Temperature Reconstruction

Temperature Reconstruction

Diamond is a Paleo-climatologist who has worked with ice core data. This is his area of expertise and he is debunking this scientific paper which is wrong. I do not think it is incompetence, it is pure propaganda.

Global Temperature Reconstruction Over The Last 24,000 Years Show Today’s Warming “Unprecedented” ? (9 min)

Global Temperature Reconstruction Over Last 24,000 Years Show Today’s Warming “Unprecedented” https://bit.ly/3qyWQqX Globally resolved surface temperatures since the Last Glacial Maximum https://go.nature.com/3kxqfhA Comparison Of Greenland and Antarctic Ice Cores https://bit.ly/3c4nvnb Younger Dryas Event https://bit.ly/3c4nvnb Younger Dryas Extinction https://bit.ly/3orbxcN Younger Dryas Impact Field https://bit.ly/3oo8ouo GISP2 and Historical Data Graph PDF https://bit.ly/3HiwAa5 Ice-core evidence of abrupt climate changes https://www.pnas.org/content/97/4/1331 Proxy Data Video on MRN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MP942…

Volcano Update: La Palma Goes Quiet – Bárðarbunga Rumbles – Hekla Geology – Askja (8 min)

La Palma volcano update: Magnitude 5 quake shakes island https://bit.ly/30jTA8i LIVE: La Palma Volcano Eruption, the Canary Islands https://bit.ly/3GUqJrD Latest quakes near La Palma volcano: past 24 hours https://bit.ly/3hLpMXk La Palma Quakes vs Depth Chart https://bit.ly/2XseTTk La Palma Volcanic Tremor Chart https://bit.ly/3bSblgN Update on the Mw5,2 earthquake south of Hekla volcano https://icelandgeology.net/ IGN Report -Eruptive activity continues on La Palma https://bit.ly/3kjfGOL Mýrdalsjökull – earthquakes during the last 48 hours https://bit.ly/3c7ZV92 South Iceland Seismic Zone Geology Map https://s.si.edu/3D7jYQK Iceland Volcanic Systems Map https://volcano.si.edu/images/bulleti… Vatnajökull – earthquakes during the last 48 hours https://bit.ly/3CfmEdQ Bárðarbunga Historic Data https://volcano.si.edu/volcano.cfm?vn…

The Galactic Trigger, Sky Sprayers, Volcanic Risk | S0 News Nov.12.2021 (4 min)

Interesting comments on volcanic risk.

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