End of golden age

End of golden age

End of golden age. Putin visits frontline. Spring offensive amazing & fast. CBC 69% state media. U/1 (38 min)


White House FRANTIC, As World Leaders Abandon U.S.(11 min)


Clayton Morris: Did the Pentagon just FOOL everyone with this fake document leak story? (24 min)


Chinese Defense Minister in Moscow. Preparing for the battle to come (11 min)

Putin visits frontline, prepares defense and offense (24 min)


Putin Visits Donbass. Leopard 2 Knocked Out IN POLAND. BY UKRAINE. EC Dismisses Toxic Grain Claim.(22 min)


Pentagon leaks

Pentagon leaks


Ukraine War Plans Leak Prompts Pentagon Investigation (10 min)

Searching Europe for ammo. Blinken, counteroffensive in coming weeks (26 min)

Hang on! Ukraine did WHAT to a Spanish journalist?!? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (24 min)

Quote..”They go bat shit crazy”

Pentagon FUMES

Pentagon FUMES

They are going to send more young boys to die.

The Vietnam War: The only war with its own soundtrack
For those wondering if it wasn’t obvious already, this song is talking about how a lot of teens were drafted to Vietnam without volunteering but rich/politician families’ kids didn’t have to.

Why is the left not protesting?


Putin APPROVES U.S. Military Asset Attack…US Pentagon FUMES (13 min)


War Fever

War Fever

NATO warns that Putin’s MASSIVE attack is happening now, send weapons | Redacted with Clayton Morris (24 min)

As Ukraine crumbles, EU holds circus act summit in Kiev (33 min)

Russia New Kremennaya Offensive Bakhmut One Road; Pentagon To Congress Ukraine Unable to Take Crimea (1:11)

US Threatens Missiles, Jets, and now Crimea, US Sees (Seeks) War with China by 2025 (52 min)

300 days of war

300 days of war

TERROR ATTACK on Nord Stream pipeline EXPOSED | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (15 min)

It’s WORSE than they’re telling you in Ukraine | Redacted with Clayton Morris (24 min)

Pentagon’s “End-of-Year” Wishlist for Ukraine’s Military Falls Far Short (33 min)

As Ukraine Faces Defeat in Bakhmut Washington Escalates with Patriot AD Missile Delivery to Ukraine (1:13)

Ukraine Lies

Ukraine Lies

WashPo Beginning To Question Pentagon’s Ukraine Lies (21 min)

Russian Ops in Ukraine (July 28, 2022) – Ukraine’s “Kherson Offensive,” Battle in the Donbass (26 min)

U.S SENATORS & CITIZENS Added To Ukrainian ‘BLACKLIST’ – Inside Russia Report(16 min)

Russia Breakthrough Ukraine Donetsk Fortifications, MSM Focus on Kherson, US Navy Carrier to Taiwan (28 min)

The Shock Doctrine

The Shock Doctrine

Very good

This is a documentary by the “left-wing” Naomi Klein that ends in 2009….nevertheless it is very good (except for the ending).  What she does not realize is that we are all being played…both the left and the right by the bankers.  It is the bankers.  It was always the bankers.

My comment:

Notice the Coup in Chile began on September eleventh (911) -lolz. I am sure it is a coincidence. (911=[9+1+1]=11. There are eleven tools in the Mason toolbox and 3×11=33)

And at about 47 mins on Sept 10 2001 Rumsfeld (Secretary of Defense under Bush) announces plan to privatize the Military (and audit the missing Pentagon billions) …we declare war on bureaucracy ….(war on Pentagon central planning and 5 year plans)….next day 911

The end of the video (disappointing)….talking up Obama…this video ended in 2009 on a “hopeful note” (lolz) but Obama continued Neo-conservative foreign policy and globalist domestic policy. You are being played. The left and the right are wings of the same bird and that bird is the banker cabal. They do not care who or what they destroy in their psychopathic need to rule the world. You are the untermensh no matter who you vote for.

The Shock Doctrine [2009] Documentary by Naomi Klein (1:18)

Missing In Action?

Missing In Action?

In this nearly two hour stream (1:50)  Dr Kevin McCairn discusses the rumors surrounding the disappearance of  Cloutier and the attack (war crime) against civilians at the Kramatorsk railway station. Did Russia do it or was it a Ukrainian false flag?  We are attempting to be honest and unbiased but the fog of war makes it very difficult.  However, know this….the truth will eventually out….it always does.

They already have the “fact checkers” on the Cloutier story:

We can rest assured that the story is not true because it has been fact checked and you can find find official posts on his Social Media and in the Linked-in archive but no on camera announcements or denials (by the way, that was sarcasm, I do think he is trapped like a rat).

Meet The Cloutier’s The DTRA/DoD Tip of The Spear, Edge of The Knife, Crack of My……… (1:50)

Rough running order:

10:33 Start
29:00 Bucha
29:53 Capture of Cloutier?
34:00 Crimean–Congo Hemorrhagic Fever  (CCHF)
44:00 Ecohealth Ebola
46:00 Barbara Cloutier Emerging Threats division. Related?
01:09 Pentagon Briefing S300 sent to Ukraine from Slovakia
01:24 Kramatorsk railway station. Ukrainian false flag or Russia?