Orban, no victory for Ukraine

Orban, no victory for Ukraine

US weapons in Russia, fuzzy pics. Orban, no victory for Ukraine. Borrell, Belgorod or Belgrade. U/1 (38 min)

Terrible damage – The Russians are now extremely angry with us (23 min)

Russia Defeats Belgorod Suicide Mission, Claims 50K Ukr KIA Bakhmut, Mulls Offensive; Xi, Russian PM (1:20)


A view of the alternative propaganda with my comment below:

How Ukraine turned Russia’s Bakhmut trap on its head | Defence in Depth (9 min)

I thoroughly enjoyed your propaganda. Beaten by a hot dog stand owner and a convict. Very funny. Do people actually believe you? You lost and Ukraine threw EVERYTHING at Bakhmut. Beaten by thugs with guns (lolz). Then you got Azov Nazis to invade Belgorod in a suicide mission in order to distract in the news cycle. Ukraine lost anywhere up to 200,000 men. The Russian strategy worked drawing Ukraine into the meat grinder. That is why the EU is recruiting in Africa and offering citizenship for anyone who fights in Ukraine. The West even blew up Nordstream. You have sold your soul to the neocons and lost your moral compass. Ukraine has been destroyed by the neocons (just like they destroyed the Middle East) not by Russia. You won't win this war with your lies. Definitely not a fan of Putin but you lot make me sick.


Russian missile Attack

Russian Missile Attack

Russian Missile Hit Ahead Ukraine Offensive + Kiev’s Obsession Over Territory Amid War of Attrition (29 min)

A change in targeting strategy on the Russian side (31 min)


Ukraine BATTERED By Missile Strikes. Wagner Threatens To Abandon Bakhmut Amid Ammo Row.(20 min)

Zakharova warns Poland. Szijjarto crushes Elensky. Podolyak warns China. Merkel’s Minsk 180. U/1 (31 min)

Orban needs to go

Orban needs to go

The Times, Ukraine isn’t ready. Bloomberg, Orban needs to go. Poland seizes Russian school. U/1 (29 min)

Russia and China together could defeat us right now (32 min)

Ukr 6% Bakhmut, Russian Bombing Intensifies; UK, Polish General Doubt Ukr, Kiev Forced to Attack(1:17)

Get U.S. Troops Out Of Africa! Says Right Wing Republicans.(6 min)