War and Assassination

War and Assassination

A big geopolitical shift is taking place.  Empires are about to fall.  There is a handful of people at the top of the hierarchy controlling and manipulating the fate of nations.  Or so they think.  

Their time is almost up.

Zelensky Admits Kharkov Crisis, Rus Kherson Return; Putin Meets Xi, Unveils Rus Industrialisation (1:20 min)

Fico fights for life. Putin, huge delegation to China. Biden, 14 secs/5 jump cuts. EU warns Georgia (43 min)

🔴 Putin & Xi: A Clash of Titans Against the West | Syriana Analysis w/ George Szamuely (57 min)

Putin & Xi, preparing for big sanctions war w/ Alex Krainer (Live)-1:24 min

“We ALREADY are at War with Russia” U.K. admits as Germany ramps up conscription | Redacted (11 min)

LtCol. Tony Shaffer : Can NATO Handle Defeat? (29 min)

The Fall of Empire

The Fall of Empire

🔴 The US Empire Is Crumbling Before Our Eyes | Syriana Analysis w/ Benjamin Rubinstein 46min

Putin to China. Blinken in Kiev. Kharkov, Sumy panic. Where are fortifications? Baltic sisterhood (42 min)

Kiev Panic Deepens, Budanov: No Reserves, Blinken Rushes Kiev, Rus 30% Vovchansk, Storms Chasov Yar (1:23 min)


Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski : How Realism Might Return (32 min)

Matt Hoh: How Weak Is NATO? (29 min)

Kiev blame game. Kharkov debacle (29 min)

Ukraine Splintering

Ukraine Splintering

NATO & Ukraine Inc. Capture Chasov Yar and win war (35 min)

Rus Captures 12 Kharkov Villages, Vovchansk Targeted; Krasnogorovka Falling; Ukr Chasov Yar Falling (1:24 min)

Scott Ritter: Ukraine Approaching Complete COLLAPSE As Putin Begin GREATEST OFFENSIVE (1:10 min)


UN vote. Russia Kharkov Volchansk buffer zone, Ukraine panic. Cummings, Elensky is NOT Churchill (33 min)


“Ukrainians are GOD’s chosen people” Zelensky says Putin is EVIL | Redacted w Natali & Clayton (10 min)

Let the Weak say, I am Strong

Let the Weak say, I m Strong

Rus Kharkov Advance, US Passes Ukr Project NATO, Desperate Zelensky Exiles Zaluzhny, Fires Security (1:17 min)

Orban, Xi and multipolar world. NATO neutralize Kaliningrad. GOP impeach Biden. Europe day (35 min)

Scott Ritter: NATO is Panicking, Ukraine is Collapsing, America is Sleepwalking ! ( 2 min)

Ukraine Approaching Complete Collapse and NATO in Panic | Scott Ritter (1:10 min)

Victory Day

Victory Day

Something tells me that the Russians will be celebrating another victory day soon.

Victory day. NATO, no troops to Ukraine. Meloni & Macron want Ursula gone. EU to seize asset profits (39 min)

Rus Missiles Destroy Ukr Power Stations, Power Cuts; NATO Draft Statement: No NATO Troops Ukr (1:23 min)

🔴 Why the World Perception of the US Empire Is Deteriorating | Syriana Analysis w/ Kevork Almassian (11 min)


Final Warning

Final Warning

Russia’s final warning to Macron and Cameron (46 min)

Col. Douglas Macgregor : Do Israel + Ukraine = WWIII? (36 min)

Rus Calls West Bluff; Threatens Strikes UK; Warns France Nukes; Massive West Climbdown No Troops Ukr (1:21min)

Russia’s ultimatum to France & UK. Macron, Xi…& Ursula. Putin inauguration. US to ICC, arrest Xi (43 min)

🔴 Chris Hedges: Israel’s Master Plan For Gaza Is Horrifying | Syriana Analysis(6 min)


The Future of Ukraine

The Future of Ukraine

Scott Ritter : Russia’s Next Move: Unpacking the Future of the Ukraine Conflict (28 min)

Ammo to Israel frozen. French Foreign Legion in Ukraine. Macron meets Xi. Elensky changes shirts (39 min)

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: The War Parties and the November Election (29 min)

Very good Recommended

Aaron Maté : Kharkiv Under Fire. Russia Increases Attacks (30 min)

Larry Johnson: US Supplied ATACMS Target Troops Inside Russia (33 min)

West Panic: French Troops, NATO Advisers Ukr, Rus Warns West War, Nuke Drills; China, US Ties Ending (1:20 min)

US follows France out of Africa (13 min)


Slow Motion Collapse

Slow Motion Collapse

Rus Takes 2 Key Villages, Ever Bigger Gap Ukr Lines, New Rus Airbase Kharkov; UK: Sanctions Fail (1:28 min)

Italy demands Russia unfreeze. No NATO for you. GPS jamming. Sanchez avoids Elensky curse (37 min)