Vagabond Omnibus

Vagabond Omnibus

The video below is nearly three hours long and I know people just do not have the time. I watched it all and found it very good so I will give a brief synopsis if you want to fast forward to a particular section. 

The first hour is about Israel and their bombing of Gaza and Syria.  They do it every year at Xmas time and blame “rockets” (unguided) or “balloons” without providing evidence.  Gaza is an open air prison and people have no where to flee.  The population is 52% children.  The water is polluted and electricity is rationed.  They hit a children hospital by accident (sic).  It seems that Christian areas are targeted (Bethlehem and Syrian Christians) every Xmas.

At about 1 hour the Nashville bombing is examined.  The bombing was supposedly an RV that blew up but it issued a per-recorded warning message over megaphone before it blew.   Apparently it was parked near an AT&T office, others say it links with National Security Agency (NSA) others speculate that Dominion election machines were being forensically examined.  Whatever the case something is suspect.  Was it the RV that blew or was it the building itself?  Was it a bomb or was a missile or DEW weapon used?    See the tweets below the video.  An awful lot is happening behind the scenes.

The last section at about 1 hour 30 mins debunks the covid hoax and shows how the WHO changed the definition of herd immunity in favor of big pharma vaccinations.  It also shows how the CDC  is “memory holing” an article about how they deliberately infected black people in the 70’s with Syphilis. They don’t want people to know they have form and have experimented on people in the past.



Tweets about the Nashville bombing