Viruses are not real

Viruses are not real

The problems caused by the “virus  are not real” crew have been resolved. I am sure that it is a psyop  meant to sow division and doubt.   Dr Kevin McCairn has just done a stream with the lovely Dr Johanna (a virologist) that should settle any remaining questions on the issue. The YT and BoxCast versions are found below. The previous video that featured Dr Johanna was the round-table on bio-weapons which was also meant to feature Dr. Andrew Huff.  We now learn that the reason he did not join the Zoom conference was because his computer was sabotaged (see thread).  These people have unlimited resources and will do anything to prevent the truth from getting out. They will use psychological operations (virus are not real) and Neuro Linguistic Programing (safe and effective) they will lie and kill if necessary.  They include intelligence agencies and non-state actors.



Addressing Viruses Aren’t Real With Dr. Johanna Deinert MD, PhD


Covid Cult

Covid Cult

We  were right about covid being a cult with the cult members “drinking the Kool Aid”  like they did in the Jungle with Jim Jones.  How else can you describe it when people are impervious to reason?   There is no common sense or critical thinking just blind fear and obedience.  I know that the powers that be (TPTB) have used behavioral psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programing but even so people must bear some responsibility.  Take this woman as an example she has alienated her whole family and killed her dog. She is so stupid she has allowed them to divide and rule. They will use politics, covid,climate and anything else to keep you from uniting so that they can usher in their N.W.O.  What this extremely stupid woman does not realize is that there will be no place for her in that order. She destroyed her family and is about to destroy her immunity.  Some people just can’t be helped.



Maybe she should get fully waxxinated, wear a mask and sit in the middle of Antarctica to avoid catching Omicron.  Oops! (loz)

Perhaps if she keeps testing she can avoid Omicron (lolz)


You mean it is not working…?? Why did no one warn me? (lolz)


But…but…the nice man on the TV told me that pharma cares about my health (lolz)

I also tagged this under humor but it is not funny. You should not mock retards.

Fear is the Key

Fear is the Key

Fear is the key that allows them to control the masses. They know this and use it all the time. It is wicked and reprehensible. I often watch Quite Frankly another guilty viewing pleasure. This was a good summary of a Corey Digs article followed by an interview.  The following tweet gives some of Frank’s highlights.

Click on the thread reader and  watch the short (edited) videos. The article link and full show link is given in the last tweet.  A quote from the CIA (regarding brainwashing):

"We can make you kill your elderly parents and eat them in a stew".

Now, why don’t you go outside at 8 o’clock and applaud the NHS and don’t forget to wear two (or is it now three?) masks.   But don’t worry…..they could never brainwash you or make you afraid.  Could they?



UK Column News – 29th May 2020

UK Column News – 29th May 2020

Tracing and Tracking

Here is the UK Government advert for tracing and tracking which I have altered somewhat:


In the USA they are recruiting an army of spies and snitches from the army of the unemployed.  The same people that made billions out of the economic crash are now hiring the one who are jobless to snitch on the rest.



What is being done is not a mistake. It is deliberate and we know who is behind it.   Under this new regime anyone can get a phone call telling them that they have to self isolate.  If you ask who passed the disease on to you they are not obliged to tell you.  You have to trust them.  You will also get someone assigned to monitor you while you are in isolation.  If you refuse I imagine that you will end up in quarantine (jail).   This is nothing other than a tool to curb dissent while they build your 5G prison and re-purpose Government.


Still brainwashed

Some people are still brainwashed despite all the evidence to the contrary.



The Truth is out there

The Truth is out there


Some new videos and recommended videos below. When I get time some exposition will be coming.  Watch always and pray.

These videos are now on my YouTube Channel and BitChute. Multiple platforms. There is a war on for your mind and they fight dirty. We must be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves (those are Jesus’ words).  One of the tactics in a war according to the Art of War is to know your enemy.   Your enemy seems invincible (Who can make war against the beast?) but has a soft underbelly. Their strength is thier belief in “sorcery” (see the videos). Of course we do not believe in their “black magic”.  They are like “Jannis and Jambres” who are mentioned by name in the Targum of Pseudo-Jonathan in sections Exodus 1:15, Exodus 7:10-12, and Numbers 22:2. Jewish traditions in the Targums preserve other legendary lore about the pair. They are called the sons of Balaam, the unwitting non-Jewish prophet of Peor.  They copied and mimicked the miracles of Moses. They honestly think that their numerology and secret handshakes and signs give them power. It is rather pathetic but it can be used against them. Knowledge is power. Do not let them “cast their spell over you”. Watch these videos and you will understand.  They are not as clever as they think. The watchers are watching them. Nothing is hidden. The man of sin will be exposed and cast into hell.




The second spreadsheet is here:






Recommended watching


This got 3 million views in less than three days. P.S. I just checked and they dropped the views down to 150,000 (lol). Must be dropping some truth bombs then!  I have it backed up in case it disappears (watch it on the large TV screen if you can…very good….drop me a line if they take it down and I will host it…..must watch).



And this is always good Brother Nathaniel always makes me laugh…he is one “self hating Jew” (lol).  The ADL hate him which means he must be good (lol):


And here is the link to the court case against the BBC: