Looming War

Looming War

All You Need to Know About What’s Happening in Palestine (17 min)

Netanyahu skeptical of looming war; Iran reasserts ‘Israel’s days are numbered’ TV7Israel News 14.04 (12 min)


Now, I don’t agree with everything in this article but it is interesting Never the less, especially as Netanyahu was being egged on by the Chabad Rabbi and he is now courting the extreme religious right:

“Looking back in history, it must be admitted that these lands are the ancient ancestral lands of the Jewish Khazaria, that is Israel, captured by Kiev’s Rus’ (the ancient state of Russia with the capital in Kiev) in the tenth century,” pontificated 25 years ago Rabbi Menahem Mandel Schneerson, a deluded wannabe Messiah. “The Slavs are temporary guests on these lands and are subject to eviction. We will return to this territory and build the Great Khazaria – the Jewish state –on these fertile lands the same way as, 50 years ago, we created Israel, squeezing the Palestinians out. Israelis will partially relocate here, and we will drive Slavic cattle out far to the north, beyond Moscow. There will be a small Northern Territory, a reservation with a compact population — a reservation, like Indian reservations in America.”

But would the Ashkenazi Jews be okay with just Ukraine – minus Crimea, Donbass, and the South (all Russian territories prior to 1922, inhabited by ethnic Russians and recently annexed into Russia proper by popular vote) – as their new base wherefrom they would project Jewish power to destroy their perpetual Russian nemesis, along with all other imagined enemies, and preserve their grip on the world’s financial system using their Federal Reserve issuance of fiat US Dollar as the undisputed World Reserve Currency?

Full article:


Ohio Toxic Psy Op?

Ohio Toxic Psy Op?

Ohio Toxic Psy Op? Nebraska Train Wreck! We are under attack! Amazing Polly, Israeli Hackers! WHO! (40 min)


1. Dr Lee Merritt Ohio spill https://rumble.com/v2a1xi0-ohio-chemical-spill-its-not-what-you-think..html:

2. Maria Zeee and Dr. Pete Chambers: Ohio. https://rumble.com/v2a5lzy-dr.-pete-chambers-emergency-broadcast-from-east-palestine-not-all-may-be-wh.html

3. JD Vance at Ohio creek: https://youtu.be/Kx6WhlO6J_o

4. Really graceful: https://youtu.be/-4fSTfylvBQ

5. Nebraska Train wreck: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/train-derailment-gothenburg-nebraska-union-pacific-b2286729.html

6. Stephen Gardner Deep state department funds Covid: Rand Paul: https://youtu.be/lY58CC14b0g

7. Florida Surgeon General.

8. Dr Nurse John Campbell: https://youtu.be/V2YGdDbZpSg

9. Florida standard: Ladapo to FDA: https://www.theflstandard.com/ladapo-to-fda-4-400-percent-spike-in-life-threatening-conditions-in-florida-since-vaccine-rollout/?ref=the-florida-standard-newsletter

10. Ladapos letter to FDA: https://www.theflstandard.com/content/files/2023/02/VAERS-Letter.pdf

11. Florida vaers info: https://www.floridahealth.gov/newsroom/2023/02/20230215-updated-health-alert.pr.html

12. Dr Ryan Cole red pants? And Astrid Stuckelberger https://rumble.com/v271iji-dr.-astrid-stuckelberger-silenced-by-dr.-ryan-cole-at-pandemic-strategies-c.html

13. Israeli Disinformation Services to influence elections: https://www.brighteon.com/70e8ab03-4871-4a8f-a486-06376b7f2c61

14. Amazing Polly : Jordan Peterson: https://rumble.com/v291zoi-jordan-petersons-wef-dreams.html

15. Amazing Polly Jordan Peterson follow up. https://rumble.com/v29zxuu-listen-bucko-peterson-is-controlled-op-answer-comments-and-going-in-to-more.html

16. Lebanon Banks: https://www.bitchute.com/video/SXDrqhSuocNs/

17. Sy Hersh with Russell Brand: https://rumble.com/v29wgr8-we-arent-so-innocent-seymour-hersh-first-exclusive-interview.html
18. WHO treaty update! 2/27. https://www.theepochtimes.com/republicans-push-back-against-accord-giving-who-power-over-us-pandemic-response_5070968.html


Heads Up! Another Fire, Big Spill of Hydrofluoric Acid Into Water Near Tennessee, Mississippi Border (2 min)

Purple eggs and black rain

Purple eggs and black rain

Transport secretary Buttegeig has not visited yet. Apparently Butt boy has better things to do with his time.

Biden was  busy money laundering in Ukraine.   These people really despise you.


East Palestine – Local Chickens Laying Eggs with Purple Hue, Over 44K Animals Wiped Out (2 min)


OH SH*T, Now they can’t even sell their homes in Ohio | Redacted with Clayton Morris (31 min)


Poor Amish

Poor Amish

If this does not make you blood boil nothing will.

(1/2) A Moment of Collective Realization (Craig Simpson Radiant Creators)

I  thought we were doing cannibalism?

BREAKING: The UK Food CRISIS Has Started… !!!(16 min)

Big Ransomware Attack On Food Giant Dole Temporarily Shuttered US Production (2 min)


Slow motion train wreck

Slow motion train wreck

Jesse Watters: You aren’t allowed to have an opinion on this

East Palestine “Residents May Already Be Undergoing DNA Mutations,” FEMA Denies Federal Assistance (3 min)


Oh SH*T, this train crash is ECOLOGICAL atom bomb in Ohio | Redacted with Clayton Morris (32 min)

Fourth Toxic Train Derailment

Fourth Toxic Train Derailment

Apparently under new laws toxic land can be seized by the government and people forced into smart cities for their safety.

Ohio Train Disaster Story Gets EVEN WORSE (10 min)


Was this pre-programming?  The movie “White Noise” on Netflix  also check out Super8 a movie about derailment and aliens.  Article can be found here.

White Noise and Palestine,Ohio (20 min)


What is going on?   Is this pre-programming?   It is as though they want us to find out.  Gradually everything is being leaked out to make us frightened and angry.  They want a state of learned helplessness.  Note that much of this is focused on America.  They need to break the USA one way or another. But don’t you worry they have a “savior” lined up. Just when it gets to its darkest point the “chosen one” will appear.  This is the Hegelian Dialectic at work. The beast (world empire) that emerges from the abyss will be a synthesis of a religious beast and a technocratic beast (the best of both worlds lolz).  You are about to be introduced to your new gods (lolz).  This has been planned for decades, for over a hundred years and you are being nudged and manipulated into accepting the new paradigm.  You will actually think that you have won (lolz).  That the great awakening has triumphed over the Great Reset nasty globalists.  The only ones who will win are the bankers. They always bet on both sides and they always win.  Until they don’t anymore. Don’t be deceived.

Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, and against the man that is my fellow, saith the LORD of hosts: smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered: and I will turn mine hand upon the little ones. (Zech 13:7)

Then Jesus said to them, "You will all fall away, for it is written: 'I will strike the Shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered.' (Mark:14:27)

Ohio Chernobyl

Ohio Chernobyl

‘Ohio Chernobyl’: East Palestine Residents Report Health Problems, Told Not to Drink Local Water (3 min)


The Truth About The Ohio Train Derailment