Cancer Business

Cancer Business

Looks like they are onto a winner with a great business model.   told you so.


Pfizer completes $43 Billion acquisition of Seagen on Dec.14, 2023 – becomes largest oncology company to treat most TURBO CANCERS caused by mRNA Vaccines – deep dive into the sinister aspects

NEW ARTICLE: Pfizer completes $43 Billion acquisition of Seagen on Dec.14, 2023 – becomes largest oncology company to treat most TURBO CANCERS caused by mRNA Vaccines – deep dive into the sinister aspects of this very bizarre deal.

Pfizer OVERPAYS $43 billion on small Cancer Drug Company that barely makes $2 billion a year.

Pfizer doesn’t need the cash. It will also issue $31 billion in debt to purchase it.

Everyone is taking this at face value. But something very sinister lurks in the details of this deal.

Pfizer (and Moderna) COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines cause Turbo Cancers. Based on my published description of 100s of Turbo Cancer cases in over 30 articles:

Here are the Top 5 Turbo Cancers we will see by numbers in mRNA Vaccinated people:

Lymphoma (various types)
Brain Cancers (mostly glioblastoma)
Breast Cancer (mostly triple negative, Stage 3/4)
Colon Cancer (Stage 4)
Lung Cancer (Stage 4)

Rounding out the Top 10 Turbo Cancers by # of people affected (no particular order):

leukemias (worst prognosis)
melanomas (Stage 4)
sarcomas (Stage 3,4)
testicular/ovarian (rapid progression, Stage 1-4)
kidney (RCC Stage 4)

Pfizer’s new acquisition takes them from being able to treat 2 of these Turbo Cancers, to being able to treat 7 out of 10. Not bad.

But there’s more.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla did a media interview tour about the $43 Billion Cancer drug deal and this is what he has to say:

– 33% of people WILL get cancer (he’s certain)
– entire families WILL be affected (he’s certain)
– The new cancer treatments are like “missiles” that will target “most” cancers
– he will produce them AT A SCALE THAT HAS NOT BEEN SEEN BEFORE.
– 2025
– “We have a Global Network”
– ” we have very quick way of completing clinical trials”
– will be produced “AT SCALE”, “just like mRNA”

Think about what he is telegraphing. Read the above again.

Why would any company need to produce cancer treatments “AT SCALE”?

Seeking Alpha analysis theorizes it would take Pfizer at least a decade just to break even from this deal.

Financially, this $43 billion Acquisition makes NO SENSE for Pfizer.

Unless something else happens…

Vaccine Indemnity Bill

Vaccine Indemnity Bill

Private Members Bill – Vaccine Indemnity Bill | Senator Malcolm Roberts & Senator Ralph Babet

Senator Ralph Babet put a Private Members Bill to the floor of the Australian Senate, asking for a committee to be established on Vaccine Indemnity. The Bill passed with 39 ayes – 16 noes.
The first 15 minutes is Senator Malcolm Roberts speaking in favour of the Bill.

Here is Senator Ralph Babet’s statement on the Bill’s passage :

The United Australia Party Vaccine Indemnity bill has been debated in the Senate and has successfully been referred to committee. This means that the bill will now go through proper scrutiny and the public will get to make submissions and have their say.

The bill seeks to prevent the Commonwealth from granting future indemnity to big pharma in relation to the supply and use of vaccines. At the moment, if a person is injured after receiving a Covid-19 vaccination then the liability for that injury rests with the Australian taxpayer. The vaccine companies make all the profit but share non of the risk.

This is a HUGE development and means that the issue of Indemnity (writing blank cheques on behalf of taxpayer to big pharma) will receive the detailed analysis it deserves.

Australian grubs

Australian grubs

Australian  has lots of unique creepy crawlies.  Here are two of our grubs being questioned:

Pfizer Under Question (9 min)


Taking credit for something he didn’t do. Typical politician. It is called natural change.

Australia signed onto this:

No Justice

No Justice

When justice by legal means is blocked then the public are forced into taking other means. If political leaders are not listening and there is no legal redress you end up with millions rioting and protesting like in France. A recent test case regarding a child vaccination death in Australia was declared without standing by a Federal Judge. It would not be heard in the high court or by a jury court. The police and courts are full of Masons. They do whatever they want. They support big Pharma and Jew banking. They do not care how many are murdered or injured.  They are driving forward their fourth Industrial Revolution no matter who it kills. They won’t stop and they won’t face justice….at least not human justice.


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