Lab Chronicles: Continued Analysis Day 2 (9 Aug)

Lab Chronicles: Continued Analysis Day2 (9 Aug)

The previous stream on the first day analyzed:

1) Opened vial of Moderna – no Phosphorus found
2) Unopened vial of Pfizer –  Phosphorus present
3) Opened vial of J&J –  Cu present (adjuvant or anti-fungal?)

A full report will be produced after all the lab work is done.

Lab Research Updates – Day 2  (2:11) WTYL:


Day 2 Finding:

1. Moderna -No phosphor

2. Pfizer- Phosphor present

Pest Control

Pest Control

Another good stream by Dr Kevin McCairn leading to more questions that need answers. Discussion with Dr Fleming about the absence of Phosphorous and on Amyloid.  Phosphate salts should be present.  Perhaps it has been oxidized or destabilized by temperature?  Perhaps Dr McCairn is receiving samples that have been tampered with (something injected into the vials).   Is Amyloid being weaponized??     Lots of questions and more testing is required.

Weaponization of Bio-tech?


The Biological Bomb And Amyloid Fall Out (1:21)