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There are a number of debunking videos out there accusing Ben Davidson from Suspicious Observers of being a grifter. I am shocked (lolz). This was my comment on a debunking video:

Well, I suppose I should ignore NASA mapping of the magnetic excursion and the image from the paper below. 🤣 As for the Electric Universe I will stick with the Big Bang model even though the age of the universe has doubled recently (due to James Webb) and the Hubble Constant is in question besides which 75% of the Universe is dark matter.🤣 Standard Cosmology makes Davidson look like a genius. Trust the Science.😂 Obviously the video guy supports the standard climate change narrative that it is all caused by CO2 which is a lagging indicator. Do I think Ben is a bit of a scammer? Yes, and I disagree with his take on mantel decoupling and global tsunami as nonsense, but it is obvious that much of our geology is shaped by catastrophe and not by uniformitarianism. It is a bit rich that the biggest doomsday cult is the club of Rome that believes that cow farts and breathing causes climate change. On this see Tom Nelson’s channel who has a number of scientists that challenge the climate change narrative. When mainstream science is so broken what can you do? I think his videos on solar activity are OK and they report the telemetry, and they are short, but I prefer the Magnetic Reversal channel.








See:  The Role of Geomagnetic Field Intensity in Late Quaternary Evolution of Humans and Large Mammals

Also, they constantly run Psyops. The Adam and Eve story by Chan Thomas was at one-point classified and then declassified by the CIA. It obviously contains some truth but also nonsense and the fact that it was declassified lends it (perhaps) an air of undeserved authority. But they always tell you some truth and then muddy the waters. They want you completely confused so that they can leverage themselves as the only true source of information.

So as always you must sift your information and reject the doom porn and grifting and extract the good bits.  This is the situation that exists as all information has been compromised. You are not going to get the truth from main stream media/science either. That does not mean that we reject all main stream science but we approach it critically.  In the same way we do not accept all Alternative science.

Magnetic Pole Shift – Extinction Event (8 min)


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The climate is always changing and the Universe is Electric. See the websites below:

The sun,storms and earthquakes

The sun,storms and earthquakes

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