Never Forget

Never Forget

I will never forget the lies.  I will never forget that they made and released a GOF bio-weapon.   I will never forget that vaccines (transfections) are killing people.  I will never forget how they blamed the unvaccinated.  I will never forget how they bullied and mandated.  I will never forget how they divided families.  I will never forget the dead and dying.  We are not going away.

I called correctly at the very start.   No one listened.  There are thousands like me and we are not going away.


Three minute Spanish Flu history

Three minute Spanish Flu history (news paper reports)

Here follow three one minute shorts that allow you to see the history of the Spanish Flu in an entirely different light.  Mark Kulacz uses archived original material (newspapers). For more info see his website: 1918 Spanish Influenza

The 1918 flu hit US troops age 18 to 30 the hardest… and no other demographic. Base policy on truth!


1918 flu was bacterial, impacted mostly troops, and we need to stop it’s use for fear mongering

Our freedom literally depends on correcting the narrative of what caused the 1918 pandemic


Gigaohm Biological (Aug 9)

Gigaohm Biological (Aug 9)

A long but enjoyable show by Dr Jonathan Jay Couey. Very interesting explanation on the workings of PCR and I particularly enjoyed his deconstruction of the “comedians” (propagandists) demonstrating once again that television really is Heroin crossed with Hypnosis.  When you watch these jokers with open eyes you see how trite, nasty and manipulating they really are.  When commenting on how Colbert denigrated Sanders, Jay remarked that “they devour their own” and he is right.  It is how sociopaths behave.

Interesting factoid that the first smallpox vaccines were produced in 2002 under Bush but medical responders refused uptake (lolz) now both the older vaccine and the newer pox vaccine are approved despite not having any data on whether they work or not. Never-mind it is an “emergency”. Where have we heard that before? (lolz).

This latest video has a number of personal messages from Jay and we can see how this pandemic has stressed all of us and driven wedges between family members. What they have done is unforgivable.

Looking into the Firehose : Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (3:08)

Rough Running Order

00:00 intro
13:00 Emergence of immune escape at dominant SARS-CoV-2 killer T cell epitope
23:00 BNT162b vaccines protect rheus macaques from SARS-CoV-2
24:00 Deepak Kaushal caught in scientific Fraud

30:00 PCR test
45:00 All cause mortality

48:00 Stephen Colbert
01:01 Jon Oliver on monkeypox
01.37 Dr John Campbell pushing the vaccine
01:39 Bill Mahr on overpopulation
01:55 The blessing of children
02:02 Gender and homosexuality
02:12 Adverse reactions
02:14 HIV Sucharit Bhakdi
02:30 Bill Burr
02:48 Charles Rixey WMD expert
02:55 Influence of Rodney Mullen Jay (motivation and passion)

War against grifters

War against grifters

Latest stream by Kevin getting ready to take on Himbo Bailey, Cowan, NATO and all the crooked scientists (lolz). Watching this now.  Kevin calls these “representatives” of the West (here  at the French Ambassadors residence) cheerleaders for Sodom and Gomorrah (lolz). Very interesting….a clip saying that US and NATO troops are already being sent into Ukraine.




Conman Cowan, Himbo Bailey Trying To Salvage Sinking Business Model (2:57)

Earth 2100

Earth 2100

This was the video mentioned by Jason Bemas and he showed a 2 min clip  from it.  I found the complete video and watched it.  Pure propaganda blaming the coming climate change (which is natural) on human activity.

This video was indeed made in 2008 and released in 2009 when the swine-flu pandemic hit.  The swine-flu pandemic in 2009 was meant to be our “covid” moment the 2008 video below even uses the term  the NEW NORMAL.  It was people like Wolfgang Wodarg who prevented this becoming the clown show that we see today:

In January 2010, Wolfgang Wodarg, a German deputy who trained as a physician and chaired the health committee at the Council of Europe, claimed that major firms had organized a "campaign of panic" to put pressure on the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare a "false pandemic" to sell vaccines. Wodarg said the WHO's "false pandemic" flu campaign is "one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century". He said that the "false pandemic" campaign began in May 2009 in Mexico City, when a hundred or so "normal" reported influenza cases were declared to be the beginning of a threatening new pandemic, although he said there was little scientific evidence for it. Nevertheless, he argued that the WHO, "in cooperation with some big pharmaceutical companies and their scientists, re-defined pandemics," removing the statement that "an enormous amount of people have contracted the illness or died" from its existing definition and replacing it by stating simply that there has to be a virus, spreading beyond borders and to which people have no immunity.

Earth 2100 is a television program that was presented by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) network on June 2, 2009 the supposed birth date of “LUCY” (=Lucifer) 9 days after the movie aired SWINE FLU was declared a PANDEMIC on 11 June 2009 (11 June (6) [2+9]=11). Lucy is born on Jun 02 2009 at 09:02:47  (2009= (2+0+0+9)=11,  09+02=11 and 4+7=11). The Masons have 11 tools in their toolbox and 3×11=33 (33 degree Mason).

Lucy the transhumanist who ends up connected to AI by black goo (lolz)

Earth 2100 was set to air in September 2008. Then, partly due to personal reasons on the part of producer Michael Bicks, the program was rescheduled for Spring 2009. This 2008 movie is the ultimate in fear porn.  It has pandemics caused by climate change. The fictive Caspian Fever (=Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever ?), it has blackouts, violence…and it is all your fault (lolz). Among others the cast of luminaries includes Podesta, Fauci and Lipkin.  How they revel in the apocalyptic doom.
These people are occultists.

Earth 2100 (1:23)


W.H.O. are you?

W.H.O. are you?

Lead Singer Roger Daltrey, guitarist and singer Pete Townshend, bass guitarist and singer John Entwistle, and drummer Keith Moon in the 1978 song Who are you? They don’t make them like that anymore. Bring back the 70s and 80s.

Who are you?   1978 (5 min)

The Citizens Party (of Australia) produced an article this week in their Alert magazine with the title “No, Australia is not losing sovereignty to the WHO next week”.  The article points to Clive Palmer’s twisted lies and deliberate confusion because they are voting on Biden Administration’s amendments to International Health Regulations which would empower the WHO to unilaterally declare an “actual or potential” public health emergency without the agreement of the country in which the outbreak occurred. According to the article the WHO is a toothless tiger anyway and has no power to implement measures which are not to be ratified until 2024 anyway.  So basically a storm in a tea cup and brouhaha about nothing mixed in with a dose of anti-China propaganda. I am glad that is cleared up then.  Nothing to see here move along.

Thin end of the Wedge

This “small amendment” is the thin end of the wedge which will be leveraged the next time emergency powers are needed letting national politicians off the hook. You can bet that once it is adopted it will be fast-tracked because we face (fill in the next bio scare here).  What we need are enforceable inspections and treaties into bio-warfare. We need monitoring and transparency.  The “Health” issue is a red herring and the Citizens Party know it.  The WHO failed miserably during Covid 19 and they deliberately changed definitions and procedures. They are not independent but beholden to globalist corporations. They go to every location were there are pandemics or should I say that outbreaks follow wherever they go?


It is not just Clive Palmer but Parliamentarians such as this EU minister who sees the danger of “mission creep”.   We know how these people work.

The treaty amendment has been defeated but it is only a temporary reprieve. These people do not give up and never take no for an answer.

However, the likes of Boris Johnson is continuing to support drafting a new treaty with the compromised WHO to be legally adopted in May 2024 the UK will continue to support the treaty, refusing and delaying to debate it in parliament, and refusing to let the public decide by referendum. Does that sound above board to you? There has been massive global push-back against this treaty and unfortunately the Citizens Party have shown themselves on the wrong side of this. Barwick has become a Sinophile rather than a neutral observer.  There are no good guys in this story – neither the Communist Chinese (founded by Jews) nor the Anglo-Zionist west.   A (monkey) pox on both their houses. We have had enough of globo homo, banksters, Anglo-Zionist craptocracy and ching chong autocracy.

Full film exposing the agenda behind WHO (39 min)

A Monkeypox on all your houses

A Monkeypox on all your houses

It looks like Monkeypox is being served up as the next pandemic.

In this 3 hour stream Dr Kevin McCairn discusses this paper on the Monkeypox virus.   The paper proposes the pharmaceutical Metisazone as an anti-viral. The raccoons are looking into supplements and prophylactics to strengthen the immune system against this next attack.  If you have been vaccinated you are probably already immune compromised  with the gp120HIV-1 epitope in the Spike Protein.   This is biowarfare.  These people are evil and insane.

As a sidenote – the live stream interview with Dr Fleming was very good but is not archived as Kevin needs to do a bit of editing. As soon as it is available it will be posted.

A (Monkey) Pox On All Your Houses, Latest SARS, “MOAR” War (3:02)

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