Illegitimate Zelenksky wants more war

Illegitimate Zelenksky wants more war

Zelensky is no longer legitimate which means that his Government has no mandate to continue the war or to reject peace. He has no right to allow the citizens of his country to be forcefully kidnapped and sent to the front line to die. He has destroyed his country and is determined to drag Europe into a World War because he refuses peace. 

Swiss Ukr Summit Disaster, Leaders Stay Away, Reject Statement; Zelensky Wants Attack; Rus Advances (1:28 min)

Ray McGovern: Dangers of Misreading Putin (29 min)

Meloni Russia surrender mistranslation. NATO 500K troops. Weapons dealers make bank. Sir Rod booed (41 min)

SPECIAL: Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: Putin’s Offer of Peace (26 min)

Alastair Crooke: Europe In Mutiny (30 min)

🔴 NATO Troops on High Readiness for War With Russia | Syriana Analysis (1:06 min)

US sanctions China via Russia. EU agrees to cover $50B loan (49 min)



Major War in Europe

Major War in Europe

🔴 Serbia’s President Drops Bombshell: All Signs Point to a Major War in Europe | Syriana Analysis (1:02 min)

Graham wants Ukraine resources. US lifts weapons ban. Elensky in Bundestag. Romania F16 trick (33 min)

Rus Defeats Ukr Volchansk, Takes Novoaleksandrovka; FT US Losing Faith Zelensky; F16s Romania Based (1:22)

Scott Ritter: Risking Nuclear War (26 min)

Douglas Macgregor Reveals: US Secrets Leaked! Iran’s Hypersonic Missile Threat Backed by Russia (30 min)

Larry Johnson Exposes: Putin Warns WEST to Prepare for Fatal Mistake- Germany Secret Attack Russia (49 min)

Ukraine has a DARK secret and Ukrainian families are DEMANDING answers | Redacted w Clayton Morris (21 min)


Col. Karen Kwiatkowski : Biden Justifies Attacks on Russia (26 min)

Scholz & Greens will learn nothing from election results (35 min)


Israeli miscalculation

Israeli miscalculation


“Israel will Face Destruction if this Continues”-Col. Macgregor War…(28 min)

NUCLEAR WAR WITH IRAN?? What are we doing? (16 min)

Gaza Debacle: Biden Hints Ceasefire, States Sever Relations Israel; Ukr: Zaluzhny Admits Failure (1:23 min)

Russia’s UN Ambassador Drops a Bombshell (5 min)

Zaluzhny, Ukraine military parity with Russia. Biden wants Netanyahu gone. Meloni prank. U/1 (40 min)

<Biden White House Israel-Hamas war, diplomacy failure (35 min)

Ukraine’s Allies are losing hope

Ukraine’s Allies are losing hope

JD Vance, Gonzalo hostage. Elensky, UN panic. Pashinyan green T. Duda-Elensky bromance ends. U/1 (40 min)

The Fall | Ukraine’s Allies Are Losing Hope Of Returning Investments. Military Summary For 2023.9.20 (21 min)

Russia strategic victory. Ukraine focus on Bakmut. EU diamond sanctions (42 min)

60 Minutes Pushes 100% War Propaganda! (17 min)

“We Can’t Be Afraid Of Nuclear War!” Says Sean Penn (21 min)

Top 5 Russian Weapon Systems: And How They Impact Modern Warfare (25 min)


Ukraine almost exhausted

Ukraine almost exhausted

4th indictment. Ukraine almost exhausted. Russia out of fighter jets. Elensky, kids stop partying(28 min)


“This is an EMERGENCY” – Putin calls emergency meeting over falling Russian Ruble | Redacted (10 min)


The movie about Oppenheimer is no coincidence.  They want yu to be afraid.  Afraid of nuclear war.  Afraid of the Pandemic.  Afraid of climate change.   Fear is the key to controlling an manipulating you.  NO FEAR.

Oppenheimer’s nuclear warnings more relevant than ever (15 min)

ZNPP rooftop explosives

ZNPP rooftop explosives

NATO, Biden wants Ursula. Elensky, ZNPP rooftop explosives. China cancels EU Borrell. U/1 (32 min)

Is nuclear war with Russia IMMINENT? (17 min)

Rumours Attack Zaporozhzhye NPP, Ukr Bakhmut Attack Repelled, West Cools F16s; Rus Economy Grows (1:16 min)

Ukraine War: Zelensky claims Russia planted explosives at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant (32 min)

Zelensky at The Hague

Zelensky at The Hague

Elensky at The Hague. Politico, maybe Russia did Nord Stream. US bank crash. Biden quid pro quo. U/1 (43 min)


Russia Mulls Response Kremlin Drone Attack, Repels Attacks; Nuclear War Risks Grow Over US Missiles (1:13)


May 3 – A massive Russian offensive is terminating Ukraine (48 min)