China Phone Wars

China Phone Wars

This is anti-CCP propaganda (not anti-Chinese) but their criticism (in this case) is valid.  I watched two thirds of this and left before question time.  The phone and the chip is propaganda. The phone is not very good.  The CCP is very authoritarian and the West is becoming more like China.

Boycott FAILED in China – Apple Sells Out – CRUSHES Huawei – Episode #178 (2:14 min)


What could possibly go wrong?

Remember that we had an article on Geoengineering? Well, conspiracy theory is rapidly becoming conspiracy fact.  Main Stream Media (ABC) just aired the following on their Catalyst program; “Is geoengineering a dangerous way of avoiding our responsibility to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or a convenient way of tackling global warming? Graham Phillips travels to Europe to investigate this highly controversial movement in climate change science”.

More Conspiracies

I saw something else on TV today (can’t remember which news station) about satellites so I did an internet search and found this: 

SpaceX’s Starlink satellites are interfering with astronomy again


Apparently, astrophysicists are complaining because in the future there will be 20,000 of these mini junk satellites circulating the earth.   A grid of spy cameras?  A grid of listening devices?  A grid of “military” weapons? So it is all a conspiracy theory?  Yeah right. Enjoy your new 5 G phones.