Australia is screwed

Australia is screwed

The people are so dumb and the politicians so corrupt.  Australia is screwed.  Mind you, the same can be said all over the West.  And it is not China or Russia doing it.

Topher Field – Senator James Paterson – Friedman Conference – PART 1 (8 min) Topher Field Hosts the Friedman libertarian conference and is seen here with Senator James Paterson In 2021, Paterson was elected Chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security In 2022, Paterson was appointed the Shadow Minister for Cyber Security and the Shadow Minister for Countering Foreign Interference. Which is Hilarious/ scary really as he is clearly working for 🇮🇱 over Aus. The senator visited 🇮🇱 with the Jewish Affairs Council in 09 on a student leaders trip. And is constantly shilling for 🇮🇱 . Patterson works Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) Murdoch interests and is a Zionist lobby group. Things get really interesting is who mentored Paterson. Paterson was a special advisor to senator Senator Mitch Fifield Fifield was appointed in 2019 as the new Permanent Rep of Aus to the UN. (The amount of shills connected to the UN is outrageous, for example Bosi, father Pino was awarded by the UN and his sister works for UNESCO, Mary Jane Liddicoat was a disarment agent for UN. Sacha Stone, Nate Max, even Reignites democracy St kilda owner Moshe Elkman has a organisation that lobbys the UN for Noahide Laws.) Patterson served for several months as an intern for U.S. Republican congressman Lincoln Díaz-Balart. His aunt, Mirta Díaz-Balart, was the first wife of communist Fidel Castro. Friedman Conference is named after Milton, David and Patri Friedman all staunch Zionists and loyal to 🇮🇱 and Russia INDIMAX - Topher Field’s production company sponsors the Friedman Con ⬇️ More to come on Milton, David and Patri Friedman on who this conference Topher runs will be posted soon. Tonnes of related info in telegram Koch Network links etc.. It’s clear this network wants Digital ID.. Shadowy CIA backed Palantir surveillance network runs right through this libertarian network. Patri Friedman works with Peter Thiel. Look up Aus tenders for Palantir..#talpiotprogram Ana has posted a Ton load of related info in here, Koc Network links etc in Telegram Who does Friedman realky serve?

I am sure that you can vote your way out of it (lolz):

The Illusion of Choice (2 min)


Labor to the rescue (lolz).  Australia is now completely Red but don’t tell me Blue is any better.

Labor Wins, Dom Resigns (2 min)

The Voice

The are so concerned for the indigenous (meanwhile Alice Springs burns while Albo-Sleazy cavorts abroad) that you should vote to give the Aborigines a voice.  Why should you do this?  You should do this because they cannot be elected to Parliament (yes they can) have no access to higher education (yes they do) have no land rights (they do) and they do not receive millions in funding from the taxpayers (yes they do but where does it all go?).

Do I believe the above to be true? Is the leak real or propaganda? It is probably propaganda but that is a moot point. You NEVER, EVER hand the govt a blank cheque. You never vote for something when the outcomes are not clearly stated. I also found this online (source unknown):

The real reason why the Labor Party are pursuing a Voice referendum.
The Australian Labor Party in promoting its "YES" vote for a voice to
parliament to have the Constitution changed by referendum. The Labor
Party is not being open and truthful as to the real reason it is conducting this referendum. In 1990, Federal Politician Kim Beasley made a statement in response to Senator Button's question in the Australian Federal Parliament about whether there should be a republic, His reply was(Kim Beasley Quote):

 'The United Nations has given the Federal Government a
mandate of ownership for housing. farms, property and business to
government control once the REPUBLIC has been proclaimed."
The comment by Kim Beasley in parliament back in 1990 should be ringing
alarm bells. The United Nations is the NWO in waiting for a one world

The current push by the Labor Party for the Voice' referendum is the single most important part Of their plan, which is to include the ORIGINAL' Men. Women and children of this Country (Indigenous people) into the Commonwealth Constitution because. at the moment they have 'NO
CONTRACT' with the 'ORIGINAL' Men. Women and children of this Country.
Because there is •No Contract' with the Indigenous people of Australia, a
republic would not be achieved because the •ORIGINAL' Men, Women and
children of this country are the lawful land owners and the government
would be unable to take control over ownership of housing, farms, property
and business, thus thwarting its secretive push for a totalitarian republic where you would own nothing and be happy.

This plan as you can see was already underway back in 1990. Every State in
Australia has already sold off the Lands and Title Office, your original titles have been destroyed. The value of your property is in the TITLE.
All properties certificate of title has been digitized and this is not a lawful proof of historical ownership. Say •NO' to the Voice and say 'NO' to a totalitarian republic they have planned for us Australians.

Is the above valid? I don’t know, but I know this…when the WEF says that you
will “own nothing” they mean it. They want you locked in 15 minute cities and those
places are already emerging. We are in the middle of a banker reset, do you honestly think they care about the indigenous? That they care about you? Just how naive are you?

They are going to use “white guilt” and psy-ops to change how you live.  Many of your grandparents etc were either refugees from the Empire or prisoners of the Empire. They either fled or were forced to move to Australia and they built the country. Now the bankers want it all.  

There are already beaches and reserves being declared out of bounds and for Indigenous use only. There is talk of taxing or paying rent for accessing land.  Of course there should be sensible rules about exploiting natural resources or building in certain areas but God’s earth (nature) should be freely accessible to everyone.  I do not think for one moment that this is about helping the indigenous.  They are being used as tool to cause division and to change land rights.  The future looks bleak.  No more hooking up your caravan and traveling wherever you want.  Those days will be gone soon.  They have a place for you in their 15 minute panopticon.   And I do think they will “win” the vote.  They will get whatever answer they need.

Springtime for Hitler in Melbourne

Springtime for Hitler in Melbourne

Apparently some sort of pro-transvestite rally got trolled by a “far-right” group of Nazis doing salutes to uncle Adolf or something like that (lolz).    A group of gay looking men in tight black shorts (lolz).    If you cannot tell by now when you are being gaslighted then there is no hope for you.  Might as well watch Springtime for Hitler:

‘Protest Season’ Has Well & Truly Kicked Off With A Bang For 2023 in Australia (3 min)

None of them have any problem sending money to Nazis in Ukraine though.  They are the “good” Nazis (clown world).


Extremism in Ukraine

Extremism in Ukraine

They are trying to Whitewash the Nazis, Green-wash the banks and Rainbow-wash perverts. Reality is what they tell you that it is. A NWO built on an Empire of lies.


There is a Western campaign underway to legitimize the Nazi Fascists in Ukraine. All the Western media is engaged and it is exactly the opposite of what they said a few years back (see links under the video).

Western Media Whitewashing Extremism in Ukraine (13 min)

Forbes has published an article attempting to dismiss concerns over extremism among the ranks of Ukraine’s armed forces as Russian propaganda, but admits that it had been a problem that Ukraine has since “fixed.” Unfortunately, a screenshot included in the article is from a video that proves exactly the opposite - that extremism in Ukraine’s armed forces is worse than ever and openly benefiting from Western weapons and equipment flooding the country. References: Forbes - Ukraine Deradicalized Its Extremist Troops. Now They Might Be Preparing A Counteroffensive: The Hill - Congress bans arms to Ukraine militia linked to neo-Nazis: Years of the Western (BBC) Media Admitting to Extremism Among Azov Military Units: BBC - Outside Source, March 23, 2022: BBC - TORCH-LIT MARCH IN KIEV BY UKRAINE'S RIGHT-WING SVOBODA PARTY - BBC NEWS (2014): BBC - Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine: NEWSNIGHT (2014): BBC - Ukraine conflict: 'White power' warrior from Sweden (2014): BBC - Ukraine underplays role of far right in conflict (2014): BBC - Ukraine's most-feared volunteers - BBC News (2015): BBC - The far-right group threatening to overthrow Ukraine's government - Newsnight (2015): BBC - Ukraine: On patrol with the far-right National Militia - BBC Newsnight (2018): BBC - Ukraine coat of arms in UK anti-terror list furore (2020): BBC - Behind Belarusian 'far-right mercenary' claims (2021): Al Jazeera - Ukrainian fighters grease bullets against Chechens with pig fat (2022): The Hill - The reality of neo-Nazis in Ukraine is far from Kremlin propaganda (2017):

Russia Belarus Cooperation, Zelensky Determined to Hold Bakhmut, Turkish Media Savages Zelensky(58 min)

Fast Forward to Fascism

Fast Forward to Fascism

Fast Forward to Fascism (28 min)

My comment underneath:

All true but the Soviet Union caused the Holodomor also known as the Terror-Famine a man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine from 1932 to 1933 that killed millions of Ukrainians. They also wrought other terrors on the Ukrainian people. No wonder some Ukrainians welcomed the Nazis and their twisted supremacist ideology. In fact, Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg (Jewish Marxists) led the Communist Spartacist Uprising in Berlin in 1919. So the Nazis saw the communists as a threat and Ukrainian nationalists regarded the Nazis as liberators. It is time that people everywhere woke up to banker manipulation...they fund both sides of every war and always win. People everywhere want to live their lives in peace and mind their own business....but it seems the bankers have other ideas.

Let’s See How Much Money Has Been Given to Ukraine So Far (1 min)

Boris plots return

Boris plots return

We really are in clown world. Why not send your money directly to Ukraine or Perhaps elect Zelensky and cut out the middle man.


Boris plots return, but regime change plotters want Keir Starmer (21 min)

You really need to be more patriotic and brush up on your Nazi songs:

Video: Ukraine Soldiers Sing Praises Of WW II Era N@zi (5 min)

Ukraine fiasco

Ukraine fiasco

African Politician Lectures U.S. Sec of State Over Ukraine & Imperialism (11 min)

Why is Amnesty International FINALLY Reporting on Kiev’s War Crimes Months Later? (15 min)

Putin, Shoigu Pitch Russia as Main Opponent of Globalisation. Part 2 (38 min)

SCOTT RITTER: What You Should Know About Nazis in Ukraine (7 min)

Wednesday August 17th 2022 – News From Saint Petersburg (60 min)

Fascism Denial

Fascism Denial

BBC’s reporting on Å-z-o-v is “a masterclass in f-a-ś-ć-i-s-m denial”: Steve Sweeney (35 min)

They even made up stories abut Russian soldiers raping babies.Even the Ukrainians thought she had gone too far with her lurid disgusting stories and she got fired. Karma. Ukrainian Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova fired for fake news about Russian army The wild fantasies of the official frightened even the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada:

Ukrainian Propagandist FIRED for “Wild Fantasies” – Inside Russia Report (15 min)

Kyiv Caught Filming FAKE Battle Footage for Social Media – Inside Russia Report (6 min)

They must be getting desperate now.  Imagine all those idiots waving Ukrainian flags and cheering on Nazi’s. 

The Nazis are loosing

The Nazis are loosing

The Russians beat the Nazis in WW2 and it looks like history is about to repeat. 

Russia Aims for Multiple Encirclements in Donbass as EU Aims to Ban Russian Oil (46 min)

Ukraine – Russia War: Rocket Attack Hits Major Oil Plant Near Donetsk Killing At Least One Civilian (8 min)

Schools Continue To Be Targeted In Russia – Ukraine War Attacks (8 min)

Jewish Hitler and Zyklon B vaccines

Jewish Hitler and Zyklon B vaccines

I did not know whether to tag this under humor, conspiracy or history (lolz) so I used all three tags.   I save video links and articles and then when something interesting comes up it gives me an opportunity to put them all together.  Is it conspiracy?   Some of it is.  Is it funny?  Well I think a gay Jewish Hitler is funny. Is it history?  Some of it is.  This is what triggered the article (lolz):

I suggest someone report Lavrov to the antisemitic hate-line (lolz) :

Perhaps Lavrov stumbled across these websites (now removed but still available on the way-back archives):





Of course, the fact that “Kristalnacht” was organized by the Zionists and that the Nazis had an arrangement with the Zionists to help transfer Jews to Palestine is not Germaine to the question, nor is the fact that the Jewish Zelenskyy is perfectly happy to cooperate with  Nazi Azov brigades.  History does not repeat but it rhymes.


Six million Goy killed by Zyklon-B Covid Spikes

I could not resist this heading after coming across another article by Walter.  Now although his article is rather sensationalist it is becoming clearer that the S-protein (either from the virus or the vaccine) does effect mitochondria. Among the many other inflammatory and amyloid pathways the S-protein dysregulates electron transfer in a similar manner to other compounds (hence the Zyklon-B comparison).  We will see an increase in mitochondrial diseases (especially for those already genetically predisposed) but it will not be like walking into gas chambers (lolZ) but rather a slow deterioration in mitochondrial function.

Ukrainian Nazis, Anglo Zionist Suicide Pact, Food Shortages Loom & Nuclear False Flag? Alex Krainer (50 min)

I have not watched this yet…but just discovered this channel:


And Finally…..

How could I not complete the article by featuring Springtime for Hitler and Germany. All the world is a stage…said the octogenarian William Shakespeare…before getting the vaccine (which killed him) administered by a laughing Matt Hancock (lolz).