Stirring up Trouble

Stirring up Trouble

George Soros is behind many of the American NGOs that are stirring up trouble.  They want more problems on Russia’s border.  They keep poking the bear.  They want to expand the war.

How the US is Using the Azeri-Armenian Conflict to “Extend” Russia (30 min)

Armenia is NATO’s next PROXY WAR, Pelosi’s visit proves it | Redacted w Natali and Clayton Morris (Sept 20)

All Hell to break lose?

Putin’s ANNIHILATORY plan is ready to launch, and the west knows it | Redacted with Clayton Morris (28 min)

The real battle is happening in Bakhmut. US searches for second front (29 min)

Zelensky Bodyguard Has Nazi Patch On Uniform! (8 min)

My China

My China

My China is cockney rhyming slang for “my mate”  as in China plate =mate (lolz).

Pelosi is now mates with China. She is probably scared.

The Dumbest Thing Pelosi’s Ever Said (3 min)

US Using UN to Bolster Anti-China “Genocide” Claims (11 min)

The Us Is Exploiting Taiwan & ”Human Rights” (4 min)

Mexican Standoff

Mexican Standoff

Theater or politics?  This was the Duran live stream of the  Pelosi trip to Taiwan.

What is a Mexican Standoff — How Tarantino, Woo, and Sheridan Direct a Showdown (10 min)


Knock Out Blow in Donbass

Knock Out Blow in Donbass

Russia Readies Knock Out Blow in Donbass, China Strongest Warnings as Pelosi Mulls Trip to Taiwan (1:02)

Russia Just Put Out An Ad Beyond Parody! Is Winter Really Coming? (25 min)

Is Putin A Puppet Of The New World Order?

Dirty Harry  is back (not watched this yet).

Syria Formally Breaks Diplomatic Ties With Ukraine (7 min)

NYT talks up HUGE Russian losses as the Great Kherson counteroffensive stumbles (19 min)


China’s local governments “Out of cash”

China’s local governments “Out of cash”…

Watch the first 10 minutes or so of WION news…

Gravitas LIVE | China’s local governments “Out of cash” | funding gap of nearly $1 trillion | WION (47 min)

China asks US to halt Taiwan military ties | International News | Latest English News | WION (3 min)

Pelosi to visit Taiwan. Neocons push escalation with China (11 min)

China doesn’t need us anymore… (first 5 mins or so)