The Anglo Roots of Israeli Holy War

The Anglo Roots of Israeli Holy War

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Darby=Plymouth Brethren= Scofield bible=Anglo-Zionism

The = sign does not mean that they are equivalent but that links exist between these different movements/people.


The Darbyite interpretation of the Crimean war in the 1850s as the “end times” Russia=Gog  depicting the “tsar of Russia” (autocrat) as the “bad guy” of end time prophecy.  Of course this did not happen therefore the tsar had to be overthrown (hence the 1917 Bolshevik or Communist (Jewish) revolution supported by Western oligarchs. Still not working?  Well then we break Russia up after 70 years  of Communism.  Still not working? Well then we provoke a Crimean war redux. Still not working? Well then we will expand to WW3 Armageddon. Of course this is an oversimplification but there can be no doubt that religion (eschatology)  is a tool that is being used by elite power structures and their intelligence agencies for geopolitical reasons. The post-World War II era witnessed the creation in Palestine of a homeland for the Jews. Thus, Scofield’s premillennialism seemed prophetic. “At the popular level, especially, many people came to regard the dispensationalist scheme as completely vindicated.”

In the end, it seems to me that the Anglos and the Zionists made an agreement to cooperate in dismantling the Ottoman Empire and keeping Russia (and Germany) weak in exchange for a homeland.  The Anglo-Zionist want another global empire.  The British Empire never died just took on a different form that now has competition (or does it?) with globo-homo. We are all being played and the fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us.


In case you missed it this video which talks about the Scofield Bible is pretty good:

Axis of Evil

Axis of Evil

They are starting to use the same “Axis of Evil” language as before the Iraq invasion. We are headed for WW3.

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All the ducks lined up

All the ducks lined up


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Professor and author Norman Finkelstein:


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Neocons Unlimited War

Neocons Unlimited War

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The Fall

The Fall

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500K casualties

500K casualties

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Incremental Gains

Incremental Gains

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Iraqi insurgency

Iraqi Insurgency

I remember reading the book the Greenzone more than three years ago and writing an article about Iraq.  The sheer incompetence, arrogance and narcissism of the neo-cons involved and all the private contractors and corporations who made themselves rich.   They destroyed Iraq bringing freedom and democracy.  The same people are behind what is happening in Ukraine.  It disgusts me.

Green Zone (trailer)

Old article from 3 years ago:

Pro-Iran Gunmen ‘Shooting Protesters’


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We want more war

We want more war

War is good for the economy.  We want more war.  The fat bankers love wars.

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recession is here? OPEC+ raised oil prices, Gold prices shooting up, Liz Truss & CPTPP, Finland NATO