23 and Me

23 and Me

The company’s name (23andMe) is derived from the 23 pairs of chromosomes in a wild-type human cell. Anne Wojcicki (prounonced Wo-shit-ski if you are brother Nathanael, lolz) founded 23andMe and her sister Susan Wojcicki is CEO of YouTube. Why are so many Jews involved in gathering genomic data? This is probably the main reason behind all the PCR testing- the collection of data (and experimentation). They will never have another chance like this (a reservoir of 8 billion people). I believe that Mark Kulacz from Housatonic has been researching this topic has a video on it and I think he is correct.  Genomic data collection is one of the reasons because their agenda is polyvalent.

The power elite don’t care about you….they don’t even care about the Jewish people but are willing to sacrifice them (again) to achieve their goals. They even admit it:

They even kill their own


They all expose themselves

They all expose themselves

Brother Nathanael is a Jew who is now a “Greek Orthodox Priest” (supposedly) but he was formerly Chabad.  He has been kicked off YouTube for being antisemitic (a self hating Jew).

I think he is funny but I also think he is controlled opposition. His agenda is getting more obvious.  He is a big Putin supporter and he wants America to split with the succession of the Red States.  A great game is being played by the bankers.

Christian Zionist Jews vs. Globo homo Jews.  Both sides funded by the bankers.  Highly connected Chabad Jews in Russia (to Putin) and highly connected Chabad Jews connected to both Biden and Trump.  I need more popcorn. Are ye not entertained?

The American Boob

The Riddle Of Jewish Success…Spiked! by Brother Nathanael


And here is another highly connected (right-wing) Chabad Jew who recently apologized for his vaccine stance but as Kev pointed out you can almost see him smirking.


And now he has teamed up with Jordan Peterson and they have talked to the corrupt Nutty Yahoo.  I would really like to watch this but no way am I paying money to do so.  In the end they all expose themselves.  These are the “right-wing”  Christian Zionists who are going to save us from globo homo and usher in Noahide Laws.  A pox on both your houses. Do not trust any of them.

The State of the World with Benjamin Netanyahu, Ben Shapiro, and @Jordan B Peterson (2 min)

Full program:


Ben Shapiro Anoints Himself Pope Of The Jews (12 min)

False Prophets

False Prophets

All these videos are highly recommended

If you are a Christian you should prepare.  I have been warning and warning.  This must be resisted. The whole system is corrupt as will shortly become apparent.  Withdraw.  Do not consent.  Judgement is coming, partake not of her sins. Come out of her my people.

COP27 (14 min)

News (Elections & More) -7min

Under your skin



“Every Man is Christ?” Says Tesla & the Moonies…Explains Why They Bought Building He Died in (48 min)
 (not watched this one yet)








Here’s Johnny

Here’s Johnny!



A bit late reporting this but I will do more digging on the topic when I get time. Like a bad smell that just won’t go away (lolz).  He is connected to Chabad and it is no coincidence that he is back (I was certain that he would be).    Perhaps we are going to see the “dream team”  with Trump (the chosen one) back in the White House and Nuttyahoo leading Israel into disaster.

Australia the New Zion

Australia the New Zion

Of course I say that tongue in cheek but something is going on here.  They are obviously preparing.

French fury as Australia scraps submarine deal

And this from Brendon (I hope he does not mind please support him):

Tucker Explains Australia under Covid Brendon explains Western Australia


Why is Victoria so bad? Why is Western Australia so good? Not even T.C knows, really.

I have a few theories.

W.A, my home state gets a mention. It has no masks and no lockdown. Though it did early on. As it is the economic powerhouse of the state – mining oil and gas – some might say that’s the reason and they’re probably right.

Perth set to return to pre-lockdown life, small businesses offered $3,000 support grants

Also W.A made it official policy to hammer any troublemakers, groups or individuals. They chased them all back to Sydney and Melbourne. “Troublemakers?” That usually means “Muslims”, particularly Sydney’s Lebanese community. But it also means criminal elements.

In the mining boom of 2006-8, prices of resources were sky high. Nickel went from $13,000 a ton to $52,000 a ton

Every half wit across the nation was told you could go to Western Australia and pick up a job driving a truck on a mine and make $5000 AUD a week. It was ridiculous. And the State was flooded. Criminal sentences were tripled. Police set people up non stop. They eventually drove the hoards back across the border.

On buses, low life street level dealers bragged openly to their friends back east the price of drugs was sky high and the city beautiful. Come on over! The generous Australian un employment benefits make sure such lavish street lifestyles are plentiful. Free food. 5 star homeless shelters.

In 2010, 4 members of a neo nazi group shot up the local Perth Turkish Mosque with a high powered rifle. They actually tried to make contact with me. Brendon wasn’t that stupid.

I was in the midst of my court case and multiple hearings. You can bet 4 members of a neo nazi Combat 18 Group…committing an act of out right “terrorism” would get a hefty sentence. Right? They were charged with criminal damage and discharging a firearm in public. They all got a suspended sentence.

They say three people. It was 4. The shooter was Daniel JEWEL. Ex Australian Defense Force. He was never mentioned in the media dispatches.

Seeing as Australia’s special forces base is in Western Australia – Campbell Barracks, SAS – maybe a few of the members there were giving Danial JEWEL advice? It was the height of the war crimes being committed in Afghanistan.

Killing Field: Explosive new allegations of Australian special forces war crimes | Four Corners

Meanwhile, less than a year later, I was sentenced to three years jail for offensive words and incitement. Calling a hard core Zionist activist and Israeli future Intel asset a “racist Jew, with a religion of racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing.”

I kid you not.

Diane, a Orthodox Jewish convert to Christianity told me, W.A was “new zion”. Jews “in the know” were moving in. W.A was slated as the go to place for Jews with money world wide. This is not the first time this was planned…

Australia’s “Kimberley Plan” for the Jews

In 1939, Isaac Nachman Steinberg—lawyer, ex-Bolshevik, former comrade of Vladimir Lenin—arrived in Perth, Western Australia. His objective: to establish a homeland and safe haven for thousands of Jewish refugees in The Kimberley, in Australia’s far north-west.
Steinberg was the founder of the Freeland League and a proponent of territorialism, a political movement that sought to establish semi-autonomous Jewish colonies outside of Israel. An Orthodox, bearded,  teetotaling Yiddishist with a fiery temper and passion for Jewish  education, Steinberg charmed the Australian political establishment and  undertook a long, grueling journey through The Kimberley, surveying the  land for its economic and cultural potential.
The scheme gained serious momentum, but was ultimately nixed by Prime  Minister John Curtin, who could not “entertain the proposal for a group  settlement of the exclusive type contemplated by the Freeland League.”  Curtin was not the only one who regarded Steinberg as a dreamer. The  Jewish community saw him similarly, but after his death in 1957,  German-Jewish philosopher Erich Fromm lauded  Steinberg as a realist who “could visualize a flower when he saw a  seed… To have faith of [his] kind means to have courage.”

Everything is new in the state. From the curbs to the park benches. Masonic symbolism is everywhere in new structures.

Even the court I was tried in was covered with Masonic symbolism.

One of the top coppers in the state is a proud Mason.

Kerry Stokes, Australia’s media magnate, of The Seven Network is a big fan of Lord Jacob Rothschild and bought his families Bible for a cool $14 million. In August 2014, just after I got out of jail.

Mr Stokes is also a very good friend of none other than James Packer, on bribery charges with Benjamin Netanyau. This gets better…stick with me…

Mr Stokes is also very close to Mr Netanyahu himself. And Arnold Milchan – nuke part smuggler and Hollywood producer…maker of the movie JFK. Who is besties with Keanu Reeves who is friends with…Alex Jones. Shit gets deeper…wait for the video.

Mr James Packers father was the notorious Kerry Packer’s son. Kerry packer was blackmailed by Australia’s Jeff Epstien, Abe Saffron. Saffron was pure Mossad black mail operations to the highest levels of the Australian business and government levels.


Mr Stokes is also the employer and close confidant of one of the super stars of the current ongoing inquiry into Australian Special Forces and war crimes in Afghanistan. 

Kerry Stokes promises to stand by SAS 

But it gets better…

Once I left western Australia I was dealing with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop. Despite repeated assurances I would have my matter dealt with – lawyers talking to her office – they refused to get back to me with her Chief of Staff. I have repeated calls and emails – all recorded for posterity.

Well now, who is Julie Bishop chummy with?

My little Masonic enclave of Western Australia produces the finest people [networks]. A little birdy, we’ll call him Gerald, told me Ms Bishop was summarily told by Australia’s intel community to “F off” and forget about politics when she was ousted. And she did. She’s hob knobbing around the U.N looking for a piece of the Rothschild Rockerfella pie. And lets not forget Kissinger…Julie Bishop…The Kissinger Fellow at the McCain Institute. Oh my.

And let us round off this little collection of dot connecting with a final pic of Kerry Stokes with our fave death squad organizer of all time…drum roll please…

I wish I could tell you Kerry Stokes was a babies blood drinking monster, but every one tells me he’s a really nice guy which I find supremely frustrating. I like my enemies Netanyahu and Kissinger style – pure asshole. 

Western Australia? No masks? No lock downs? Can anyone suggest to Tucker why this may be? Neo Nazi terrorist groups given slaps on the wrist shooting up Mosques, SAS terror squads on Perth streets back from Afghanistan, Masonic Rothschild loving media magnates in love with Bi Bi and the Packer clan…Surely a “special case”.




Israel the failed state

Israel the failed state

After four or is it now five elections(?) / attempts to form government it looks like another coalition government but one that throws out Bibi. Not likely. I expect a war before that happens and more emergency powers.  It looks like the Hamas rockets had the desired effect but I think we are not done with Bibi yet.

Gravitas: Israel’s PM to step down?

Bennett-Lapid move to form unity Government; IRGC claims Israel’ days numbered TV7 Israel News 31.05

(A Christian-Zionist channel)

Jerusalem tensions escalate

Jerusalem tensions escalate


Call me a cynic but at the height of the tensions caused by Jewish property confiscation their homeland security (Shin Bet)  reveals that certain countries in the EU were funneling Palestinian humanitarian funds to terrorists.  At least that is what they want us to believe. A bit like Mossad-CIA supply weapons to ISIS?  Who knows if it is even true but it makes a great distraction when you are shooting civilians and taking their homes.

Israel the peacemaker

Balkanization 101

Balkanization 101

Unlike the previous raids, the Syrian army sent a strong message to Israel last week by firing an S-200 missile that followed the Israeli warplane over the Lebanese air space. This could change the rules of engagement between Syria and Israel, according to Kevork Almassian.

Syria sends a strong message to Israel


Accident at Iranian Nuclear Plant Natanz

An “unspecified attack” has occurred at Iran’s nuclear facility at Natanz only one day after it began operating a group new of IR-9 centrifuges which separate uranium isotopes about fifty times more efficiently than Iran’s older centrifuges.

The incident is said to have been an acute electrical failure which can severely damage such delicate and finely-tuned technical equipment.

There seems little doubt that the incident was the result of a cyber attack in the thinking of Western analysts. Iran’s parliament also thinks it was as well. Iran’s PressTV reported that “The cause of the incident is under investigation.”

This morning (Sunday) at an address at Mt. Herzl National Cemetery, IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi seemed to hint that the source was Israel. He said “The Israel Defense Forces’ actions throughout the Middle East are not hidden from our enemies’ eyes. They are watching us, seeing our capabilities and carefully considering their next steps.” He added, “Thanks to sophisticated operational activity, this past year has been one of the most secure Israel’s citizens have ever known. We will continue to act with might and with judgment, with determination and responsibility, to ensure the security of the state of Israel.” <>World Israel News

Israel not bound by any Iranian Deal – Prime Minister Netanyahu

April 7th. Holocaust Remembrance Day. In a speech from Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, PM Benjamin Netanyahu leveled a warning at the Biden administration and any others who may be seeking to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal. “We are not bound in any way to an agreement with Iran that paves the way for nuclear weapons. We are obligated to only one thing: to prevent anyone who seeks to destroy us from carrying out their plot.”

Speaking from Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directed a warning at the Biden administration and others seeking to reenter the Iran deal.” The U.S. has reportedly assured consultation with Israel before entering the deal, but the rapidity of the discussions raises the question as to whether Israel has had any input. The original agreement was signed by former President Obama but was abandoned by former President Trump in 2018. <>World Israel News

Iranian Ship Damaged by Mines in the Red Sea

The Vienna-based JCPOA talks between the U.S. and Iran have resumed; Israel is disturbed and wary of the possible results and is saying so. Its claim is that of PM Netanyahu: A return to the JCPOA is not going to bring security and stability to the Middle East” (Wall St. Journal).

An example of its non-effectiveness was illustrated by an Israeli response that same day far to the southeast – in the Red Sea between Yemen and Djibouti – where a cargo ship belonging to Iran was hit by limpet mines attached to its hull, apparently by Israel.

The Iranian ship Saviz is a cargo ship being used as a sea base by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, and has been anchored in the same location for many months. It tracks the maritime traffic of hostile nations for the Iranian regime.

Presumably Israel attached the explosives to the ship’s hull on the very day the US-Iran nuclear talks resumed in order to underline Israel’s vigilance and determination. It was another event in the warfare at sea that has been underway between Israel and Iran for months.

Israel’s objection to the JCPOA is that it does not stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, but simply delays that until 2030.

PM Netanyahu had warned the world that “We will always know how to defend ourselves by ourselves from those who seek to kill us.”

The Saviz incident was only the latest in a tit-for-tat exchange of blows between the Iranians and Israel. In March, Iran attacked a cargo ship owned by an Israeli businessman Udi Angel, transiting the Arabian Sea. Another incident around the same time was the contamination of all the Mediterranean beaches of Israel by oil spilled (perhaps intentionally) from an Iranian vessel smuggling oil to Syria. <>JPost

Israel Admits Attacking Iran’s Nuclear Programme, As Cyber-Attack Derails Iranian Nuke Plant

Israel acknowledged that it was behind a cyberattack on Iran’s main nuclear facility on April 11. The cyberattack took place hours after officials at the Natanz reactor restarted spinning advanced centrifuges. These centrifuges could speed up the production of enriched uranium. Watch the video to know more.

Iran reports accident at main nuclear facility

Iran has reported an accident at its main nuclear facility at Natanz.
Tehran’s Atomic Agency says it affected the site’s electrical distribution grid.
Power was out across the facility’s above-ground workshops and underground enrichment halls.
On Saturday, President Hassan Rouhani said Tehran had launched new advanced enrichment centrifuges at the site.
This is after several centrifuges were damaged in a fire last year – an incident Tehran called an ‘act of sabotage’.
And Iran is high on the agenda as the U-S Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin visits Israel.
Tensions in the region have been escalating in recent weeks.


Saudi Arabia Suffers From Houthi Attacks. Is There A New Job For Turkey’s Mercenaries?




Subliminal Message

Subliminal Message

This is just a teaser….go to the link below this video for the full show


Did Netanyahu Give a Subliminal Message?

This is the iconnect link:

(If it looks fuzzy click on the cog for settings and change the definition)


Israel-France-Greece-Cyprus end EastMed drill; Iran shunned from Syria talks – TV7 Israel News 12.03

Of course Israel never commits war crimes and Palestinians do not have a state so how can there be war crimes? (lol) As to the Palestinian fishermen hit by a Hamas missile….boy they are unlucky. Imagine that…hit by an unguided Hamas missile.  They should have bought lottery tickets instead of fishing. Israel will pay for her crimes a reckoning is due. All countries who suck up to the beast will regret it. Don’t all those ministers in masks look like retards?
Tested positive? Doesn’t everyone? What a clown show.


The missing piece

The missing piece

The missing piece in the NWO puzzle is Israel playing both sides (East and West) against the middle.  I have taken a few edited clips from Brendon O’Connell’s video 75. “RATS IN THE RANKS” . I have not shown the complete video because it is rather vulgar and at points confusing for those who have not followed his previous material.  I do not blame Brendon because he was jailed and beaten (breaking his arm) supposedly because he made racist remarks at a BDS protest.  In reality he was exposing Israeli deep state connections and corruption in the West.  When he was released he was approached by various groups  but realized that they were controlled opposition.  For example Alex Jones is a Zionist, Whitney Webb never mentions the Israeli -Iran connection or the belt and road etc.He is correct in a lot of what he says but ends up alienating people.  They may be controlled or limited hangouts but the trick is to take away the information you need and to shop around. Only then will you see the bigger picture.   Finally, if you watch the full video (no.75)  – the reason the body builders are mentioned is because they are linked to the military (drugs such as human Growth hormone etc). The military/intelligence links are exposed by Kay Griggs (her interview is on YouTube) the wife of an alcoholic intelligence colonel who revealed all the dirty secrets (Papa Bear and the gay cherry marines). This ties in with the body building world (gay to pay) and all the blackmail,drugs etc which was the precursor to Epstein etc.   I have therefore edited some 2 min clips from no.75 and the next video (76) is sown in full below the tweets.




VIDEO ON BIT CHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/NM0twE… 00:00 – – Introduction to video – De-industrializing America. Civil war. Moving industry south. Letting Dem cities burn. 1:36 – – US ISRAEL Energy Co-operation act. Legislating “illegal” technology transfers into legality. 2:52 – – *Senior Trump Official: Politicians Get ‘Very Rich’ by Supporting Israel* 10:00 – – We need Jews, Christians and Muslims coming together in the United States. The Belt & Road is being rammed together while America fights over election. 14:18 – – The US Israel Energy Co-operation Act in full. 15:21 – – *Israeli Semiconductors and the US-China Tech War* 22:52 – – My UN Refugee document and it’s relevance to current events. Written about in 2012 from jail, unfolding now. 24:00 – – Back to *Israeli Semiconductors and the US-China Tech War* 31:16 – – Zohar Zisapel, the king of critical infrastructure security. Israeli Military Intelligence. Please see… 9. COVID KILL SWITCH | ISRAELS SECRET WEAPON, THE TALPIOT PROGRAM – REMASTERED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ9_U… 48:35 – – UN document, my writing on Israeli intelligence activity in Australia and elsewhere. 52:18 – – *At Last, Israelis Are Turning Away From Their Medieval Religious Maniacs* 58:17 – – Kissinger’s right hand man Dr Steve Pieczenik talks getting rid of the US Constitution, bringing in Chabad Lubavitch Jared Kushner. *Netanyahu After Biden Win: ‘Republicans, Democrats, There’s No Difference’* Speaking at Knesset vote to ratify Trump-brokered normalization deal with Bahrain, Netanyahu says ‘I’ve had a warm relationship with Joe Biden for many years’ https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/…. *Israeli Semiconductors and the US-China Tech War* With its strong tech industry, Israel has emerged as a rare beneficiary of the U.S.-China rivalry – for now. https://thediplomat.com/2020/11/israe… Tech Industry Connects Texas, Israel http://www.thejewishoutlook.com/home/… *42 USC 17337: United States-Israel energy cooperation* https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?r… *Laura Ingraham: ‘Scranton Joe’ fooled millions of voters* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drZ8B… *Former WH Chief of Staff John Kelly criticizes Trump over delay of Biden transition* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTTM_… Lets hope the latest news that a Trump appointee for The Pentagon means the US is about to turn on Israel and Netanyahu… *Pentagon senior adviser accused Pompeo and senior politicians of taking money and getting rich from ‘the Israeli lobby’* https://thedailycable.com/2020/11/13/… *Senior Trump Official: Politicians Get ‘Very Rich’ by Supporting Israel* https://israelpalestinenews.org/senio… *Senior Trump Admin. Official Says Politicians Get ‘Very Rich’ by Supporting Israel* https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/.prem… *Trump administration pressed Dutch hard to cancel China chip-equipment sale: sources* https://www.reuters.com/article/us-as… *At Last, Israelis Are Turning Away From Their Medieval Religious Maniacs* https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/…. UN Refugee Application | Brendon Lee O’Connell – 100MB PDF file https://mega.nz/#!x6hDWYaR!GOaK-TCZBF… BRIEFING DOCUMENT | ISRAELI HIGH TECH & ESPIONAGE Ironically typed up 300m from the Beirut blast site at RAMZI AIRB&B https://mega.nz/file/wu41ADDA#2mRvtNs… SUFYAN’S ARABIC TRANSLATION CHANNEL Please support our efforts to bring Muslims, Christians and Jews together. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJyI…