Race Based Biowarfare

Race Based Biowarfare

It is a SHTF moment as what we have been saying for two years is now being revealed -race based bio-weapons.    K26R is the polymorphism that advantages Ashkenazi Jews.

RFK Jr Supporting Evidence For Ethnic Disparities In COVID Outcomes – Race Based Biowarfare (1:20)

Starts at 15 min

Anti-NeoCon Report With Ryan Dawson – Race based Biowarfare (K26R Hypothesis) –[2:24 min]

official start at  13 min


Ukraine Losing 2 Battalions per Day

Ukraine Losing 2 Battalions per Day

Russia Now Says Ukraine Losing 2 Battalions per Day in Donbass, 2nd Ukrainian Drone Attack on Engels (55 min)

Serbian President Vucic faces Neocon/NATO ultimatum (25 min)

Russia warns Greece against sending S-300 to Ukraine (16 min)

Why is Russia Conducting its Special Military Operation this Way? (18 min)


Dirty Harry on dog shit

Dirty Harry on dog shit

Harry Vox with a long overdue threat assessment for military, intelligence and law enforcement personnel about the hidden agenda of the Neoconservatives to weaken US national security.  Full Res Downloadable at Archive.org https://archive.org/details/the-neocon-threat-to-national-security

Whether you think he is being antisemitic or not….what he says is true….

Dirty Harry IV – A lot can happen to dog shit… (50 secs)


Warning strong language

Finally the Truth- a US “cock-up”

Oops!   We have our war?

Calling it a “cock-up” is probably giving them the benefit of the doubt.   The story is already unraveling.  They attacked Iraqi soldiers.  The soldiers were Shia Muslims.   Therefore they called them “Iranian-proxies”.     That is a bit like calling English Catholics living in London IRA-proxies.

They did not even bother to find out who fired the rocket.  For all we know it could have been John Bolton out in the desert, or perhaps Mossad.  So, what did the USA do….they went and bombed the Iraqi army (LOL).   I suppose they all look the same to the Americans.  And they wonder why the Anglo-Zionists are hated in the M.E.   Hence the Iraqi protests against the embassy in the Green Zone.    This will not end well.

Trump’s Fatal Mistake in Iraq and Beginning of End for US Occupation