New Zealand Reckoning

New Zealand Reckoning

New Zealand is in for a RECKONING | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (19 min)


The reason she is leaving will be revealed eventually. Obviously she did not want to go but she was pushed.  One rumor was that she wanted to ban the Murdoch press or pas new disinformation laws.  She also does not want to allow Australian nuclear subs in NZ waters and she is very pro-China.  Here are some of the comments under the video:

More news has surfaced, here and it appears that she was at loggerheads with the Maori caucus. What they want is for their minority population to have its own separate government which would have certainly lead to Labours demise in the next election. The Maori caucus is causing massive racial division in our country and Ardern looks like was facing a lose-lose situation all round. But instead of toughing it, decided to run for it. I'm glad she's out mainly because of her actions against our population during the pandemic, but whatever rises from the rabble left behind could cause irreparable damage to New Zealand.
You guys missed her asset grab from Regional Councils around NZ - specifically water and infrastructure around drinking water, waste water and storm water (the 3 waters). Her government is seizing ownership and control of water in this country and giving 50% ownership to unelected tribal groups, so even if you collect water off your own roof you will need to pay someone that no one voted for. The scheme started off as 'voluntary', but after not a single Regional Council in the country agreed to participate, they quicker changed it to mandatory.

The checklist is missing some things... things that put her at odds with the US/Globalist agenda. She was pro-China, upgrading the NZ-CN Free Trade Agreement, not being on-board to blame China & offered for NZ to be a mediator to help Australia & China ease tensions. Also, she wasn't increasing the budget for military/weapons purchases from US.






Ardern Resigns

Bourla roasted

Ass-hat speaks

They don’t want peace

NWO Australia

NWO Australia

They used to call Australians from England POMs (Prisoner of Mother England) because many were transported to Australia as punishment.   An open air prison.   Now Australia is being turned into an open air NWO prison (SMART cities for DUMB people).  This will happen slowly at first in incremental stages until the whole system is set up ready to be activated.  The masses are dull and stupid and don’t even notice the trap being built around them… fact they are willing participants until the point is reached when they suddenly realize that they are slaves.  Australia girt by idiots not girt by sea (national anthem).

🚨🚨 Your ‘SMART’ city is tracking you!  (3 min)
This is in Adelaide….seems innocuous doesn’t it?  Just like Woolworth’s etc having car to boot ordering and everything going online.  You are already in a SMART city and soon they will geo-fence you.   They are already legislating 15 min cities (suburbs) in the UK where you are rationed car travel options.  Wait until they tighten the screws. You will need permission to go out your front door.


What next? Permission to say anything online and a visit from the police if you say something they deem naughty?

Well at least they are not taking your kids off you yet.

The Australian Babies Case (58 min)


This is just the start and it will get worse.   Food will be used as a weapon and so will energy.  You will comply.  They own you and you will do as you are told.  As it gets colder they will tighten the screws.


Izzy Tizzy

Izzy Tizzy

Storm Izzy is throwing the US into a Tizzy.   A sleeping volcano is waking up in NZ and some interesting new data on Homo sapiens.

Winter Storm Izzy Will Send Midwest, South and East Into A Tizzy – How Old Are Humans? Ruapehu Quake (18 min)

Eastern US on alert for a thumping from another major winter storm Winter Storm Izzy to Spread Snow, Ice from Midwest into South and East A winter storm will swing through the East. Does Atlanta get snow? Nashville? Washington? Mixed Precipitation and Flooding Threats in the Northwest; Eyes on Winter Storm from Plains to East Coast GFS Model Total Snow US Customers are furious after energy supplier tells customers to cuddle pets to keep warm Arctic Sea Ice Data Northern Hemisphere Total Snowmass Coronal Holes… Worldwide Volcano News… Ruapehu volcano (North Island, New Zealand): series of quakes beneath summit area Ruapehu Details… Fish Believed To Be Extinct in Ohio Found Alive “WE CAN ONLY DATE HUMANITY BASED ON THE FOSSILS THAT WE HAVE.” Age of the oldest known Homo sapiens from eastern Africa Oldest Homo sapiens fossil claim rewrites our species’ history Early modern human… Proxy Data Last 700,000 years Professor Ehud Qimron: “Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure”

Big Solar Eruption, Magnetic Universe, Spanking Scientists | S0 News Jan.12.2022 (5 min)

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Still Standing

Still Standing

Mike is still standing and still fighting the cancer.  The topic of Geo-engineering is starting to break through to the mainstream media and to the “normies”.  If only people would look up at the skies instead of having their faces glued to their SMART phones.  SMART phones for dumb people.  As per usual Mike puts everything down to Geo-engineering and there is a lot of it going on.  I like to think it is like the economy….it will keep going up until it doesn’t anymore.  It is broken and nature will rectify it….but at what cost?  Check out this tweet (which I sent to Mike):



Forecast and News (35 min)

About 35 min without the intro and play-out.


Fascism in Australia

Fascism in Australia

We are seeing similar things all over the world but people are starting to object. In Berlin 1.3 million people protested against lockdown and 640 doctors have started an independent inquiry.  In London a mass protest is called for August 29th.  They are attempting to roll these restrictions out around the world. It is technocratic  fascism-socialism disguised as  a medical tyranny. They are using house arrest and curfews to empty the streets for building their 5G infrastructure. The mask wearing and social distancing is part of the conditioning to make people distrustful of each other and obedient to authority. New Zealand has been effectively disarmed since the Christchurch “massacre” (false flag) and now they are talking of separating families for quarantine purposes. They will try this one region at a time and see how successful it is.  This has been meticulously planned and is being closely evaluated by the intelligence services.  Much of the public is already demoralized or suffering cognitive dissonance.  They can no longer process even simple information and have been completely  propagandized and traumatized with fear.  And we have not even begun with the mandatory vaccines and global economic reset (single digital blockchain currency). 


Melbourne’s Lockdown Hell/Police State (Datasheet)

Censorship in the UK


Do you see how easy that was?

It was not really difficult to get you to give up your freedom, destroy your businesses and jobs and put a nappy over your face was it?  All it took was a media propaganda campaign and constant fear mongering.  Of course, Jacob the deceiver is a master at using psychological manipulation and emotional blackmail but you were an easy mark. Oh, well better get used to slavery (if you survive).