Australian Dystopia

Australian Dystopia

First the story Dr Kerryn Phelps former president of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and a former member of Parliment who was very pro vaxx has now come out and said that she is “vaccine injured”. From this point on we will call her KAREN because she is a KAREN (lolz). She has put in a wide-ranging 18-page submission to the federal government’s long COVID inquiry because her “wife” has been “vaccine injured.” This is in my view another psyop trying to control the narrative.

Has she suddenly become a “cooker” or anti-vaxxer.  No she has not she is pushing for more research.  This is narrative control:

Imagine my surprise when I found out she was a Jew as well as a Lesbian and a vaccine promoter who supposedly has an injured “wife” (lolz).  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

The narrative is changing….but how much is being manipulated?

ABC Teleprompter Reader Suffers Pericarditis After COVID-19 Vaccine, & The Karma Train Rolls On… (1 min)

Sovereign Terrorists

And now we take a look at the Queensland Shooting.  It stinks and the more you look at it the more it stinks.   I suppose it is another “coincidence” that this particular location was targeted for fracking and pipelines.

If Only We Had A [Central] Queensland Gas Pipeline To Alleviate Our Supply Issues…’(1 min)

Well it is a good thing that we have another Jewess in charge because Annastacia Palaszczuk  whose father is CEO of a jewnetics company in China has built lots of “quarantine” places for those pesky sovereign citizens.  Now just who are these sovereign citizens?  Well they want strange things like the right to free passage over the land, the right to bodily autonomy (to decide what goes into their bodies) and they don’t like paying taxes that fund wars.  They must be bad people because the Jewish ADL has written reports on them (lolz).

It is ironic that they are called the “lawless ones” because that term was reserved by the prophet Zechariah for the Jews themselves (wickedness,iniquity or lawlessness in Zech 5:8).  Now I am not here to beat the drum for sovereign citizens but the state has limits which it cannot and should not ever transgress.Why is a Jewish Organization so against individual autonomy?  Probably because they want us all to live in a communist utopia where the state decides and controls everything.

QLD Police Wants “Anti-Vax, Sovereign-Citizen, Conspiracy Theorists” De-platformed From Social Media (2 min)

‘Anti-Vax Conspiracy Theorists’ Trigger Calls For National Gun Registry; Who Didn’t See That Coming?(3 min)

The People “Investigating” The QLD Shooting Want To Buy The Property Because That’s Not Sus At All…(2 min)

The Purges start soon