Judgment is Coming

Judgment is Coming (1:04)

A bit woo-woo towards the end but we are heading into a period of very low magnetism and I am sure that during Blochwall (plain of inertia) they will try something with CERN.  The commentary on Netanyahu is interesting.  I am sure he had something to do with the assassination of Rabin.  They don’t want a two-state solution.

Zelensky Break-dance

Zelensky Break-dance

Putin, 2M Russian army. Elensky breakdance. Russia-Ukraine secret NATO deal. Netanyahu long war. U/1 (42 min)

The Fall | The Russians Are Tightening Avdiivka Noose | Political Crisis. Military Summary 2023.12.2 (20 min)

NATO/EU leaders fear US-Russia negotiations (39 min)

Rus Capturing Marinka, Avdeyevka Supply Routes, Rumours Zaluzhny Talking to Russia; Gaza War Resumes (1:18 min)


Kissinger Dead

Kissinger Dead

All things have I seen in the days of my vanity: there is a just man that perisheth in his righteousness, and there is a wicked man that prolongeth his life in his wickedness.


Max Blumenthal (TheGrayZone) : How dangerous is the Netanyahu goverment… (25 min)


Drone footage shows shocking Gaza destruction (4 min)

Witch of Ukraine

Witch of Ukraine



Musk visits Netanyahu. Ukraine security guarantees. Elgin Marbles. Witch of Ukraine wants $82K. U/1 (27 min)


Rus Enters Khromovo, Ukr Leaves Kleshcheyevka, Avdeyevka; Budanov Wife Poisoned; US Israel Argue (1:22 min)


Avdeyevka collapse & possible Trump presidency fuels EU panic (43 min)

Is Hamas winning?

Is Hamas winning?


Israel’s Endgame in Gaza: A Tale of Peacekeepers, DMZs, and Lawn Mowers (15 mins)

Ukr Crisis Deepens; Kiev Begs F16s; Report, Biden Block 2022 Peace Talks; Israel-Hezbollah War Looms (1:34 min)

New plan; invade Russia, win war. Elensky, call Trump get money. Netanyahu wants Tony Blair. U/1 (39 min)

They are recruiting the Devil himself (Tony Blair)



Geostrategic update

Geostrategic update

US/EU float negotiations with Russia. Elensky ready to visit Israel. Croatia FM kisses Annalena. U/1 (31 min)

Biden in Bind, Netanyahu Rejects Gaza Pause, Ambulances Bombed; Ukr War Lost, US Wants Kiev Talks (1:17 min)

Zelensky TERRIFIED Ukraine Is Being Abandoned For Israel! (15 min)

Last Night Was the Worst Night by Far. Gaza. 9 years back. (4 min)

Voices Israel Wants to Silence

Steven Ben-Nun is a Jewish Christian and Daniel Cohen is also Jewish.


Birth Pangs

Birth Pangs

Bibi albatross around Biden’s neck. Avdeevka set to fall. Arestovich, talk to Russia. Cuba vote. U/1 (37 min)

Gaza Surrounded, Blinken Israel Humanitarian Pause, Netanyahu Regime Change; Kiev, Avdeyevka Crisis (1:35 min)

Israel is known as LGBTQ+ capital of the world, did they just DESTROY that image? | Redacted News (16 min)

Israel On Brink Of Civil War! (20 min)

Biden White House aims to scapegoat Netanyahu (26 min)


Middle East Analysis with Chuck Baldwin (55 min)


WW3 Primer

WW3 Primer

They are doing their best to kick off WW3. Got to hand it to them. They are persistent.

“This Is Genocide”: FULL Interview with Palestine’s Ambassador on Israel & Gaza (39 min)

Arab States Reject Gaza Population Expulsion; Putin Netanyahu Talks; US Secretly Gives Ukr ATACMS (1:31min)

The Fall | World War 3 Is Just Around The Corner | Disaster At Verbove. Military Summary 2023.10.17 (24 min)

Russia and China diplomacy for war off-ramp. Isolated Biden goes to Israel (45 min)

Yellen, US can support 2 wars. Biden to Israel. Putin talks to Netanyahu. Second front concerns. U/1 (27 min)

US Proxy Wars: Israel Gears Up for Gaza Incursion as Initiative Passes to Russia in Ukraine (44 min)