Significant Derailment

Significant Derailment

“Significant Derailment” Hits Florida! Hazmat Crew Monitoring One Car with 30,000 Gallons of Propane (2 min)

“We’re Dying Slowly”: East Palestine Sickness, Class-Action Lawsuit Filed, 9 Air Pollutants and More (4 min)

It Was OBAMA’s Deregulation That Caused East Palestine Disaster – Says Wash Post (5 min)


Ohio Toxic Psy Op?

Ohio Toxic Psy Op?

Ohio Toxic Psy Op? Nebraska Train Wreck! We are under attack! Amazing Polly, Israeli Hackers! WHO! (40 min)


1. Dr Lee Merritt Ohio spill

2. Maria Zeee and Dr. Pete Chambers: Ohio.

3. JD Vance at Ohio creek:

4. Really graceful:

5. Nebraska Train wreck:

6. Stephen Gardner Deep state department funds Covid: Rand Paul:

7. Florida Surgeon General.

8. Dr Nurse John Campbell:

9. Florida standard: Ladapo to FDA:

10. Ladapos letter to FDA:

11. Florida vaers info:

12. Dr Ryan Cole red pants? And Astrid Stuckelberger

13. Israeli Disinformation Services to influence elections:

14. Amazing Polly : Jordan Peterson:

15. Amazing Polly Jordan Peterson follow up.

16. Lebanon Banks:

17. Sy Hersh with Russell Brand:
18. WHO treaty update! 2/27.


Heads Up! Another Fire, Big Spill of Hydrofluoric Acid Into Water Near Tennessee, Mississippi Border (2 min)

Purple eggs and black rain

Purple eggs and black rain

Transport secretary Buttegeig has not visited yet. Apparently Butt boy has better things to do with his time.

Biden was  busy money laundering in Ukraine.   These people really despise you.


East Palestine – Local Chickens Laying Eggs with Purple Hue, Over 44K Animals Wiped Out (2 min)


OH SH*T, Now they can’t even sell their homes in Ohio | Redacted with Clayton Morris (31 min)


Poor Amish

Poor Amish

If this does not make you blood boil nothing will.

(1/2) A Moment of Collective Realization (Craig Simpson Radiant Creators)

I  thought we were doing cannibalism?

BREAKING: The UK Food CRISIS Has Started… !!!(16 min)

Big Ransomware Attack On Food Giant Dole Temporarily Shuttered US Production (2 min)


Under Attack

Under Attack

Humanity is under attack.    In Germany industry is being shut down and farming shut down in Holland (the worlds biggest agriculture exporter).  Ukraine (also a huge exporter) is also out the loop for agriculture.  Fertilizers are not being made.  Population levels are falling in all countries. The mid-West of the USA is being poisoned. The world is about to go hungry.


Meanwhile in Ukraine….the pants pooper in chief visits the Jewish Clown who plays a mean tune with his penis (when he is not snorting coke).