Genetic Modification Cult and Ahriman

Genetic Modification Cult and Ahriman

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Atheists are the bottom of the pile as far as the “enlightened” are concerned. They are the useful idiots, the shock-troops of whatever ideological assault (usually Communism) is perpetrated.  The “enlightened” are not atheists and their transhuman cult has its own religious underpinning, often drawing on Gnostic-Hermetic elements displaying a strange admixture of the occult.  The videos and articles that follow explore their paradigm because it is important to know what motivates them.

For them, the creation of man in the divine image is a form of cloning as is the creation of  Eve from Adam’s rib. Although I disagree fundamentally with the Ethical Skeptic’s Gnostic approach he is correct when he states that-

There exists no argument inside evolution which serves to falsify nor dismiss intent. In fact, both the structure and unlikely nature of the CTGA-N Standard Codex deductively insist that intent must be present at the inception of a DNA base-code.

Indeed, in scripture the Hebrew Gematria value for man (Adam=45) woman (Eve=19) and God (Yahweh =26) are intimately connected as 45-19=26, moreover 45+19=64 which is the number of condons in the DNA double helix (wheels within wheels and the spirit of life was in the wheels). However, like so many the Ethical Skeptic  understands the earth as the creation of a wrathful demiurge (Yahweh):

Perhaps as much as anything, this mercenary and suffering-strewn pathway to almost certain extinction, encourages more nihilism than anything men may long ponder. For this very present pain buoys upon an undercurrent of our conscious lives, rendering theist and atheist alike, understandable compatriots in its existential struggle. In a figurative sense, both children of the same ruthless God drunk on their very suffering and confusion – capitalizing mortality far more than any other methodological element. Death is life’s raison d’être after all, and not the result of a mistake on the part of one of its mere hapless victims. A most-likely Bronze Age mythology recounted in the Gnostic text The Hypostasis of the Archons aptly framed this as ‘The Empire of the Dead and Dying’, caught up in an eons-long struggle with putative ‘Forces of Light’

Our current situation and our ongoing situation is not the result of a mistake it is the result of rebellion. A mistake is an accident but the human condition is the result of deliberate rebellion otherwise described as “sin” or transgression (crossing the boundary conditions). We still insist on making the same mistake by circumventing the “evolutionary process” and wanting to grasp at divinity like a child wanting to immediately transition to adulthood.   Of course God is portrayed as drunken on suffering and confusion and while it is true that God subjected the creation to vanity, it was subjected in hope (Rom 8:20) and in love, for God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life (John 3:16). God is fully aware of the suffering, “For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now” (Rom 8:22) and through his son, God shared in the suffering of humanity. There is no shortcut to divinity, no short circuit, no instant gratification.  We are deeply flawed and carry the seeds of our own destruction but we are also capable of great things but we can only obtain eternal life through Christ because he has put the serpent to death. The death of ego, the death of existential angst,  transcendence of self and merging with the ground of all being is only possible through Christ.

Although her take on the numinous is more exotic and related to the psyche, Gigi Young makes some powerful points.  This is about science and materialism reflected in the obsession with genetic engineering and cloning. With the development of mRNA. These people are trying to destroy the image of God (humanity) and turn it into something different. Something ugly and devoid of consciousness.  Something mechanical.  Something dead. It seems to me that they are even trying to terraform the earth (chopping down trees and capturing carbon).  In any case she is correct in highlighting Scientology  and the Raëlian movement as involved with deifying science and ufology to promote their psychopathic new age agendas.

The Esoteric Keys To Disclosure: It’s a Genetic Modification Cult | Gigi Young (1:42 min)

0:00 Intro 0:41 The Alien Creator God Ideology in modern times The Mars line:    • The Esoteric Keys to Disclosure: The …   7:05 The Alien God Cult is a Genetic Modification Cult 14:46 Mastering Genetic science through public experimental procedures 30:30 Creating the ‘New Race’ in their image 34:11 They want you to accept their origin myth and religion 39:27 The Propaganda Campaigns of the Genetic Modification Cult Scientology Video:    • Is The New Age Scientology? | Gigi Young   1:04:12 The battle in heaven & Cosmic Soap Operas , Von Danicken & Sitchen Mad Scientists of Atlantis:    • The Mad Scientists of Atlantis (Belia…   1:16:48 Raelism (another alien god scientist religion) 1:27:11 The ensoulment and evolution of the Spiritual Hierarchies 1:31:55 The modern disclosure movement and the alien god ideology 1:34:29 Conclusion

The Face of Arhiman

In his two excellent videos   9 /11 – 22 Years Later and Dem Bones, Wayne McRoy demonstrated that the twin towers event was an occult ritual (with human sacrifice) a gateway to initiate us into the new era hence the face of Arhiman in the smoke. Ahriman is Zoroastrianism’s hypostasis of the “destructive/evil spirit” and if you become what you worship that is an apt description of the transhumanists (psychopaths). The Greek word demon means unclean spirit and they are the personification of a materialist, reductionist anti-human spirit.







Now, of course this face may well have been photo-shopped into the smoke or deliberately engineered by pyrotechnics.  It doesn’t really matter…what matters is the intent or message because this was not a coincidence.  It is the angel Apollyon/Abaddon (v.11) who opens the bottomless pit in Rev 9 and the air was darkened by the smoke of the pit (v.2).  The manifestation of the face of Ahriman was deliberate and the face is the one sculpted by Rudolf Steiner:

The Advance Preparation of Ahriman for His Future Incarnation By Rudolf Steiner (32 min)


My spidey senses are tingling because I am hearing more and more promotion of this Ahriman (demon?) in relation to technology etc. Not that I am a believer in such things, but it has to do with Rudolph Steiner’s anthroposophy. He was a theosophist but left the movement. He determined (in his philosophy from what I gather) three forces – Satan, Ahriman and Christ. The Satan was the “enlightenment” but the Arhiman was the materialistic technology that would destroy humanity (think here of AI). He reckoned only the Christ (consciousness??) could stop this.

Dark Journalist Ahriman Goes Mainstream AI 8TH Sphere UFO File

Ahriman, Xstenography and transhumanism are all linked. Elon Musk’s ex Grime made a movie about groups who want to stop the reincarnation of Ahriman. Arhiman represents a wave of materialism that divorces us from spirituality and the so called  eighth sphere is virtual reality.  A fake world.  Through the anthro-phisophical model Arhiman attachs himself to materialism and technology as the new evolutionary force.  The next stage is technological clairvoyance or predictive from programming etc.  They are developing the ability to “read us” think pre-cogs from the movie Minority Report but in this case it will be data and machine learning. Drugs and hypnotic gaming etc gets you in the “eight sphere” which is divorced from reality.


Global Cull

Global Cull

People really are sheep.  They are willing to follow the Judas goat straight into the slaughterhouse.


The Silent Disaster

The Silent Disaster

Not watched this yet but this health conference on long covid has some well known faces (see below for the speakers)

Vejon Health: Post Vax/Long COVID Congress – The Silent Disaster (3:15 min)

2:45 Intro from Joachim Gerlach
9:13 Intro from Christie Grace MSc – (Biotech Process and Project Manager)
Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) Concerns, Charges, Mutations, Plasmids, and Adverse Events
25:45 Post speaker questions Christie
36:52 Presentation from Kevin W McCarin – The SARS-COV-2 Spike Protein: An Engineered PRION Like Incapacitating Agent
1:00:20 Post speaker questions Kevin
1:07:58 Presentation Charles Rixey MBA – SARS-COV-2 & PASC/Long Covid through the prism of Gain of Function Research
1:29:28 Post speaker questions Charles
1:37:40 Presentation Dr Shankara Chetty
2:03:43 Post speaker questions Shankara
2:09:34 Presentation Dr Mannan Baig – Long Covid and the Road to Recovery
2:34:56 Post speaker questions Mannan
2:38:20 Round table talk
3:08:44 Closing points


Igg4 and innate immunity

Igg4 and innate immunity

This was still live at the time of posting so I don’t know how long it is.  What interests me in particular is the mention of Igg4 and class switching.

After booster 4 something called Igg4 is permanently active it’s like allergy shots but for the covid spike. It tells your body there is nothing wrong with the covid spike and to leave it alone. If another more fatal strain should appear those with igg4 will mount no effective immune response. Whether true or not, I warned two years ago that they were aiming to make people dependent on vaccines using the model of Marek disease in chickens.

LIVE – Breaking @I_Am_JohnCullen, mRNA Vet Letter of Concern, & Weaponized PRIONS (Fibrinoloids)

This was the Douglas Macgregor interview that Dr. McCairn referred to:

Tucker Carlson Talks To Colonel Douglas Macgregor About The Ukraine…

mRNA influenza vaccine

mRNA influenza vaccine

Now that they have proved that it is safe (lolz) everything will be an mRNA vaccine.  Never mind that they contain plasmid DNA (with SV40 promoters) from the production process, and that the LNP delivery mechanism employs PEG which can aggregate (and or dissociate)  altering the charge potential.   All good. Get your jab. 

Contaminated Vaxx

Contaminated Vaxx

It is now indisputable that the vaccines are contaminated with DNA. Kevin McKernan has sequenced the vaccines and found plasmid with SV40 promoters (cancer promoters) and also with antibiotic resistance. This is very bad and puts to bed the argument that the mRNA first needs to be transcribed to DNA using an enzyme for it to get into the cell. If the DNA is already free floating then it does not need that step. Of course, the next argument is that the cell is “impregnable” and very difficult to penetrate. Huh? I thought that is why we added LNP (Lipid Nano Particles) in order to “package” the mRNA (and DNA) and wrap it in a little bubble of synthetic “fats” so that it can easily fuse with the cell membrane. All these people do is lie and obfuscate. So the chances are (it is very likely) that it does enter the nucleus and become part of the DNA. Of course this final step has to be proven but we know from other studies that LNP and mRNA likes the ovaries. So it is likely that whatever abomination they made is passed onto the next generation. Is that an accident? Sloppy work? I do not think so. They are bio-engineering humanity. Don’t like your turbo cancer? Too bad, you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.

Genomics expert discovers concerning contents in COVID vaccine vials (14 min)

Here is the full article:

Here Kevin McKernan disputes the LNP nonsense:

LNP with Christie Grace and Charles Rixey

LNP with Christie Grace and Charles Rixey

This was a very good stream with a wealth of information.  Christie Grace is an expert in LNP and Charles Rixey has laboriously documented and exposed the bio-warfare aspect and the most important question – why did they include the FCS in the vaccine when in every other study and on every other occasion they deliberately omitted it because it was dangerous.

The question is why (at the time of putting this video up) is there only 35 views on Twitch? Are people exhausted?  There have been more than 6.8 million deaths and countless injured for life.  There is a huge drop in fertility.   A global genocide has occurred or should I call it a democide?   And it is not over yet.  They are still injecting people and they want to put it in food.  And Dr Kevin McCairn is correct…we are going to see an increase in priongenic and amyloidogenic diseases like Parkinson and dementia.  Towards the end of the stream Rixey makes it clear that all their actions fit the criteria for bio-warfare and Grace makes it clear that every aspect of this technology (including the LNP) has problems.   So why are people not more interested?   Why are they sitting like rabbits caught in the headlights or like dumb sheep?  It has been three years.   The Government gave corporations permission to experiment on you and cull you and you can’t even be bothered to find out what is going on.  What the hell is wrong with you?   They trampled your rights and deliberately destroyed the economy and now they are going to use the “successful” roll out of the Covid vaccines to introduce the mRNA platform for everything.   No more need for animal testing because we proved how well it works (lolz). You may have got turbo cancer or a bad heart from the Covid vaccine but now they have another mRNA vaccine to fix that.  This is never going away.  As far as I am concerned humanity is that complacent, distracted and dumb that they deserve what is coming next.

Christie Grace, Charles Rixey, Lipid Nano Particles, & The Medical Freedom Movement? (3:49)


We know what was done and are building more and more evidence. We are also exposing all the psy-ops. Everybody needs to be engaged in promoting the truth and exposing the lies. Everyone. Here is the important work done by the other Kevin who is running samples and discovering more and more contamination. This was deliberate. It is not an accident.

Out of Control

Out of Control

These people are out of control.  There is so much information to process and I see so much that I try to be selective.  These are articles that interest me because I am an industrial chemist and know a bit about polymers.   So, the fact that PEG is used as an adjuvant is shocking to me.

Leaving aside the dangers of mRNA, the adjuvants are in themselves very dangerous and they are used in all the vaccines.  We already looked at SM-102 and saw the links going back to foul eugenicists and malthusianists.

SM-102 (Cationic LNP)

And here is Meyrl Nass looking at the Novavax vaccine which contains 1 mcg of insect (the fall armyworm) and baculovirus proteins and a bit of their DNA too, which is injected into you with each dose:

And last but not least the brilliant Christie Grace and her article on Aneurysm and Lipid Nano particles in which she discusses PEG.



These people are killing us.  Do not consent.   They are insane.


mRNA disaster

mRNA disaster

Whatever way you look at it the vaccines are a disaster. Or you could say that they are working exactly as they wanted.

mRNA in blood after 28 days (20 min)

Why are they STILL pushing vaccines for pregnant women? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (17 min)