Al-Shifa Hospital Siege

Al-Shifa Hospital Siege

Al-Shifa Hospital Siege; Muslim States Press Ceasefire; ICC Referral Israel; Calls Zelensky Ouster (1:22 min)


Putin’s redline is DEVASTATING for the unipolar order, and he’s not BLUFFING | Redacted News (15 min)


Nord Stream coordinator caught. Macron, next month will decide war. Arab League split on Gaza. U/1 (42 min)

Russia, Kazakhstan alliance and Reindustrialization. Putin in Rostov, confidence grows (18 min)

10 HUGE Gaza Lies Israel Wants You To Believe w/ Due Dissidence (20 min)


West Admits Ukraine is Losing, Little Can Be Done to Change this Fact (40 min)


Depleted uranium weapons to Ukraine

Depleted uranium weapons to Ukraine

BREAKING! US is sending depleted uranium weapons to Ukraine | Redacted with Clayton Morris(14 min)

Running out of ammo (32 min)

Zelensky Insults the King and UK, Weather Balloon fiasco, Scholz silent on Nordstream revelations (39 min)

The Ukrainian army has been bled to death (33 min)

Tweet Digest: Peaceniks and Pandemiks

Tweet Digest: Peaceniks and Pandemiks

Here is your leftist hero (tyrant) who stands up against sending more arms to Ukraine but at the same time wants to enslave his own population:

And here are your heroes on the right:

They all want you locked up in 15 minute cities:

And here is your global institute warning of another Pandemik from a virus that was dug up from a graveyard in Alaska and reconstructed in a lab:

And here is your corrupt media covering up for corrupt government and corrupt pharma:

And this is why they need a cover up:

And this is why you can’t trust anyone:

Which is why they need distractions:

Warmongering Intensifies

Warmongering Intensifies

And  he wants to lock up the unvaccinated?

Break your hands under anesthetic to avoid the front line.

Sunak & King Charles Meet With Zelensky. UK Promises Long Range Weapons Pilot Training To Kiev (11 min)

Sweden focuses on NATO as economy, law and order declines (11 min)


2023.02.09 Confirmed: The Americans Destroyed Nordstream


Prelude to WW3

Prelude to WW3

Germany says it knows who sabotaged Nord Stream, but… (26 min)

Russian Gains in Bakhmut, Ukraine Overextended, & US Lectures India (36 min)

Ukraine Admits Crisis Bakhmut, Russian Drones Strike Ukraine, Musk Tweets Russia Jamming of Starlink (1:02)


Center Kyiv Hit By Russian Drone Strike “For Belgorod”? Special Report In Belgorod


Who sabotaged Nordstream?

Who sabotaged Nordstream?

The reason I revert back to this question is because it keeps being suggested that Russia did it to themselves.  See the following video:

Who REALLY sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines? (21 min)

Firstly, the helicopters appeared on the scene before not afterwards, secondly NATO had just finished conducting a Naval exercise in the area (Baltop), thirdly Sweden is refusing to share the findings of its investigation with Russia and fourthly a bomb was found near Nordstream1 in 2015.  I repeat my two tweets here:


My previous articles here:

Pipeline propaganda

Finally these important articles….see especially the excellent Mronline article (top tweet):