Massive M7.6 Earthquake

Massive M7.6 Earthquake

Magnitude 7.6 Earthquake Triggers Tsunami Warnings As Massive Coronal Hole Faces Earth = Quake Watch

12/02/2023 — Large M7.7 strikes West Pacific Philippines (49 min)

Massive M7.6 Earthquake Strikes Off the Philippines Coast, Tsunami Warning Issued! (2 min)

“we’ve lost control” (3 min)

Alex Newman: A real journalist on climate, censorship, freedom, and guns | Tom Nelson Pod #176 (53 min)

A 27,000 Year Old Pyramid? Controversy Hits An Extraordinary Archaeological Claim – Mayan Influence

Bloody Mess

Bloody Mess

Summer Operations | Russian Air Power Dominates The Front Line. Military Summary For 2023.08.14 (27 min)

Germany, cancel AfD. Bolton WSJ: Putin is bluffing, call his bluff with nukes, sanction China. U/1 (15 min)


Conflict in Ukraine, soon to spread to Niger, Korea, Philippines, Iran, Taiwan, Belarus & China.(48 min)


Zelensky admits it was ALL A LIE and fires 33 govt. leaders over corruption | Redacted News(13 min)

Clayton is good at spotting grifters (lolz)

Kremlin drone NOT false flag

Kremlin drone NOT false flag

Ukrainian delegate punches Russian counterpart after he rips down flag at conference (1 min)

Prigozhin angry. FT, Kremlin drone NOT false flag. EU infrastructure funds diverted to Kiev. U/1 (38 min)

LIVE CHAT: part 1 Brian Berletic – Kremlin attack, Is Philippines & South Korea Next Ukraine? (40 min)

Military shake up after Prigozhin video (28 min)

Wagner To WITHDRAW FROM BAKHMUT Following Ammo Row. NATO Tanks Threaten Transnistria. (11 min)

Ukr 3% Bakhmut, Prigozhin Wagner Withdraw 10 May; Zelensky Tours Europe; Putin Security Council Meet (55 min)


Still Standing

Still Standing

Mike is still standing and still fighting the cancer.  The topic of Geo-engineering is starting to break through to the mainstream media and to the “normies”.  If only people would look up at the skies instead of having their faces glued to their SMART phones.  SMART phones for dumb people.  As per usual Mike puts everything down to Geo-engineering and there is a lot of it going on.  I like to think it is like the economy….it will keep going up until it doesn’t anymore.  It is broken and nature will rectify it….but at what cost?  Check out this tweet (which I sent to Mike):



Forecast and News (35 min)

About 35 min without the intro and play-out.