Applauding Nazi’s

Applauding Nazi’s


Rota takes the fall. Trudeau pivots to Russia. Power in Armenia. Abrams in Ukraine. Lowercase russia (38 min)


First American M1 Abrams Tanks Arrive in Ukraine: Will They Make a Difference? (11 min)

US Looks For Zelensky Ouster, Criticise Tactics; Shoigu Ukr Sept Losses 17K; UK Admits Oil Cap Fail (1:23 min)

Canadian Parliament Gives 98-Year-Old Ukrainian N@zi A Standing Ovation! (18 min)

Thunderous applause and a fist pump (17 min)


Freemasons and Nazis

Freemasons and Nazis

I was always interested in history, both ancient and modern and I used to score highly with historical essays. However, now that I am older I know better.  The bulk of history is revisionism.  A narrative written by the victor to disguise the true events.  History is an exercise in myth building.

History is not spontaneous, random events that lead to wars.  History is planned and guided in smoke filled rooms.  It is the bankers and aristocrats that instigate the wars and they use their secret organizations and the intelligence services to do so.  It is all about empire building, geopolitics, Continuity Of Government (COG).  It is all about power and you have none.

Do you honestly think the Bolshevik Revolution was a Spontaneous event?  The rise of Hitler was just one of those things?  Chinese communism just happened?  Kissinger opened up China in 1971 and so began the de-industrialisation of the West.  Nothing is spontaneous.  The bankers bet on both sides, fund all wars and always win.

The Anglos made a deal with the Zionists.  Their policy has always been to keep Germany down and to keep Russia out. They do not want a Eurasian superpower emerging.

Here is the history of the last century in a nutshell and who benefited:

WW1 -USA forced into war by Jewish bankers. Goal is to smash Germany and the Ottoman Empire to make Palestine available. Balfour Deceleration.

Bolshevik Revolution-Funded by bankers to smash Russia and seed internationalism (global communism)

WW2 -Direct Consequence of unfair treaty on Germany after WW1.  Hitler funded by Bankers Freemasons. Jews forced back to Palestine.  Israel founded 100 years after the communist Manifesto.

This is an excellent article on Theosophy and Free-Masonry being behind Hitler and the Nazis.  Why is this relevant?   Because they are doing it again.



Ukrainian Nazis

Ukrainian Nazis

This is constantly denied on Twitter as Russian propaganda but it is not.

NYT admits: journalists ask Ukrainian soldiers to hide their patches (5 min)


Chief Clown Oz

Chief Clown Oz

Anthony Albanese says “Right-Wing Extremism” is the BIGGEST THREAT to Australia’s National Security (2 min)

Our chief clown is just copying the American chief clown (lolz). Even their playbook is not original.

And of course in America the staged “white supremacist” march (not the FBI) — Don’t laugh there are actually people who think this is real (do some research and find out for yourself just how racist Biden is and that he fought for segregation back in the day).

Ditto Australian Nazis (lolz):

Message to all white supremacists….you are only allowed to be a Nazi if you support Ukraine.

The Pink Swastika

The Pink Swastika

I was right….controlled opposition.  This is a psy-op.

Problem, reaction, solution….

The NA$! Melbourne PSYOP.. The Police Marched them Through. Wait for it – MOVE ON LAWS TO CHANGE (3 min)

Video Show Notes:

The narrative is these spooks rocked up in response to Antifa saying they were going to be there. This is an old technique. Gang/counter-gang agitation is what is happening in Melbourne with ‘Fake Na$is’ and Police. It happened during Covid with ‘Protesters’ and Police and wasn’t authentic. Remeber Steve Booth Flag Guy Pay close attention in the fake freedom circles Rukscam etc and fake lefties -Tanuki and co who gives this clear PSYOP oxygen. That’s what happens - gang/counter-gang movement played out in the US (Portland/ Kenosha etc) and it looked suspiciously like intelligence/operatives on the ground there, and the same here. lots of money involved and media is hyping it. Justification for facist legislation. Its most likely that a large part of this Psyop is the cops letting them through. #defundthepolicePsyop Just looking at the comments on Andrews twitter Loads of calls for POLICE REFORM. And Move on Laws to change. “Later I saw the police seemingly usher these men right through the centre of the buffer zone in between our event and the counter-protestors, which is when I saw those men raise their hands in a Hitler salute. Deeming said that after the event she was informed that the masked men had performed the NA$i salute on the steps outside Parliament. The organisers of the ‘Let Women Speak’ event were informed by police that they had no powers to move the Nazis as Labor had removed those powers, claimed Deeming.  “If Daniel Andrews had not repealed the ‘move on’ laws, they could have been removed. The ‘move on’ laws need to be strengthened and I also welcome moves to ban the NA$i salute,” added Deeming. This Pokie Parker is another actor in the contrived Culture War, no wonder Uk’s zio shill Tommy Robinson has appeared at her rallys. This ones about as believable as all the Staged Sov Citizen vids being shown by NEWSCORP. Only through total control these nuts think they can see there zio prophecies fufilled. Thessalonians 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon


So not Nazi boys but Nancy boys. All staged.

From the Discord:

Two years ago Scott Lively started doing a series of YouTube videos where he read through The Pink Swastika with additional commentary, but he dropped it after the first six parts, and his YouTube channel later got deleted. The first two parts were also posted at Rumble, but I think my BitChute channel is the only place where all six parts were archived:


This is a psy-op to stop all protests.  In future all they have to do is have one agent-provocateur throw a Nazi salute and they will arrest the whole crowd as being far-right Nazis. Very obviously staged but the stupid sheep will fall for it anyway.

Australian Nazi

Australian Nazi

We don’t need to support Ukrainian Nazis, we have our own (lolz)

And now for the murderna triple shot (lolz)

And now for that horrible, corrupt piece of work globalist woman Jane Halton. Do a search on her name because I have written about her previously although some of the tweets are missing because accounts got taken down.

Jane Halton’s Company Will Endeavour To Have New Vaccines Available Within 100 Days, Because $cience (2 min)

Destructive Departure

Destructive Departure

This is highly recommended.   Watch it until the end.

INCENDIARY IDEAS 006 Destructive Departure (20 min)


They don’t want you to look up. In fact they made a movie about it called “Don’t Look up” because they are deconstructing the world and they don’t want you to recognize the coming disaster.  However, Jesus says the opposite:

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh" (Luke 21:28 ). 

This was the last scene from the movie. The one that most people miss because it rolls after the credits. It perfectly encapsulates the narcissism and nihilism of the age we live in:

Stirring up Trouble

Stirring up Trouble

George Soros is behind many of the American NGOs that are stirring up trouble.  They want more problems on Russia’s border.  They keep poking the bear.  They want to expand the war.

How the US is Using the Azeri-Armenian Conflict to “Extend” Russia (30 min)

Armenia is NATO’s next PROXY WAR, Pelosi’s visit proves it | Redacted w Natali and Clayton Morris (Sept 20)

All Hell to break lose?

Putin’s ANNIHILATORY plan is ready to launch, and the west knows it | Redacted with Clayton Morris (28 min)

The real battle is happening in Bakhmut. US searches for second front (29 min)

Zelensky Bodyguard Has Nazi Patch On Uniform! (8 min)