mossad agent is that in another video where he spoke about the Mossad, he used the pronoun "we" as if he belonged to Mossad (even though it's not actually clear if by "we" he meant the Mossad or if he meant the Israelis or the Jews in general): "And then there's the great Mossad, which was fundamental to the survival of Israel. I know people are going to say, we did a lot of stuff, and you know with the Lebanese babies, and the Yemeni babies, and Palestine and - I'm not getting into that, I don't want to get into that - organ harvesting and all this. We can do business the old way, we still make a lot of money, make everybody happy, make movies, whatever we do." []
This video also has information about George Webb: The description says: "Queen Tut was an insider at Crowdsource the Truth. She reveals the tangled web of people connected to a proven FBI informant, manipulating narratives on YouTube as a sophisticated form of psychological operations." However I think part of the whole larp ring around George Webb and Jason Goodman was that at one point its members pretended to turn against each other, and then a lot of people ended up wasting their time learning about the fights within the ring instead of spending their time productively. So maybe it was part of the whole operation that at one point Queen Tut turned against Goodman and Webb.

Twists and Turns

Scott Adams called it correctly in this video but I am suspicious because Scott Adams did a 100% reversal and mea culpa which was not really an apology but more gas lighting.

After Scott calls out “Tristian” as a gay who is lying because he wants to get laid we get this:



The whole thing looks staged.   They want to discredit the “truth movement” (lolz, is it really a truth and freedom movement or controlled op?).  They want you confused and not knowing who to believe.  Is George really “old Mossad” because that is what he wants us to believe does not make it true.  At this point do we really know anything except that we are trapped in a Matrix of lies. Are ye not entertained?  I trust no man.  The Spirit will guide us into all truth.   Scripture says: Let God be true and every-man a liar. Amen to that.

Deep swamp Ukraine

Deep swamp Ukraine


Mariupol hospital, another side of the story. Who do you trust? (2 min)



Joseph Moshe had called in to Dr. A. True Ott on Republic Broadcasting two days before his arrest august 13th 2009, claiming to be a microbiologist who wanted to supply evidence to a States Attorney regarding tainted H1N1 Swine flu vaccines being produced by Baxter BioPharma Solutions.

He said that Baxters Ukrainian lab was in fact producing a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine. He claimed that the vaccine contained an adjuvant (additive) designed to weaken the immune system, and replicated RNA from the virus responsible for the 1918 pandemic Spanish flu, causing global sickness and mass death, the plague…

Joseph Moshe is a bio-scientist working for a unit within Mossad. He is an Israeli citizen.


Pentagon Biolabs in Ukraine and the Threat of Ethnic Bio-warfare (1:05)

Vanessa Beeley is an independent Alt reporter ( i have always found her truthful).

My conversation with courageous Bulgarian journalist and documentary maker Dilyana Gaytandzhieva who broke the story of NATO supplying weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria from Bulgaria – and then went on to expose the Obama-incubated Pentagon global Biolab program in Georgia and Ukraine.

As Dilyana points out, the biolabs are strategically placed on the borders of Russia, Iran and China, the perceived “enemies” of the West and a threat to US unipolarity.




Nobody seems sure what is happening because the internet is down.  Are these spontaneous riots against covid restrictions or a color revolution (coup by CIA/Mossad/MI6)?


This is gleaned from the Zerohedge comments:

Is it a spontaneous protest or riot against Covid?

The Kazakhstan protest against corruption and fuel prices was take over very fast by the radicals who used, successfully with a lot of coordination & organization, vandalism, looting and killing of policemen & innocent civilians. The protesters took over public building then ransacked & burned them.

Kazakhstan police was not prepared for this kind of violence. At the beginning of the protest, the Kazakhstan police did not use lethal force against the protesters & when 18 Kazakhstan police who were murdered by those criminals, one of them was beheaded, they ask the government to take action against the rioters. There was an accelerating lead up for biometric data, draconian vaccination restrictions leading up to this.

Kazakhstan Considers Tightening Restrictions as Omicron Variant Spreads Globally

To enter into a kindergarten class, kids were required to fingerprint.

What do you think? In Kazakhstan, access to kindergarten by fingerprint. from conspiracytheories

They couldn’t work or go anywhere without the QR Coded vaccine passport in a region with religious and ethnic backgrounds vehemently opposed to compulsory vaccination.

These were the demands from the People:

1 Reduce the retirement age back to where it was before it was raised.

2 Reduce interest on mortgages (including under existing agreements, all banks belong to President and his entourage)

3 Repeal the law on verification of mobile transfers and payment of VAT tax for purchases from foreign online stores

4 Take tough measures to reduce food prices

5 Increase the payment of benefits for the birth of a child from 1 to 3 years and increase the amount paid two fold.

6 Basically repatriate the stolen money

7 Elections

8 Vaccination is STRICTLY voluntary, the abolition of segregation by the type of vaccination status

9 Increasing the size of benefits for those with disabilities

-“cancellation of cumpulsury vaccination”

Is it a coup arranged by outsiders?

The CIA, Sorros NGOs and Mossad working overtime in Kazakhstan. The government already offered concessions, but this isn’t about gas prices or anything real. This is another asymmetrical attack on Russia and her allies.This is MI6/CIA inspired operation executed by Erdogan using ISIS head choppers. From here Russia is likely to go after Erdogan in Uzbekistan to put an end to his delusions.  But….  Eurasia Notes #13 – Kazakh Protest Or Failed Coup?

There are 16,000 NGOs. The Kazakh government deserves what it got for having allowed that many US, British, EU and Israeli funded NGO’s into the country in the first place. Perhaps they are turning it into a woke NWO paradise. They already built the NWO Pyramid shaped palace of peace and reconciliation (lolz).

GETTR = Mo$$ad Honeypot

GETTR = Mo$$ad Honeypot

We have to be smart and agile and wary of everything.  That does not mean that we cannot use Robert Malone and his credibility to get our point across. However, we need to be careful not to be manipulated.  Use them by all means but don’t let them use you. A great game is being played.  We are smarter than that and our allegiance lies elsewhere. For example I have a GETTR account.   I will make sure I post stuff on it that I want them to know.  For example that judgement is coming and they are getting their butts kicked (lolz).

'Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive' Shakespeare

Rukscam pushing the Mo$$adS Gettr

No wonder @therealrukshan Rukscam is pushing this… honey 🍯

GETTR = CIA (Mo$$ad) Honeypot; “alt right” PsyOps, “let them gather all there, let us spy on them with implemented Google Code, and let’s have the servers nevertheless at Amazon Cloud Services.”

Pics: Tommy Robinson (Mo$$ad) with Jason Miller, CEO of Gettr.


They want you to exodus to their Parlor 2.0 Get-Tr[ump] … Everybody is “self-assigned” to their respectful echo chambers. Order out of chaos.

Right Royal Mess

Right Royal Mess

Normally I could not care less about the Royals and I am no “Royal Watcher” but I do remember the death of Dianna as I was working a night shift in the UK and the accident was reported on the radio news. We heard it all unfold and when I arrived home next morning I told my wife that Diana had died.  I always had my suspicions.   The next two videos put the Royal Family in the context of the real powerRothschild and Mossad.  These videos come from Brendon O’Connell and I place his comments etc with each video.   I had trouble viewing the first 60 Minutes video because of regional blocking but got around it by using a VPN. I have tagged this under conspiracy and NWO-Beast because we are living in one vast conspiracy.

First video and comments:

Rothschild Keeps his Networks under Control

The new scandal rocking the Royal Family amid fears for the Queen’s health | 60 Minutes Australia


The Royals are under attack…not that they need much help in falling off a cliff, they manage it so well all by themselves. But whats really going on here?

Prince Charles has been caught, allegedly, handing out “Honors” to people for cash – 1.5 million pounds. In this case to a particular Saudi tycoon. He wants UK citizenship.

Not that the Royals are easily defended – like defending the Catholic Church which are both “approved subjects of ire”, but we all know who we cannot, must not, and will not “offend” and THAT is the position you must start from.

Charles, being a Scorpio type, might have begun to think he was the boss, and future king. They say he will never be king, and Prince William is well and truly ear marked for that role as Charles is disliked by too many – especially women.

Diana was manipulative, annoying and played the crowd like a well tuned Stradivarius. Playing demure, “head tilting” submissive princess in distress was her specialty – she was no naive school girl. She baited her benefactors endlessly with a sting of high profile Muslim lovers and then the three final straw’s…she began to attack the arms industry (that alone), was being pushed onto the Palestinian issue (sheer Bi Bi panic), and there is strong suspicion she had become pregnant to Dodi Fayed – hence the ambulance sitting for 40 minutes on the side of the road to “stabilize” her [abortion] – this has never happened in the history of ambulance driving…a forty minute pull over the side of the road. Can you suggest who might have been most panicked over a much beloved high profile public figure jumping on the Palestinian bandwagon amongst other things? ‘The People’s Princess’ holding a dying Palestinian child as they bled out from the brain after being shot in the head in school, by a IDF sniper? Bi Bi’s worst nightmare, literally. Use your vivid imagination to place Princess Diana’s face in this picture and it would be all over for ‘Greater Israel’.

Whatever…Prince Phillip and Charles did not organize the hit though shed few tears –  but I have a few other suspicions. 

But lets blame the Royals anyway…and why not the Jesuits too? The ones who are so powerful they cant keep their pedophile rings out of the Jesuit controlled news media? The Jesuits…who are so powerful Italy falls apart, The Vatican begs for cash and Israel booms every time you see it in the news…of course…a cunning conspiracy dem’ Jesuits. I was gonna blame the LA Bloods and Crips for the killing of Diana. Why not? If Robert Steele was here he could come up with an excellent exciting narrative.

From Wikileaks to The Panama Papers to the new Pandora Papers and now the new Royal scandal, anyone might think Rothschild might be trying hard to keep his “network” under control?

You of course noticed that after the revelations of Epstein and Co…zero people have gone to jail? And most of the high profile people continue their highly controversial lives vaxxing the planet – Bill Gates is the head spokes person for vaxxing the planet – think about it. I mean, you did notice that? A giant pedophile enabler, running rampant for years, Bill Gates – arch enemy of the world – his number 2 island hopping lover (Bill Clinton first) and it has had ZERO effect. ZERO. Nada…nothing? I mean you did notice that? The Panama Papers…incredible revelations about anyone and everyone with managerial power and a high public profile…and and…and…nothing. 

When bonny Prince Charlies great grandmother signed the deal with the Banking House of Rothschild – East India Trading Company – they must have known they were now employees of “The Crown Corporate” and the City of London, not “The Crown”. Seems a few of them might have forgotten…hence Charles latest problems. 

Prince Andrew has found out the company you keep can get you into trouble. You’d think he would have learnt that at 16. Maybe he was trying to rediscover it at Jeffs house?

But let us go back in time a little…

In letter dated 1986 to a close friend, Prince Charles attributes Middle East unrest to the ‘influx of foreign, European Jews,’ expresses hopes ‘some US president has to have the courage to stand up and take on the Jewish lobby,’ and hints Jewish emigration to Israel is the root cause of terrorism.,7340,L-5041751,00.html

Prince Charles is a known supporter of the Arab cause. He better shut his mouth and remember who the boss is. The latest scandal should fix all that. A little “tweaking” of the system 😉

Suspicions of the Royal Family’s adversity to Israel is further  underpinned by the fact that not a single member has ever paid an  official visit to the 69-year-old country.

Oh bonny Prince Charlie! Silly boy! He’ll be bobbing his head at the wailing wall of banker penitence any time now. Remember history Charles…

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Beware being told who the official enemy of the day, week, and year is.

Second video and comments:

78. “Who Killed Diana?” – Best and Most Rare Documentary -2005 (48 mins)

I cannot tell you the name of this documentary – the best on exposing her self evident murder.

I recorded it off the television sometime in 2005-2006.

I cannot find anything like it anywhere online and would be very interested if you can provide the name, production company etc.

After watching, if you still believe the “official accounts”, I have some swamp land in Siberia to sell you.

This is a primer for a follow up video on Prince Charles, Russian gangsters, and cash for titles scandal.

Who killed Diana? Israeli Special forces. Why? She was pro Palestinian. She was going after the arms industry. She was pro Arab (as was Charles) and about to marry a Muslim man and possibly pregnant to him. Just her pro Palestinian stance was enough to seal her fate as we see Greater Israel unfolding. Imagine “The Peoples Princess” holding a dying Palestinian child…game over Likud an Co.

As Kay Griggs told us in 1997, “The kill 5, 10, 20 people. Then they blame it on the Arabs, or they blame it on somebody else.”

Please enjoy and reflect.