The Phantom Virus

The Phantom Virus

This blog always embeds the UK Column news videos on which Patrick Hennigsen from 21st Century Wire is often a guest contributor.  He provides good analysis especially on  geopolitics, the Middle East and the current turmoil in the States.  However, I did not realize that he supports the view that Covid is not real.  Patrick points out that the flu has been rebranded, that the PCR test is not fit for purpose at its present high cycle count and that the death figures have been manipulated.   There is some truth to all these assertions (as I have often pointed out myself). The UK column has also highlighted the use of behavioral scientists by the government and the fact that we are facing an unprecedented onslaught of fear programming and propaganda. The authorities often relay conflicting and contradictory information to induce confusion and a state of learned helplessness. This in turn induces cognitive paralysis because how can you make decisions regarding your safety when it is based on conflicting information?

In these circumstances we need to be extra careful when processing and evaluating information because the government (not so called conspiracy theorists) have weaponized the information flow.  Alt media on the internet is often controlled opposition, employed directly in what is known as Interactive Internet Services (IIA). Others are ruthlessly promoted by algorithms so that they gain huge audiences. They are probably not even aware of the boosting they are receiving. 

We should therefore be flexible and nuanced in our approach. Willing to be led by the data and the science. There is no shame in getting it wrong sometimes, especially not when there is a whole industry engaged in gas-lighting. They have scripted and game planned their strategies by feeding the social media into AI so that their cohorts, bots and the MSM can react almost in real time.  We are at war.  This is far more than a health crisis.  We should not be too proud to examine and adjust our world view. We must not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

I posted the following comment on one of Patrick’s threads:


Kevin is not as tactful as me (lol) but dealing with misinformation and disinformation all day tends to breed frustration.  Kevin produced a great video in response to this thread. I have split the 2.5 hour video into sections (and cleaned it up a bit). We are supposed to watch and learn from a video by Dr Samantha Bailey (someone that Kevin has already extensively debunked).


The website:

Kevin’s Discord was recently attacked and he lost his email list. Must be treading on some toes.

Bio-weapons and race targeting

Sam Bailey starts her video with a picture of the Amish.

If you want to examine the relationship between the Amish and the Ashkenazi see this article:

Bio-war race targeting (McCairn1)

It was not sequenced or the sequencing is meaningless

The sequencing-envelope


The Phantom virus

That it was only sequenced once. What about Proteomics and Isoelectric Focusing?

Kaufman the grifter exposed and the virus in the monkey arena

Comparative pathogenesis of COVID-19, MERS, and SARS in a nonhuman primate model

Improved Molecular Diagnosis of COVID-19 by the Novel, Highly Sensitive and Specific COVID-19-RdRp/Hel Real-Time Reverse Transcription-PCR Assay Validated In Vitro and with Clinical Specimens

Origins of the Phantom

Covid is real and we can use Cryo electron tomography to see the virus

In situ structural analysis of SARS-CoV-2 spike reveals flexibility mediated by three hinges

Cryo electron tomography of SarS-CoV-2. A representative cropped tomogram is shown as constitutive slices along the z-axis. For software used to deconvolve tomograms.

It is not about your health you are at war

Pneumonia is the last Phantom

Rebranding pneumonia as covid?

The Great Reset and Covid.

It is about control

Nuremberg 2.0

Nuremberg 2.0

Dr Reiner Fuellmich notes that a case has been won in Portugal, in the family court in Germany and also one in Austria. All the trials demonstrated that the Drosten PCR test should not have been used to establish a Pandemic. The abuse of the PCR test is what underpins the pandemic as well as the fantasy of asymptomatic spread. So far three wins…building up a portfolio of wins before starting class actions. Talking about a Nuremberg 2.0. Note in the second video he says the EU is totally broke – no pension money etc.

Quote (second video):

"If we lose that will be the end of humanity we believe. I mean, if we as humans lose to digital-ism and to completely stark raving mad people".

See what he says about connecting and about a spiritual battle (about 18 min second video )


It can now be proven that the medical & pharmaceutical industry planned to use these PCR tests for establishing Covid-19 infections. By deliberately amplifying PCR/Drosten cycle thresholds of the tests to 35 and above, it almost guarantees a positive Covid-19 test result, even though the person tested did NOT actually have Covid.

These faulty results escalated the reported cases of Covid-19 infection, producing the numbers they wanted to generate and engender hysteria and fear. Then use this emotive response to shepherd people into dystopian Eugenic policies and illegal mandates to secure long awaited goals of control and social engineering into enslavement.

They needed PCR creator Kary Mullis dead BEFORE they deployed the Covid-19 scam on the populace. Mullis started speaking out on PCR being used as a tool to obtain whatever the tester wanted the results to indicate. He was murdered because the Covid-19 planning perpetrators wanted to ensure there would be no challenges from the PCR test creator himself.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich speaks to The Delingpod



Incredible India

Incredible India

India is truly incredible for many reasons not least that Sanskrit is one of the oldest Indo-European languages and India was the seat of mathematics long before Greece. It is such a culturally rich and diverse nation that it is terrible to see it brought to its knees by the globalists.   There is an all out propaganda campaign being waged.   Are people dying?  Most certainly people are dying from Covid after the latest round of vaccinations. However, they are deliberately inflating the mortality numbers by testing all the deceased even those that clearly died from other causes.  A bit like the case in the US of motorbike fatality being recorded as a covid mortality because the corpse tested positive on the PCR test.  Moreover, they stopped using other highly effective treatments like Ivermectin. Why would they do that?   Why stop cheap and effective treatments?  The answer is simple – because they have a vaccine that they need to push.

On Odysee:



Vagabond News

Vagabond News

A very good program but 3.5 hours long?  My goodness.  It certainly is comprehensive and I like Ryan’s commentary but who has got time to watch all this?  Anyway, I have split it up rather roughly into sections and I have also pasted (below the Vagabond video) some of the video’s which he analyzes because they are worthwhile in their own right.  I also have the WHO document that he refers too. The highlight for me was 52.0  and 2.10, 2.43 and 3.10.

0.0 censorship- virus never isolated
40 Lasting immunity after you recover from Covid
52 Utah woman dies four days after Moderna vaccine
1.30 Pfizer Vaccine – Pfizer criminal record
1.37 Coercion
2.00 A million kids under five on psychiatric drugs in the USA
2.06 Russel Brand and Opiod crisis same companies involved in vaccines
2.10 Johnson and Johnson fined 572 million for “save” opioids now making “safe” vaccines
2.30 PCR Test
2.40 Influenza
2.43 Politicization of science
2.50 Vitamin D
3.10 Great Reset Build Back Better -nano tech and robots
guided by EMF and magnetism -smart dust
commercially released in 2004

The video by Russel.  The same pharmaceutical companies who were responsible for the opioid crisis and who were found guilty in court are now behind the vaccines.

The repeated pandemic health scares caused by an avian H5N1 and a new A(H1N1) human influenza virus are part of the culture of fear. Worst-case thinking replaced balanced risk assessment. Worst-case thinking is motivated by the belief that the danger we face is so overwhelmingly catastrophic that we must act immediately. Rather than wait for information, we need a pre-emptive strike. 

Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2011;89:539-540. doi: 10.2471/BLT.11.089086 Health is more than influenza Luc Bonneux b & Wim Van Damme c

This is from 2014 and still worth  watching. Imagine what they have now.

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The Covaids Plandemic

The Covaids Plandemic

The following video puts the case of terrain theory versus germ theory as the cause of disease.  I still keep an open mind because I believe that there is truth in both models. The case of viruses (which are dead) lends itself more towards terrain theory. The observations about HIV are interesting because I know Kary Mullis (the Nobel winning bio-chemist who invented PCR) whose work was considered;

"highly original and significant, virtually dividing biology into the two epochs of before PCR and after PCR."
New York Times

Mullis was viewed as a contrarian for is denial that  HIV was the cause (and not the result of AIDS) and for being a “global warming denier”.   This brilliant man even called Fauci (who he considered a second rate scientist) out for a debate (that was declined).  So what the video below says about AIDS should be seriously considered.

And although the remarks about smart dust and nano particles seem like so much science fiction, remember that smart dust was one of the last things that Julian Assange discussed in 2018 just before his internet was cut.


So, the video is worth a watch, especially the section on vaccine deaths which are horrific and mounting. What is worse is that the vaccine deaths are being attributed to covid. 



Narrative shift

Narrative shift

Do you notice how the narrative is subtly shifting in the USA?



The WHO announcement on PCR tests

The road ahead

They have  deliberately taken their foot of the gas pedal.  Now that  Joe Biden is “elected” they can afford to give people false hope to avoid an insurrection.  The WHO announcement is particularly cynical and disturbing.  Many professionals have been warning that the PCR test was being abused and causing a casedemic.  This website reported on the false positives months ago.  Now, all of a sudden the WHO announces what we said six months ago? You are being played. They are getting ready for the next stage.


Death jab

Death jab

Will this vaccine make you drop dead?  Probably not but undoubtedly it will come with long term vaccine damage. Who knows if it will give you cancer in five years or cause sterility?  The fact is that no one knows. How can they?  At the very least they are expecting ADR’s or Adverse Drug Reactions.

The figure of 90% efficacy is touted for a disease with a 99% survival rate. Which just goes to show that the human body’s immune system is sufficient in most cases. How can people be so unbelievably gullible?!   so, 90% is nothing to brag about…but even that is not true….look how they determined the 90% figure.   It was based on 94 people.  I think the results were goal seeking. They probably chose the best outcomes:

What is efficacy?

Article: The 3 Phases of Lies In Development of COVID-19 Vaccines

Conspiracy theory?

So you still think it is a conspiracy theory do you?  Will the British medical Journal convince you otherwise?

 This is crazy

The Pfizer vaccine needs storing at -72 F (-56 C) otherwise the RNA degrades.  It is the first time a vaccine is used that will change your DNA.  Now imagine you get some funky RNA…..or do you think it is possible to vaccinate millions without any glitches?  The whole concept is dangerous and experimental to say the least.  I suppose you could always opt for the Oxford vaccine (Astra Zeneca) made using chimpanzee saliva.  Which I call, the warp speed monkey snot vaccine.  If people still think any of this is normal they need a slap in the face with a wet fish.

The PCR domino




A response

A response

There are still people of faith who uncritically accept the MSM narrative.    They ought to know better.  This is what I received in my mail box (a prophecy letter) and below is my response.

Prophecy letter?

Vaccine is 90% Effective – Pfizer

Pfizer and BioNTech have been developing a vaccine for Covid-19 for several months. The vaccine is now in Third Stage Clinical Trials and consists of two injections given three weeks apart. Patients treated in this way showed a resistance of over 90% to the virus as the clinical trial nears its end. It is a highly unusual result in the experience of vaccine researchers. The expected result from previous vaccines has been 60% to 70% effective. The study is quite large, including 43,538 patients who were given the genuine vaccine or a placebo.Results were observed when patients were given one or the other injections and observed seven days after thesecond dose was administered and 28 days after the first dose. Those receiving the genuine vaccination had 90%fewer symptomatic cases of the coronavirus that the control group (those who received the placebo) success that is
deemed extraordinary by every standard. <>Arutz Sheva

Coronavirus Cases Exceed Fifty Million Worldwide

November 8, 2020. The Jerusalem Post reported today that global coronavirus infections have
exceeded fifty million as tallied by Reuters. Disturbingly, a second wave of the virus in the past thirty days boosted the total by 25% – a huge and worrying leap forward.
In the global mix, the US recorded more than 100,000 daily cases for the first time. Europe alsoexperienced a large surge in cases.
The most current seven-day average count showed global infections are rising by more than 540,000 per day. At this date more than 1.25 million victims have expired from the respiratory infection, which is now still less than a year old. <>JPost

Twenty Million Cases of Covid-19 seen by Christmas for USA

Tuesday, November 10. The pandemic is about to get very close to everyone as the days shorten and become cooler. This view was expressed by Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.
The rational reason for this expected spike was given as “pandemic fatigue and rising anger over having to wear masks and practice social distancing, coupled with colder weather driving people indoors where the virus is more easily spread, have created a ‘perfect storm’ for new infections.”

What?? “Pandemic fatigue … rising anger??” Those reactions are illogical and even irrational in
our view. The coronavirus is, in the absence of an effective vaccine, an invisible, silent, virulent,
aggressive, ‘slippery,’ and sometimes fatal illness; as such it is not to be taken lightly. The general populous has no ‘right’ to become fatigued or angry about its threats! But isn’t that response alwaysa general failing of the human race to every such threat?
The forecasted increase resulted from a record number of persons being hospitalized with the disease.

Projections indicate that the US alone could see twenty million cases of Covid-19 by Christmas if infections continue at the current rate. What is that rate? Day before yesterday the admissions of coronavirus cases to hospitals reached an all-time high of 61,964 persons (Covid Tracking Project). This number feeds the statistic that newcases for the three-week period ending on Monday almost doubled from 1.07 million cases to 1.90 million
cases in that later time frame. It is projected that by November 30th, the US could have 13.6 million cases.

By December 21 – three weeks later – the number would probably reach 19.9 million cases, or ~ twenty million cases…Although the fact is that the cure rate is being steadily increased by improved techniques of treatment,another worry is that hospitals will be overwhelmed.
The availability of intensive care unit beds for coronavirus patients is already becoming critically stressed. In addition, hospital staff members are being infected in increasing numbers leaving the number of expert caregivers at a worrying deficit.

A key factor which would give needed relief is the availability of an effective vaccine. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals has developed one and it is being tested in Stage Three clinical trials.
But, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, it will not be available until the end of December … and then only in limited quantities even though it is currently being manufactured on the propitious evidence that it will pass its clinical trials with flying colors and become the earliest vaccine for treatment of the disease. The manufacturing process is precisely controlled in addition to being complex; it cannot easily be carried forward on the mass scale that is needed. Dr. Osterholm therefore warned that “the U.S. should brace itself for the ‘darkest weeks of this pandemic for us.’”

At the same time, in its most urgent message on coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that “face masks protect both the wearer and … others” from the spread of the disease – a seemingly self-evident fact which we have promoted as ‘best practice’ of infection control from the first days of the pandemic, but which seems to have been un-admitted by authorities until lately.

Other Effects of the Pandemic

Last week we reported that Saeb Erekat, an high-level Pales****** peace negotiator from Jericho and frequent critic of Israel, had been graciously admitted by the Israeli government to Hadassah Ein Karem hospital in Israel for treatment of the viral infection. When he was admitted he was apparently in the advanced stages of the disease. He has now succumbed to the disease at the age of 65. We cannot say what the repercussions will be among the rank and file members of the PLO who will doubtless accuse Israel of some sort of conspiracy in his
death while under treatment in Israel (?).

One of our favorite sports stars, Ben Roethlisberger, star quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and three other squad members are in isolation for five days due to their contact with a fellow teammate who tested positive two days ago. All these players will be serially tested throughout the week to determine whether they can still play in their scheduled game on Sunday. (If there are other Steelers fans in our audience they will be gleefully aware that
the Steelers are now 8 wins to no losses on the season – an unprecedented record, which, we hope, indicates an excellent year for the team.)

Finally, Covid-19 isn’t just an human threat: it is killing minks in Denmark as well as on fur farms in Wisconsin and Utah. (The cost of mink coats will definitely increase!)
Along with the accelerated advance of the Pfizer vaccine project, the hopeful outlook on the pandemic has come rather suddenly – both as to the volume of cases and the possibility of the new, successful preventative measures (the vaccine as well as autoimmune antibodies)…
Dr. Osterholm voiced high enthusiasm for the forthcoming vaccine, saying “I’m obviously very pleased to see that we have, now, evidence that this vaccine approach can work.” At the same time he voiced caution, saying that there are still a number of questions, such as just “how long this vaccine will work.” <>MSNBC

Yemen is Facing Famine in Huge Numbers

November 11, 2020. Famine is a prominent feature of the last days – Jesus’ words as recorded in Matthew: “… and there shall be famines, and pestilence, and earthquakes, in diverse places.” Matthew 24:7. Reuters reports that millions of the citizens of Yemen are facing famine yet again. United Nations officials warned about the probability as they appealed for more money to prevent the challenge … again.

The U.N. official David Beasley reported to the U.N. Security Council that Yemen is the largest
humanitarian crisis at the present time, with about 80% of its people in dire need of assistance. The Houtis, backed by Iran, have been the greatest threat to the delicate balance of food provision in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia intervened there in 2015, supporting the Yemini government forces against the Houti rebels; peace talks between the two have not yet borne fruit. Yemen’s currency has collapsed along with its entire economy …and the Covid-19 pandemic is adding to the hurt…
U.N. aid chief Mark Lowcock, in 2017, warned the world body that “Yemen was then facing ‘the largest famine the world has seen for many decades, with millions of victims.’” He appealed for added monetary aid right away to ward off another wave of deprivation for a population that has no possible way to provide for itself.

He gratefully stated that the world body had prevented famine two years ago, but to prevent this threatened famine more money is needed for aid immediately. So far, about half of the $3 billion needed has been raised.

Mr. Lowcock expressed dismay that more was not being done … urgently. He said, “When I think about what famine would mean, I am really at a loss to understand why more is not being done to prevent it. It is a terrible, agonizing and humiliating death … Yemenis are not ‘going hungry. They are being starved.” <>JPost

The Response


I am tired of your support of the MainStream Media (MSM) scam known as Coronavirus. 
What you are sending out is not a prophecy letter but a propaganda piece in support of the BEAST and Zionists.Let me relate a few facts:

1. Cases are not infections. The inventor of the PCR test (see video link below)
who conveniently died (sic) just before the “pandemic” said that if the test is
 performed well you can find almost anything in anyone. PCR is not a diagnostic test
but an amplification method.  So they can goal seek and target the result they want.

2. Flu has disappeared. The influenza season is no more. 
Don’t you find that at the very least suspicious?
Has coronavirus suddenly “healed” the flu?

3. The wearing of masks does not prevent viral infection.
In fact it increases the chance of bacterial lung infections. No Occupational Health and Safety risk assessments have been done.Meta studies do not establish any benefits of mask wearing.
Masks are being forced on people as part of the conditioning for the NWO. 
In  Leviticus the leper is instructed to cover the lip because he is unclean.
The goyim are unclean, they don’t even have toilet paper and must sanitize their hands every minute. Those dirty goyim.

4. On multiple occasions the media has been caught out lying. The COD has been misreported on many death certificates ignoring co-morbidity.

5. Vaccines are being promoted by the NWO and the WHO.
There is a massive conflict of interest because in the UK (and USA) the CMO etc are all linked to big Pharma and will benefit.

6. These vaccines are not 90% effective, that is a lie. 
There are no studies on the long term dangers. 
Will it promote cancers or cause sterility? And why does big pharma have indemnity?

7. The vaccines will be administered by the military.
DAPRA is involved with their hydrogel and nano technology project.  These gels (polymers) become part of your living tissue and are able to send and receive Radio Frequencies (5G)

8. The vaccines are mRNA and they will change your DNA permanently. That means you pass it onto your children.That means you are no longer created in the image of God.If they change your DNA they can patent it and effectively own you.This is part of the transhumanism project.It is the mark of the BEAST.

9. The Jews are behind this and had a big hand in the creation
of the virus (see attached PDF) .    We have the globalist Jews like Soros,
Zuckerberg ,Page etc etc and the Zionist Jews -Chabad like Adelson and Kushner etc. They are using the Hegelian Dialectic to usher in the new age.

10. Lastly you need to do some research on Yemen.
Children are starving and dying because of the Yinon project. Saudi Arabia, Israel, the UK and the USA are to blame.  You have become an Anglo-Zionist shill.

I have only briefly mentioned some of my objections and can provide evidence in depth on each of these points.  Are people dying of a virus?   Undoubtedly, as they do every year…but it is not a pandemic.  That was based on deliberately faulty modelling by Niel Ferguson from Imperial College funded by Bill Gates.  They are spinning, exaggerating and lying.
They deliberately sent old people back into their nursing homes to spread the disease.  They have refused prophylactic treatments (HCQ) and they have not campaigned on immunology or given preventative advice (vitamins D and C and Zn).

They lie, obfuscate, exaggerate and spin.  You are helping them by spreading MSM talking points without offering any alternative balanced explanation. The object of the virus is to destroy the economy ready for the reset. The object of the vaccine is to change humanity and
to cull the unlucky ones because they have a eugenics agenda.  They are building a 5G panopticon as we speak and Israel is the beating heart of the technological and medical revolution. They have their feet in both camps with two million Russian Jews living in Israel  and the USA as their lap dog.  They are also involved with China and the Belt and Road (port of Haifa). They have stolen and passed on technology as they see fit.

I suggest that you stop spreading MSM fear and tell brethren and sisters to resist the lies and the evil and to rely on God.  I am going to post this response on my website and circulate it.

Short two minute clips can be found here (including the inventor of the PCR test):

A PDF demonstrating who is behind the virus can be found here:

P.S. Do you know that South-Korea and Singapore recently cancelled their influenza vaccine program after people dropped dead? I believe 89 people died in s-Korea.   Those vaccines were very effective. You do know that if you are under the age of 70 and healthy 99.98% of people survive Covid?

STOP with the FEAR.  Have FAITH.      The apocalypse tells us that the fearful and liars will end up in the lake of fire.Our lives are in God’s hands always. Not in the hands of Government or Big Pharma.

2 Timothy 1:7  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Heb 2:4-5 Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.

Be strong and of good courage and resist the wiles of the devil. Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

We do not consent. 
We do not want any world government except that of Christ.
We will not be chipped or masked or vaccinated.We don’t want their global currency. We do not want to be tracked and traced. We do not need their permission to live and breathe.We decide what goes into our bodies. We will not be changed into something else for we are made in the image and God is already transforming us.




Dr. Madej with Dr. Kaufman

Dr. Madej with Dr. Kaufman

This is recommended watching.


The PCR test

Kary Mullis invented the PCR test. He’s on record saying it should never be used to diagnose contagious diseases. He died in 2019. Prof Drosden then developed the specific and fraudulent PCR test for Covid. Prof Drosden  is currently being sued in Germany after the accumulation of overwhelming scientific evidence. it  actions like this that will completely expose this fraudulent pandemic.




Is the virus real (part-1)

Is the virus real?    (part 1)

On the face of it an utterly ridiculous question.  The gut response (and mine also) is…of course it is, real people are getting sick (and dying) and it is contagious.  Can’t get more real than that. However, I know for a fact that they are also conducting a psychological operation and using the media to ramp up fear and there are elements about the virus that are highly suspicious.

 I thought it was time to examine the question again and draw all the threads together into a coherent narrative. That is how you conduct proper science. You constantly evaluate and re-evaluate as new evidence becomes available.  What led to this was a comment I posted about the virus never being isolated using Koch’s postulate after which I was sent links to about ten different scientific articles showing how it had been isolated and how it had been injected into monkeys, mice and hamsters etc and made them sick with similar symptoms…so there (lol).

 Now these scientific articles are difficult to read – they are not in plain English and I think this is often deliberate obfuscation.   Moreover, unless you work in that particular field it can be difficult to evaluate the methodology.   Now, I did do microbiology many moons ago and worked as a junior scientist  at a lab researching plant pathogens.  Although I have done work with bacteria and used the ELISA  technique (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay is a plate-based assay technique designed for detecting and quantifying soluble substances such as peptides, proteins, antibodies, and hormones) I am not familiar with virology or the newer DNA sequencing techniques etc.  However, science is about critical thinking and evaluating not just about technique. Anybody (scientist or not) can evaluate a methodology.

Koch’s Postulate

The whole argument is about Koch’s Postulate which is about how you establish the cause of a disease.   This is not as easy as you might think.  First you have to find a bug. You need to isolate the germ from a sick human or animal (say from their saliva). Then you need to purify the bug and isolate it from the spit and snot or blood etc. Then you need to inject the purified bug into a healthy  animal or human to see if they get the same illness. Then you need to isolate the bug again from the  person or animal that you made sick and check that it is indeed the same bug. It is a sort of “double check” .  It is the  gold standard for identifying the cause of diseases.






Click here to enlarge


Were the criteria established by Koch’s applied?

In theory, if the methodology established by Koch is not exactly followed you cannot speak of a particular “germ” being the cause of a disease.   Let us say you always find the presence of X-particle in a person that is sick — that does not mean that X-particle is causing the disease.    It could be that X-particle is simply part of an immune response against an environmental onslaught.   It could be that your own body produces X-particle as a response to a particular attack from outside.   It might not be the cause of the disease but a symptom.

The only way to establish it for sure is to use Koch’s principles and here is where I fell down the rabbit hole because although Koch’s postulate works fine for bacteria it does not work for viruses.  Apparently when you isolate a virus in vitro (in  glass eg test tube etc) it looses its pathogenicity.  It can no longer make you sick.     Ruh, Roh. 

I found a paper discussing a problem with a different virus. The paper is from 2010 and is about a different virus but the problem back then is the same as now: 


De´ja ` Vu All Over Again: Koch’s Postulates
and Virology in the 21st Century

John V. Williams

Departments of Pediatrics and Microbiology and Immunology, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital
at Vanderbilt, Nashville, Tennessee

This article describes prolonged shedding
of the recently identified human bocavirus
(HBoV) by children and detection of
HBoV in the absence of respiratory symptoms.

 So, I have done something naughty and taken the relevant passages from his article (which is very good) and changed the HBoV into Covid etc to reflect the current situation:

Another feature used to assign disease causality [to Covid] is the absence of the virus in healthy individuals. However asymptomatic subjects do have the "disease"
The work also nicely illustrates a common problem facing modern virologists: how to assign disease [Covid] causality to a microorganism that is not amenable to Koch’s postulates.


HBoV [Covid] has been detected in serum samples [13, 16] and stool specimens [14, 28–30] by PCR, but the biological significance of this is not clear. 


So the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test detects something…but how relevant is it? And the amplification is non-linear.   Depending on the sensitivity you can more or less influence the outcome (positive or negative).  You can get what you want.

Does HBoV [Covid]contribute to the pathogenesis of a specific clinical syndrome in either a primary or helper fashion? Is there a contribution of host immune response to HBoV [Covid]reactivation and detection during intercurrent infection? The many unanswered questions about this newly discovered virus return us to basic approaches for establishing causation and pathogenesis regarding any virus.
Koch espoused his core principles regarding the proof of an etiologic role for a potential pathogen in 1884. These postulates were revised by the eminent virologist Thomas Rivers in 1937 to reflect the biology of viruses, which, as obligate intracellular parasites, cannot be isolated in pure culture [37]. Huebner [38] further modified these principles in 1957, during the heyday of virus discovery that followed the development of tissue and cell culture.
Fredricks and Relman [39] eloquently applied these guidelines to sequence-based microbe discovery. There are numerouschallenges in proving viruses as the etiologic causes of specific syndromes: pro-longed viral shedding after acute illness (eg, enteroviruses); latent infection and asymptomatic shedding (eg, herpesviruses); clinical disease in a minority of infected individuals (eg, poliovirus); and re-current asymptomatic infection of immune adults (eg, respiratory syncytial virus) are but a few of these challenges. Huebner proposed a “Bill of Rights for Prevalent Viruses” that comprised a “guarantee against the imputation of guilt by simple association” [38, pp. 434–437] consisting of 8 conditions: (1) isolation of a virus in culture; (2) repeated recovery of the virus from human specimens; (3)antibody response to the virus; (4) characterization and comparison with known pathogenic viruses; (5) constant association of the virus with specific illness; (6)reproduction of clinical illness in volunteer challenge studies; (7) epidemiologic studies (with controlled longitudinal studies offering the greatest value); and (8)prevention of disease by vaccination. The difficulty in meeting several of these conditions for HBoV,[Covid] or for any other new virus, is immediately obvious.

 This article was written 10 years ago about a different virus.  It asks valid questions that have still not been answered.  So, this is not just a bunch of  “tin foil hat” people who have recently jumped on a bandwagon. The science shows that the question is far more nuanced and the results far more uncertain than some like to make out.

From the horses mouth

This is what the scientist involved with the first testing and identification of the virus say in their scientific articles.












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In all of these papers they admit that they have not purified the virus.  So, then what are you looking at under the Electron Microscope?  You cannot say for sure that it is a virus because you have not purified it.   So, you are not using Koch’s postulates as even the Zhu paper admits.

Although our study does not fulfill Koch’s postulates, our analyses provide evidence implicating 2019-nCoV in the Wuhan outbreak. 

Zhu N et al. A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019. N Engl J Med. 2020 Jan 14.

 I am sorry Zhu Manchu but if it does not fulfill Koch’s postulates it does not provide evidence of anything.   My backside does not fulfill Koch’s postulates either, nor does it provide evidence of WuFlu.

For further evidence see David Crowe:  COVID SCIENCE: A Challenge to the Discovery of the Virus. Or see his more extensive PDF here: Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory

The Challenges and requests for information

A number of people have offered challenges and even rewards to scientists to prove that the virus does exists.  This doctor offers you 5000 bucks if you can prove the existence and a European doctor offers 100000.  So far no takers.



Health Canada has no record of “COVID-19 virus” isolation


What is causing the disease if it is not a virus?

The answer put forward is that the tests are picking up on exosomes.  These are pieces of RNA “solvents” that the body excretes when it is under immunological stress and needs to get rid of toxins.  Like viruses, exosomoes are “dead” and need “living tissue”… you see where this is going?


Could the cause of “viruses” be environmental or terrain factors?



The fact is that both Wuhan and Northern Italy were the first hit and the worst hit. They both had very high pollution including particulate matter and also high cyanide (from Industry and traffic) and both rolled out 5G at about the time that the virus struck. Now we all know that causation is not correlation but the anecdotal evidence is getting stronger.  They have trillions invested in this new technology and 5G has many overlapping symptoms with Covid.  Something is going on.  Look at recent data from the USA:


Koch’s postulates have not be fulfilled.  No point denying it as the scientists themselves admit it.  On that basis alone we would be justified in saying that the virus was not real.  However, we are not so hasty although it does raise a giant red flag as does the introduction of 5G.  In part 2 we will delve further into the whole scamdemic and try and establish what is really going on – is the Wu Flu a  Flu Manchu  or  is it a Flu Manju…?