Oops we scrambled some brains

Oops we scrambled some brains

Dr Kevin McCairn warned two years ago that the spike protein was priongenic.  He warned that there would be an uptick in neurotropic diseases such as Alzeimer, dementia, Parkinson, CJD etc.  The main stream media have now started warning (after the experts denied the possibility of the spike protein crossing the blood brain barrier) of brain diseases appearing.

However, it is not the vaccine causing the harm but “long covid”.  You see the spike protein on the virus is harmful but the spike protein that your mRNA vaccine encodes your body to make is “harmless”.  It has been “stabilized” (by meythlating the uracil) and configured in the open position.  But what happens when the spike protein is cut in pieces by the immune system?  Oops.  You don’t know do you?   Well, you no longer have to guess…tada:



We also warned you that the Spike Protein would enter the cell nucleus and damage DNA.  We were correct about that as well.

Spike protein and mRNA in nucleus 3 – NEW EVIDENCE – COVID-19 vaccines update 66 (15 min)

We also warned about the coming wave of excess deaths:

Germany Sees HUGE Spike In Excess Deaths After Vaccine Rollout, No End In Sight To The Carnage!

Finally, we warned that continued vaccination would force the evolution of the virus and lead to more pathogenic versions.  Guess we were right about that as well.

We were right

We were right

We were right.  About what?   About everything and no one listened. About efficacy, distribution, natural immunity, origins….you name it.  We were correct and no one listened.  Now you must pay the price.

Nurse Campbell is changing his tune and has been black-pilled.  Pity it took him so long and he pushed everyone into vaccinating.

Natural immunity, answers (14 min)

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All along they have been censoring people for medical disinformation for saying that LNP mRNA can enter the nucleus. They removed as from twitter for calling it gene therapy. We pointed this out a year ago.    They admit they modified mRNA and mythlated the uracil to psuedouridine without properly examining the biological consequences of condon read through. The TGA had the Pfizer data and still approved it.

TGA in Australia just yesterday approved Moderna for kids 6-11 and they are proud that they are first country that approved Moderna for young kids. However we all know that a lot of reliable studies shows that Moderna has more side effects on younger populations and some countries even band it for people younger than 30 !

Here we have Dr Raszek.

Spike protein in nucleus “NEWS” – COVID-19 vaccines update 32 (32 min)

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We were right about everything.  No one listened.  Now everyone can sit down to a banquet of consequences.