Omicron sleuths

Omicron sleuths

Nothing that you are seeing is an accident.  A virus did not accidentally escape from a bat cave and infect the world.  The last two years has seen a lot of people looking at the whole question of bio-weapons and it turns out that although countries all signed bio-weapon treaties in the 70s they have all been been working on dual-use technology for decades.  Dual use technology is technology that can be used for health purposes and adapted for military purposes.  Moreover, if the weapons are designed as incapacitating agents then they can neatly circumvent any treaties. An agent that leaves 30% of your young men with incapacitating injuries is a useful military tool. Experimentation started in the USA in the 50’s and really took off with the SVCP (Special Virus Cancer Program) which resulted in the AIDS pandemic of the 80’s.  There was no doubt a quest for a “universal vaccine” and gene therapy technology but always against the dark background of military use, which is why so much academic research was compromised. At some point the USA and China started sharing research via academic institutes and transnational organizations.  Was this a way of circumventing US academic regulation regarding testing and gene manipulation for laxer Chinese practices or were their more nefarious actors with ulterior motives transferring the technology to China?   Whatever the case might be we would not even know that Covid19 was a bio-weapon had it not been for the stellar internet sleuthing of people from the  DRASTIC organization (early DRASTIC because the later version has been compromised).

Omicron lab origins

At the beginning of pandemic nearly two years ago I suggested that Covid may have been circulating in the US before it appeared at the military games in Wuhan China. This is because of a strange outbreak of “vaping illness” and the closure of Ft Detrick followed by a particularly bad Influenza season.  Now it seems that Omicron was also circulating much earlier.There are a number of reasons for suspecting this namely the genetic changes are manifold and happened too quickly and there is evidence of transgenic murine passaging. Not only that but the global spread has been phenomenally speedy.  This suggests hidden reservoirs that were not picked up because they were mild and the PCR test was not set up to detect them.

Omicron appeared, highly evolved and diverse, right during a time when evolutionary pressure on Covid was low. Therefore it likely pre-existed all known Covid strains. This is a hypothetical suggested on the thread of the Ethical Skeptic.

- initial Omi released in roughly Jan 2018 is not so infectious. They want it 2 seed immunity 4 Alpha through Asia, not dominate. 
- Then alpha -> Delta.
- Last, create Omi2 from 1 = contagious ver.
Some reporting has described the most recent variant as a merger between Omicron and the flu or cold.
ES reply: Yes, it is called frame shifting I believe. But someone with more knowledge than me can expound on that...


Species jump

In both the Netherlands and Denmark human covid jumped into mink on mink farms.

The receptor-binding domain (RBD) of the SARS-CoV-2 spike (S) protein binds its cellular receptor angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), thus mediating viral entry[4,5]. It has been demonstrated that the interaction of a virus with (a) species-specific receptor(s) is a primary determinant of host tropism and constitutes a major interspecies barrier at the level of viral entry[6]. Our previous study found that numerous mammalian ACE2 orthologs could function as receptors to mediate virus entry in vitro[7], and other studies have demonstrated that rhesus macaques, dogs, cats, cattle, hamsters, ferrets, minks and other animals are susceptible hosts[813]. Together, these findings suggest that SARS-CoV-2 has a broad host range, with many species that could serve as potential reservoirs and thus pose a risk for spillover to humans in the future[7].

Remember this from November 2020:

Denmark has ordered more than a quarter of a million people into lockdown and a mass cull of minks after a mutated variation of the coronavirus was found at farms raising the animals for their fur. The lockdown in the country’s north started November 6, 2020, two days after the government ordered the cull of all 15 million minks bred at Denmark's 1,139 mink farms. Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said the move was meant to avoid the risk of further transmission of the disease from minks that were originally infected after exposure to humans with the virus. The Scandinavian country is the world’s biggest producer of mink fur, but disease experts fear the new strain could undermine the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines now in development.

Denmark kills minks (2 min)

Now call me a cynic but mink farms are hated by a certain ideology. Granted that mink farming is cruel and unnecessary but was the transference of Covid to minks an accident? It certainly establishes two tenets of ideological and technocratic faith, namely that animal farming (any farming) is cruel and people need to be kept locked away from Nature because it is unsafe and unpredictable.

Gigaohm Biological (5 Jan)

Gigaohm Biological (5 Jan)

Look out for the Gingerbread man (girl?) no it is the Genderbread person (lolz).   In Scotland they want to allow four year old s to chose their gender (without parental consent).  They also want to inject children all over the world. In case you are asleep…..wake up….we are at war.

Some of the articles referred to:

The quasi-species swarm accelerated evolution

Clips from the video explaining forced mutation and ADE.  They were warned this would happen:



Gigaohm Biological (1:39)

Gigaohm Biological(24 Nov)

Gigaohm Biological (24 Nov)

Jonathan spends time debunking Trevor Bedford’s narrative.  He is the guy who did the study showing the extremely rapid mutation in the S-protein.   His study was excellent but now he is trying to say that it is a perfectly “normal” occurrence despite the breakthrough cases and non-sterilizing vaccines.   Someone obviously gave him the hard word and he is now obfuscating.

Gigaohm Biological  2:14