A Kiss or a Yell?

A Kiss or a Yell?

You either send Jews to kiss up to China or Yell at them.  Make up your mind. I think Orban has the right idea.


Canadian Patriot Short: Xi Jinping and China’s relationship to the US (7 min)

Why Hungary is so important for China | DW News (6 min)

Let the Weak say, I am Strong

Let the Weak say, I m Strong

Rus Kharkov Advance, US Passes Ukr Project NATO, Desperate Zelensky Exiles Zaluzhny, Fires Security (1:17 min)

Orban, Xi and multipolar world. NATO neutralize Kaliningrad. GOP impeach Biden. Europe day (35 min)

Scott Ritter: NATO is Panicking, Ukraine is Collapsing, America is Sleepwalking ! ( 2 min)

Ukraine Approaching Complete Collapse and NATO in Panic | Scott Ritter (1:10 min)

New Axis of Evil

New Axis of Evil

I am Dutch/Australian and we have a word to describe the Duchman Rutte as a Kwal because he is a spineless mietje.   He can only wish that he had the same domestic support as Putin who has more integrity in his little finger than the globalist milksop Rutte has in his whole body.  I am no Putin fan but when you look at the lying, traitorous, hypocritical, weak, woke Western leaders, they make him look like a saint.  My advice.  If you are in a hole stop digging and do not drag all of us into your nightmare.

Also, the retaliation from Israel that was so exaggerated in Western media, was actually a couple of drones sent to save face.  Iran has won this exchange.  They sacrificed drones and ballistic missiles in order to allow hypersonic missiles to get through.  Iran hit all their military targets without killing any civilians.  They sent a strong message to Israel-namely, we can take out your military infrastructure anytime we want and your Iron Dome is more like a Plastic Colander (lolz)

Mike Johnson, a new Axis of Evil. Orban, EU mood is ‘one of war.’ Rutte, Putin is not strong (25 min)

Ukraine math does not add up. Istanbul Plus (27 min)

Ukraine war can’t be won

Ukraine war can’t be won


Hollywood fails to see Ukraine war can’t be won. Orban, EU leaders failed. Yolanda TIME Top 100 (33 min)

Ukr Collapse: Rus Holds 40% Krasnogorovka, Storms Ocheretino, Ukr Mutinies; Israel Prepares Strike (1:18 min)

Prof. John Mearsheimer: Russia Smashes NATO. (35 min)

Poland just did the UNKTHINKABLE to Ukraine, Blackrock and Vanguard are FURIOUS | Redacted News (11 min)

Ukraine disaster incursion

Ukraine disaster incursion

Ukraine disaster incursion into Russia (20 min)

Ukraine’s Costly Cross-Border PR Stunt + Russia Continues Out-Producing Collective West (23 min)

Macron, Olympic ceasefire. WaPo, no men in villages. Biden upset with Orban. Niger ends US agreement (40 min)

Ukr Fails Disrupt Rus Election, West Leaders Avoid Odessa, Macron Chaos, Ukr Retreats 3 Villages (1:11 min)

Vampire ball is ending

Vampire ball is ending

Putin, vampire ball is ending. France leaked docs; Ukraine can’t win. Biden, Orban dictatorship (40 min)

Ukr Border Attack Fails, Hundreds Ukr Troops Killed; 2 Towns Fall; French Army Tells Macron War Lost (1:24min)

Macron looking ridiculous. NATO is getting weaker (36 min)

Ukraine’s Manpower Crisis: No Amount of Money or Aid Can Solve It (31 min)

American Exceptionalism

American Exceptionalism

This is funny….

Joe Biden on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (4 min)

Senate; $61B to Ukraine, damage Trump. Syrsky, elite units to Avdiivka. Orban, Ukraine buffer zone (28 min)

Ukr To Defend Avdeyevka, Rushes Best Ukr Brigade, West Warns 2nd Bakhmut; NATO Reels Trump Comments (43 min)

Putin and China are watching Biden make a DEVASTATING mistake, this is bad! | Redacted News

Col Doug Macgregor – The Deadly Myth of U.S. Invincibility (38 min)


WW3 False Flag-War imminent

WW3 False Flag-War imminent

I just noticed this:

The attack against the US happened at "Tower 22"
Tower gematria =81 (ordinal) reduction is 9
22 = 2x11
This is the second 911 (twin towers) tower 22 is a false flag for a big war. Enjoy.

They say the attack occurred on 28/01/2024 but it depends when and what time zone. Some articles quote Baghdad time. You can bet it is probably 29/01/2024 Central American because that equates to 911 in reverse. 11 (=2+9) and 9 (=1+2+2+4). I am sure that it is a false flag and the occultists in the know are having a laugh about the 911 "tower" and the death of their own soldiers.

White House on Attack on U.S. Base in Jordan: “We will respond.”(2min)

Ray McGovern: Israeli False Flag Killing US Troops? (26 min)

Biden White House moves closer to Iran conflict (39 min)


Pelosi, Putin controls protestors. Graham, hit Iran. EU, destroy Hu… (42 min)

US Base Hit, Americans Dead; US Prepares Iran Attack; Ukr Kupiansk Collapse; EU Goes After Orban (1:23 min)



Failing Ukraine

Failing Ukraine

Red Sea Operation Prosperity Guardian. Ukraine new plan, 2nd counteroffensive. NYT, people snatchers (34 min)

Rus Amb Polyansky: Only Outcome Kiev Surrender, Duma Discuss Harsh Peace Terms; ME Escalation Coming (1:19 min)

West Seeks New Narrative to Frame Failing Ukraine (45 min)

Orban exposes true purpose of European Union (27 min)

“The Germans Screwed Themselves Over Ukraine!” – Tucker Carlson (3 min)


“The U.S. is about to LOSE its Super Power status” Col. Douglas MacGregor | Redacted (44 min)