Ukraine Wrecked

Ukraine Wrecked

The West is presiding over a genocide and a brother-war.  Well done.  It looks like you can chew gum and destroy countries at the same time.


Macron runs. 2025 counteroffensive. Boris back in Kiev. Putin can be defeated. Poland snubs Ukraine (38 min)

Rus Avdeyevka Offensive; Ukr Routed, 3 Villages Captures; Desperate Ukr Builds Dnieper Defence Line (1:23 min)

Pentagon Admits Ukraine Aid Unsustainable + Why Neutrality is Ukraine’s Only (Good) Option (52 min)

ICJ ruling ignored. Biden White House isolated (17 min)

SnowStorm | Robotyne Has Fallen | Chaotic Retreat Of The Ukrainian Army. Military Summary 2024.02.24 (23 min)

Alien PsyOp

Alien PsyOp

All your Woo-Woo in one place.

The report below looks pretty good….


Below we have a video by Christopher Jon Bjerknes (CJB) who I debated in the past. He does a hatchet job on the Old Testament and on Christianity equating it all as a hoax.   Here he is correct in calling UFOs a cult but he uses it to push his biases.  I left this comment on the Discord (and a similar one under his video):

The aliens are Jews😂 I knew it! The problem with CJB (as usual) is that he is partially right and he conflates everything in one big mess. Gnosticism is not Judaism it is more akin to Kabbalah (which is different to orthodox Judaism and has Gnostic elements). Christianity rejected Gnosticism and Judaism. UFO is a cult linked with Gnosticism and technocracy. CJB throws everything together in one big mix without differentiation. Some of what he says is true mixed with garbage.

Exposing the UFO Scam and the Dangerous Religious Agendas of the UFO Industry


Obviously all the PsyOps are the Jews fault 😂… (there might be some truth in that 😂)

And here is the Dark Journalist who is always worth watching for the connections that he brings up (not watched this yet).  The UFO program has connections with the technocrats and theosophy.  I think it has been used by the MIC as a cover for introducing new technologies  or experimenting on the public going as far back as operation paperclip and the recruitment of Nazi scientists.  Many of those scientists were occultists.

The Cosmos Club: UFO Bilderberg Revealed! (2:44)

Zaluzhny scapegoat of Kiev

Zaluzhny scapegoat of Kiev

Putin, sanitary zone in Ukraine. DU Abrams. Zaluzhny scapegoat of Kiev. Bild, Russian Leopards. U/1 (32 min)

“We have NO IDEA where the weapons are in Ukraine” – Pentagon admits | Redacted with Clayton Morris(14 min)

Rus Repels Attacks Vremevka; Zaluzhny Blamed Nord Stream, No Ukr NATO Entry, Putin Hints Return Kiev (1:23 min)

Pentagon freaking out

Pentagon freaking out

China will be building a base in Cuba (lolz)

Poland, Nord Stream and Budanov. Trudeau gifts stolen Antonov. Elensky, if you see and feel it. U/1 (28 min)

Ukr Offensive Standstill, Rains Clog Attacks; Pentagon “Freaking Out” over Possible Defeat by China (1:07)

Putin and China just dealt a KNOCKOUT blow to the U.S., game over | Redacted with Clayton Morris(14 min)

End of golden age

End of golden age

End of golden age. Putin visits frontline. Spring offensive amazing & fast. CBC 69% state media. U/1 (38 min)


White House FRANTIC, As World Leaders Abandon U.S.(11 min)


Clayton Morris: Did the Pentagon just FOOL everyone with this fake document leak story? (24 min)


Chinese Defense Minister in Moscow. Preparing for the battle to come (11 min)

Putin visits frontline, prepares defense and offense (24 min)


Putin Visits Donbass. Leopard 2 Knocked Out IN POLAND. BY UKRAINE. EC Dismisses Toxic Grain Claim.(22 min)


Pentagon leaks

Pentagon leaks


Ukraine War Plans Leak Prompts Pentagon Investigation (10 min)

Searching Europe for ammo. Blinken, counteroffensive in coming weeks (26 min)

Hang on! Ukraine did WHAT to a Spanish journalist?!? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (24 min)

Quote..”They go bat shit crazy”

Pentagon FUMES

Pentagon FUMES

They are going to send more young boys to die.

The Vietnam War: The only war with its own soundtrack
For those wondering if it wasn’t obvious already, this song is talking about how a lot of teens were drafted to Vietnam without volunteering but rich/politician families’ kids didn’t have to.

Why is the left not protesting?


Putin APPROVES U.S. Military Asset Attack…US Pentagon FUMES (13 min)