The Spike gift that keeps on giving

The Spike gift that keeps on giving

This research is very important for a number of reasons. The immune system seems to be taking longer than expected to remove the spike protein in the vaccinated cohort. Watch the Dr Carlo Brogna presentation at the recent Post Vax/Long Covid Congress here:… What does this mean for COVID-19 infection risk and immune mediated disease in the future? “The specific PP-Spike fragment was found in 50% of the biological samples analyzed, and its presence was independent of the SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibody titer.” Brogna, C., Cristoni, S., Marino, G., Montano, L., Viduto, V., Fabrowski, M., Lettieri, G., & Piscopo, M. (2023). Detection of recombinant Spike protein in the blood of individuals vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2: Possible molecular mechanisms. PROTEOMICS – Clinical Applications,…

Omicron Lab Made? New Evidence from Japanese Researchers (20 min)

“This paper aims to point out that SARS-COV-2 has undergone unthinkable mutations under conventional coronavirus mutation mechanisms, and we hope that the possibility of artificial theory should be included in the discussion seriously as to the formation of SARS-COV-2 variants.” Tanaka, Atsushi, & Miyazawa, Takayuki. (2023). Unnaturalness in the evolution process of the SARS-CoV-2 variants and the possibility of deliberate natural selection (1.0). Zenodo. Discovery News Omicron variants may have been artificially synthesized rather than naturally formed. Aug 31, 2023… Santiago, G.A., Flores, B., González, G.L. et al. Genomic surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in Puerto Rico enabled early detection and tracking of variants. Commun Med 2, 100 (2022).……

Gigaohm Biological (5 Dec)

Gigaohm Biological (5 Dec)

Jonathan begins this video by telling as about the Dutch side of his family and the dilemma facing them with travel restrictions and the impending death of his sister-in-law.  He  tells us about the celebration of Saint Nicholas and “black (zwart) Pete” who arrives from Spain on the 5th December.  His Dutch wife has been busy celebrating the tradition with the kids but it is another tradition being undermined by political correctness.  Another good show. People are getting sick and tired of this…..this will not end well.

Gigaohm Biological (5 Dec) 1:53

This was the video that Jonathan had difficulty finding:

These comments were left in the chat by  Immunology101 a retired immunologist with 26 years of research work for Scripps Institute, Columbia-Presbyterian, Merck,Glaxo and Sanofi. Now consulting for independent labs in the US and Europe and tutoring students privately who are completing their Masters Degrees in Immunology and in music.Father, Husband, Singer:

Natural evolution would result in 25:50-100 ratios. The only logical explanation here is targeted manipulation.Omicron is better adapted to humans and likely also to vaccinated/recovered humans. If this was acquired in a large pool of humans, we would have seen predecessors of this variant before. Evolution in animals should have resulted in a less-well adapted variant.The only plausible explanation how this huge number of mutations could have been acquired completely below the radar is: - scientists enabled SARS2 samples to escape antibody responses by passaging them in presence of diluted convalescent serum on human/humanized cell lines.Omicron could not have developed via immune pressure given its rate of mutation. Omicron is at least 5 years old given its the mutation rate and its distance from Alpha gives it at least an age of 5 years 24% INDELS in the latest Omicron sample Sequence QLD-2568 – 2 Dec 2021, blows the doors off of any idea that this variant emerged in the last 2 years. INDELS, especially deletions, occur 8 times less often than do in-clade substitutions.SARS2 Omicron has 25:1 non-synonymous:synonymous mutations ratio.


Omicron Warning

Omicron Warning

It is still early days but it is not looking good in my view.   I believe we are going down the ADE route…which is the Marek route that some (Geert, Malone et al) have been warning about.  It looks like Omicron is more transmissible but less likely to make you sick.  Some might say….well it is all good then…a mild disease. However, it is not as simple as that because the dynamics are complex and with it demonstrating immune escape we could be headed for disaster. This has all been driven by the vaccinations.   In my view they are deliberately creating escape variants that will avoid immunity (both vaccinated and natural immunity) until we achieve the final variant which will only be controlled by a vaccine.   They want complete vaccine dependence because this gives them the power over life and death (the ultimate form of control). This was always their intention- to have the variant escape hence HIV epitopes to destroy natural immunity. Henceforth your life will be dependent on the corporate needle and CBD currency. The results will become clear in the following months.

I  might be wrong…only time and more data will clarify the matter.  Whatever the case might be my life is in God’s hands and I will not submit to their tyranny. Death is preferable.  Judgement is coming.

Omicron mutations – COVID-19 mRNA vaccines update 21 (28 min)

In this video we review some available evidence that could explain why the omicron variant could be one of the first observed immune escape variants, allowing it to bypass the effectiveness of neutralizing antibodies. Significance to both naturally infection and vaccinal antibodies is discussed and what this could mean for the future progression of the pandemic.


Discussed content: Mutations selection:… Omicron UK:… Reuters:… Omicron reinfection:…


This is what we are seeing on Twitter

It is too early to tell yet but I believe that Omicron was already circulating as part of the quasi-species swarm and that the constant vaccinating has driven the mutations.  Only time will tell (we need more data) but it is very suspicious. My gut tells me they have a number of “tweaked” versions created by serial passage through transgenic mice….either that or they have computational models and experimental data that allows them to know how to drive the swarm in the direction they want.  I think they can end up with exactly the mutant they want as long as they can keep the vaccination numbers up.


Gigaohm Biological (25 Sept) Enriching the virus

Gigaohm Biological (25 Sept) Enriching the virus


It is exactly what we warned ………..they are forcing the virus to rapidly evolve.

S1 mutations cluster phylogenetically, suggests bursts of evolution

Mutations in S1 arising via within-host pressures result increase viral fitness and are enriched in the viral population by natural selection.

Although selection has not been primarily for antigenic drift, observed level of adaptability suggests its potential.