Scholz the puppet

Scholz the puppet

Scholz proves is a weak puppet by sending German tanks 2 fight Russia. Kiev Purge, Japan got slapped

Zelenskey is a sociopath.

Zelensky Admits: “Ukraine War Is Good For Business!” (10 min)


Clayton Morris: NATO is going to get us ALL killed with this move (18 min)


Russia issues WW3 warning

Russia issues WW3 warning

If you only watch one video watch this one until the end and see how the former advisor to Zelensky admits the truth.  He resigned and feels free to speak.  Shocking.  He admits that Ukraine is losing.  He admits that the war is their fault and he says it was not necessary because Putin wanted peace.   We were right about everything.

Russia issues WW3 warning as NATO escalates in Ukraine | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (25 min)

Lavrov, ‘War with west no longer hybrid, but almost real'(32 min)

Russian Gains, US Gears Up for Crimea Escalation, US Proxies Strike China/Pakistan in Train Bombing (50 min)

AA Defense ON BUILDINGS In Moscow. Germany READY TO GIVE TANKS. Weapons Stored At NUCLEAR Plants. (32 min)



Turning Tides

Turning Tides

US-NATO Prepare Escalation in Desperate Bid to Turn the Tide (again) in Ukraine (26 min)

Russian economy collapse narrative makes a comeback (19 min)

Sergey Lavrov Speech – ENGLISH TRANSLATED – Russian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Press Conference (2:55)

Russia Advances Siversk, Ukraine Risks Bakhmut; US, German Military Push Back Against Tank Transfers (1:12)

The Jewish clown himself:

The Middle Corridor to revolutionise global trade (14 min)







Ukraine Losing 2 Battalions per Day

Ukraine Losing 2 Battalions per Day

Russia Now Says Ukraine Losing 2 Battalions per Day in Donbass, 2nd Ukrainian Drone Attack on Engels (55 min)

Serbian President Vucic faces Neocon/NATO ultimatum (25 min)

Russia warns Greece against sending S-300 to Ukraine (16 min)

Why is Russia Conducting its Special Military Operation this Way? (18 min)