Vax Induced Chorea

Vax Induced Chorea

Vax Induced Chorea The stream starts at about 28 min with an analysis of the Russo-Ukrainian war. At about 1:26 the Faucci email is revealed where he discusses the origin of Sars-CoV-2 and also the suppression of the Indian paper that found HIV epitopes. These are all things that we were pointing out over two years ago and now we have it confirmed. We are dealing with criminals.



At about 1:37 Dr McCairn discusses Chorea following sars-cov-2 infection and vaccination which is a neurological disease (a bit like Parkinson). These are the result of protein misfolding and Dr McCairn warned over two years ago.

NATO “It’s My Party & Ukraine If I Want Too”, Vax Induced Chorea, Immune Driving of α-Synuclein & PD (2:23 min)

Mystery brain disease

Mystery brain disease

Dr Kevin McCairn the systems neuro scientist who worked on non-human primate brains researching Tourette and Parkinson warned three years ago that the virus and the vaccine were amyloidogenic and prionogenic and would result in early onset Parkinson and dementia as well as other neurological pathologies.

The sort of cascades caused by amyloid (and prion)  are the result of protein misfolding which can lead to multiple pathologies and attack different organs – the kidney,liver and heart (not just the brain) and also trigger cancers.

Dramatic increase in Diabetes (20 min)

Why do some people show no symptoms (yet)?

Viral Vaccine paper (17 min)


Science Admits To Vax Injury

Science Admits To Vax Injury

Dr Kevin McCairn warned nearly three years ago and was ignored (see the article above this one).  In this three hour stream the situation in Ukraine is analyzed and a scientific paper on Parkinson and CJD is discussed.

The stream starts at about 16 minutes.

Zaporizhzhia Nuclear False Flag, Science Admits To Vax Injury, Parkinson’s & CJD (2:54)

Parkinson’s Disease and CJD

Parkinson’s Disease and CJD

Discussion of a scientific paper and a roundup of the latest news.

Ukro-Mercs & Frontal Fails, RFKjr Townhall, Parkinson’s Disease & CJD, Similar or Different? (1:56)

RFK Jr is saying all the right things:

Russia: 50 soldiers, 2 Generals, 20 foreign mercenaries killed | Russia-Ukraine War | WION News (2 min)


Mad Cows and Brain damage

Mad Cows and Brain damage

Guess we will all have to switch to eating healthy bugs instead.

 The  same is happening to people

Dr Kevin McCairn and this website warned at least two years ago. No one listened. They kept vaccinating. Even excess deaths going through the roof did not deter them. Even getting sick multiple times despite being vaccinated did not deter them. Even the media contradicting themselves did not deter them. Nothing stopped them.  Not even being injured…they still went back for more. They swallowed the propaganda and became cultists little knowing that they had joined a death cult.

Oops we scrambled some brains

Oops we scrambled some brains

Dr Kevin McCairn warned two years ago that the spike protein was priongenic.  He warned that there would be an uptick in neurotropic diseases such as Alzeimer, dementia, Parkinson, CJD etc.  The main stream media have now started warning (after the experts denied the possibility of the spike protein crossing the blood brain barrier) of brain diseases appearing.

However, it is not the vaccine causing the harm but “long covid”.  You see the spike protein on the virus is harmful but the spike protein that your mRNA vaccine encodes your body to make is “harmless”.  It has been “stabilized” (by meythlating the uracil) and configured in the open position.  But what happens when the spike protein is cut in pieces by the immune system?  Oops.  You don’t know do you?   Well, you no longer have to guess…tada:



We also warned you that the Spike Protein would enter the cell nucleus and damage DNA.  We were correct about that as well.

Spike protein and mRNA in nucleus 3 – NEW EVIDENCE – COVID-19 vaccines update 66 (15 min)

We also warned about the coming wave of excess deaths:

Germany Sees HUGE Spike In Excess Deaths After Vaccine Rollout, No End In Sight To The Carnage!

Finally, we warned that continued vaccination would force the evolution of the virus and lead to more pathogenic versions.  Guess we were right about that as well.



In this stream Dr Kevin  McCairn  discusses how to approach the subject of  Neuroinflammation for an upcoming presentation at the Crimes Against Humanity Tour. The general public have heard of Prion disease and protein misfolding and its association with   Creutzfeldt-Jakob  (CJD or mad cow) disease but it is too rare and disturbing an occurrence to be useful and may be counterproductive and regarded as fear mongering.

However, Dr McCairn believes that CJD is but one (rare) outome in a range of degenerative brain states going from a mild “brain fog” and progressing in some to dementia, Parkinson,Lewy Body Disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis etc.  There is a spectrum of disease and psychiatric disorders and behavior changes.

The videos below are the YouTube version and the embed from WTYL as Boxcast  has been discontinued.   Here follow some tweets with links to the scientific papers discussed.  I have placed a rough time on the tweets so fast forward the video to the relevant time slot to view the discussion.

Latest SARS PRION & Neuroinflammation Data (3:12)






Gigaohm Biological (24 May)

Gigaohm Biological (24 May)

Not watched this yet but all signs are pointing towards amyloidosis.  Both Jessica and Walter have recently produced articles on amyloidosis and now J.C. is about to discuss it.  However, it was Dr Kevin McCairn who highlighted this at least  18 months ago.  Amyloidois, tauopathy and prionopathy can cause neurodegenerative diseases  either by the build up of protein or the misfolding of proteins.  This can cause various disease of the CNS or brain including dementia, Parkinson, CJD etc.


Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief: Amyeloidosis and SARS CoV2 (1:25)

Brain Damage

Brain Damage

These are the articles discussed by Kevin in his 4 hour 40 min stream. Dr McCairn warned from the very beginning that there would be neurological damage caused by the virus but also by the Spike-protein. He warned about Parkinson’s, amyloid formation, the danger of micro-clots, Lewy bodies, dementia and prions.  And guess what?  Kevin was right. People are gonna have a “whole load of Spike protein (not cocaine) running around their brain.  We told you so.   But go get your top-up booster.

SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 induces fibrin(ogen) resistant to fibrinolysis: implications for microclot formation in COVID-19

SARS-CoV-2 protein interacts with Parkinson’s protein, promotes amyloid formation. Interactions between SARS-CoV-2 N-Protein and α-Synuclein Accelerate Amyloid Formation

Potential coupling between SARS-CoV-2 replicative fitness and interactions of its nucleoprotein with human 14-3-3 proteins

Highly efficient intercellular spreading of protein misfolding mediated by viral ligand-receptor interactions
Protein aggregates associated with neurodegenerative diseases have the ability to transmit to unaffected cells, thereby templating their own aberrant conformation onto soluble homotypic
proteins. Proteopathic seeds can be released into the extracellular space, secreted in association with extracellular vesicles (EV) or exchanged by direct cell-to-cell contact. The extent
to which each of these pathways contribute to the prion-like spreading of protein misfolding is unclear. Exchange of cellular cargo by both direct cell contact or via EV depends on
receptor-ligand interactions. We hypothesized that enabling these interactions through viral ligands enhances intercellular proteopathic seed transmission. Using different cellular models
propagating prions or pathogenic Tau aggregates, we demonstrate that vesicular stomatitis virus glycoprotein and SARS-CoV-2 spike S increase aggregate induction by cell contact or
ligand-decorated EV. Thus, receptor-ligand interactions are important determinants of intercellular aggregate dissemination. Our data raise the possibility that viral infections contribute to proteopathic seed spreading by facilitating intercellular cargo transfer

Do you see the above abstract?  I got banned of twitter for a week for posting that the S-protein can spread in EV’s and exosomes.  I was especially interested in Kevin’s answer about tinnitus (3:40) which I am suffering from since I blacked out and fell from a wall (building the chicken coup). I had very swollen feet and leg cramps. Doctors could not find anything on all the blood tests (including dimer) nothing on ultra sound etc.  Second blood test high calcium but I have not been back. Self treatment with garlic and baby aspirin and the swelling disappeared.   I am now on full supplement regime and losing some weight and walking every day.  Feet appear normal now but still slight tinnitus.  What these people have done is unforgivable.   There will be a reckoning.  Starts at 14:29 usual language warning:

Further Resources

Everything we warned about has been proven. This is gene therapy and can be used to re-program cells. Constant vaccination would create ADE and brain damage.

Application of Modified mRNA in Somatic Reprogramming to Pluripotency and Directed Conversion of Cell Fate






What don’t you understand?

Covid is dangerous and so is the spike protein.   Both can cause damage.  They released a bioweapon and have indemnity.  They want to hurt your children.  What don’t you understand?   They are experimenting and their experiment is failing.  What don’t you understand?   When are you going to wise up?    Is Omicron milder?   It looks that way (for now) but what are the long term consequences?   Who knows?  Whatever you do there are risks.  You should be angry.  Very angry. But not with the so called “anti-vaxxers”.   Be angry with the people who released and made this abomination and who stole your lives.