Slaughtered & Skewered Mutton

Slaughtered & Skewered Mutton

Very important. Show no quarter.  These people enable murder.  Your weapon is the truth.

Man he is on fire and angry

Watching this now late at night live but I need to go to bed soon.  Here we have Dr Kevin McCairn giving the troops a pep talk to fight and keep fighting.  He is taking on the Mutton Crew and citing the articles to take on the Kapos.   A Kapo is a prisoner in a concentration camp who sells out and becomes a guard. He rats out everyone to save his own skin.

The Mutton Crew – they brought in the sheep herding virologist from Yorkshire (Swaledale mutton) backed up by a crew.  They are military intelligence or paid by them.  Known as Brigade 77.

These are the papers that you need to refute their garbage.  They can’t answer them.  They run and hide or launch ad hominem attacks.  They are liars and gaslighters paid to spout propaganda and gaslight.  They are scum.  People have died because of what they are still doing.    You are at war  and the war is against you and your loved ones (click to expand the tweet for all the links to the articles)

Slaughtered & Skewered Mutton (A Treatise On Eviscerating Kapos (2:34)