Who will de-Nazify Israel?

Who will de-Nazify Israel?

Putin is de-Nazifying the wrong country (lolz).  Now we know that the Germans won the war after all. All the early NATO chiefs were ex-Nazis. Van der Lyden is herself the progeny of the SS.  All the early American Scientists were recruited at Neuremberg in operation paperclip.  Hitler was a Jewish Golem just as the Bolsheviks were a Jewish Golem.  If you create the dialectic you can steer it towards the desired outcome and it does not matter who “wins”….

Unless…unless….someone pulls the curtain to one side and you see who is really pulling the strings.


Richard Medhurst, Chris Hedges and Craig Murray Speak Out for Palestine (1:26 min)
Very powerful. Recommended.  Especially Craig Murray at about 47 min.  

Phil Giraldi : Israel’s Control Over America (27 min)

🔴 BREAKING: Israel and Hezbollah on brink of all-out war | Syriana Analysis (9 min)





Support for Israel

Support for Israel


Phil Giraldi : How Deep is DC Support for Israel? (26 min)

Aaron Maté : Biden and Rafah: More Deception (31 min)

🔴 All Eyes on Rafah: Netanyahu’s Dystopian Vision for Gaza | Syriana Analysis W/ Vanessa Beeley (57 min)

Addicted to War

Addicted to War


The IDF Unit Addicted To Controlled Demolitions (17 min)

Israel kills dozens of Palestinians sheltering at a displacement camp in Rafah

Israel Vs. Hamas

Israel Vs. Hamas

Max Blumenthal: The Media and Oct 7th Truth (33 min)

Israel Vs. Hamas: Claims Of Genocide | #GrandTheftWorld 184 (Clip)-17 min

Israel’s Fascist Thugs Are ‘Checking Papers’ Now (17 min)

Ireland, Norway & Spain Recognize Palestinian State! (7 min)

Hillary Humiliated By Bill Over Who Killed Peace In Israel (Live From The Zephyr Theater!)-11 min

🔴 Israel in Big Trouble Over the ICC | Syriana Analysis w/ Kevork Almassian (57 min)

Aussie Cossack Show

Aussie Cossack Show

The “Cossack” is wanted by the police and is broadcasting from the Russian Consulate (In Sydney I think).  I know it is propaganda but then it is all propaganda and psychological operations.  Nevertheless, the show is pretty good and you need the info (agitprop) from both sides.   In any case watch the bit about the two bodyguards at the start of the video.


The Aussie Cossack Show – Russia & China Tell The West To F**k Off!

Blot out Amalek

Blot out Amalek

You shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven..

South Africa Shocks the World ! Humiliates Israeli At ICJ! (39 min)

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: Israel begins bombing “Safe Zone” (2 min)

So much of what you know and what you think you know is lie:

Israel/Palestine: Answering Questions No One Else Does | #GrandTheftWorld 183 (Clip)-10min

MUST WATCH: Max Blumenthal : The Occupation Comes Home (40 min)

Kyle Anzalone : Lindsay Graham Wants to Nuke Gaza (26 min)






Bare Minimum To Being Human (10 min)

vi Hyman vs. Piers Morgan | #GrandTheftWorld 183 (Clip)-14 min


Yemen Give 25 Hostages to Hamas (13 min)

Remember When Israel Claimed Southern Gaza Was Safe? Look At It Now (16 min)

How Israel Planned the Ethnic Cleansing of Arabs 100 Years Ago (11 min)

Hezbollah Turn Israeli Settlement Into Blazing Inferno (18 min)


Phil Giraldi : How Washington Protects Israel. (29 min)

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs : Zelensky Out of Office, Netanyahu Out of Options. (30 min)