Electroquakes and Electric comets

Electroquakes and Electric comets

Don’t worry help is on the way. The Great Reset is coming it is just not the kind of reset that the Powers That Be were hoping for.  All their plans are going to shown to be so much dust in the wind.  They will be exposed and then they will be slaughtered.

7/21/2021 — Large M7.0 (M6.9) strikes Panama / Costa Rica / Central America — Unrest arrives

Arctic Lightning, Galactic Current Sheet, Cosmology | S0 News July.20.2021

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Magnetic Health Effects, Sunspot Cycle Activated, Electroquakes, | S0 News July.21.2021

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The Largest Comet Ever Found Comet C/2014 UN271 Bernardinelli-Bernstein – May Be An Electric Comet!

Newly found mega comet may be the largest seen in recorded history https://bit.ly/2U9lvVq Astronomers spot first activity on giant megacomet beyond Saturn https://bit.ly/3kq7Y6y LCO Discovers Activity on Largest Comet Ever Found https://bit.ly/3BbQeBy JPL VIEWER C/2014 UN271 (Bernardinelli-Bernstein) https://go.nasa.gov/3Biysgn The Sky Live Data on Comet C/2014 UN271 (Bernardinelli-Bernstein) https://bit.ly/3zht5w7 Timeline of the evolutionary history of life https://bit.ly/3kwhUeu What Was It Like When The First Humans Arose On Earth? https://bit.ly/3z8pvUV

Shake n’Bake

Shake n’bake

A large M7.2 earthquake has struck along the shores of Northeast / Central Eastern Japan. No large tsunami warnings have been issued (yet). Check https://tsunami.gov for more information as well as the National Data Buoy Center https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/

3/20/2021 — Large M7.2 (M7.0) Earthquake strikes coast of Japan — Felt across region


Wyoming got buried beneath record blizzard, trapping meteorologists http://wapo.st/3tvVkUO Spring Is Beginning, Many Cities Usually Have More Snow Ahead http://bit.ly/2Qd2GOv Snow Moves in Overnight, Some Areas of New England Could See 5 Inches http://bit.ly/3vKx4Qv Cold front to bring rain, snow across Utah this weekend http://bit.ly/3rcRMp3 Colorado ski areas could see multiple feet of snow from next week’s spring storms http://bit.ly/3bZF4Fz Longmont begins plowing snow from residential streets http://bit.ly/3c3LN1b GFS ModelTotal Snow US http://bit.ly/38YkkMK Unsettled in the West https://www.weather.gov/ Snowstorms boost Colorado snowpack http://bit.ly/2PdnTHv March 2021 Snowpack Update http://bit.ly/3rZs3S1 Earthquakes Shake Mauna Loa http://bit.ly/3f2uRtV Worldwide Volcano News http://bit.ly/2v9JJhO Iceland halts air travel following volcanic eruption https://bit.ly/3f5zX8C Overview of the eruption in Geldingadalur in Fagradalsfjall mountain https://icelandgeology.net/ Reykjanes peninsula – earthquakes https://bit.ly/3rprWPn Krýsuvík-Trölladyngja Volcano Facts https://volcano.si.edu/volcano.cfm?vn… Myndskeið Gæslunnar af eldgosinu VIDEO https://bit.ly/3cLtEV8 Cascadia Volcanic Eruptions https://bit.ly/3c3tf15 Get ready for Brood X: The once-every-17-years cicada swarm is coming http://nbcnews.to/31325Bj Why One Side of Earth Is Rapidly Getting Colder Than the Other http://bit.ly/30ZC2Ld Spatiotemporal Variations in Surface Heat Loss Imply a Heterogeneous Mantle Cooling History https://bit.ly/3tRcsVl Geophysical Research Letters – Supporting Information https://bit.ly/3c1oVzy Record-breaking aerosol levels explained by smoke injection into the stratosphere http://bit.ly/3r4fELd Scientists determine the origin of extra-solar object ‘Oumuamua http://bit.ly/2PehoUT Plummeting sperm counts, shrinking penises: toxic chemicals threaten humanity http://bit.ly/3tRcBbl How lightning strikes could explain the origin of life—on Earth and elsewhere http://bit.ly/3c86YQ1 How an ill-fated undersea adventure in the 1960s changed the way scientists see the Earth http://bit.ly/2QfNKiE



3 Space Mysteries, Magnetic Reversal Hyperactivity | S0 News Mar.19.2021

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Go time

Go time

Don’t be scared , be prepared.

This is “go time” as we call it.. a time of seismic unrest taking place which is noteworthy (and is spreading currently).

This forecast calls for a spread to take place reaching to Europe, USA, Central, and South America.. all with noteworthy larger than normal activity this coming week.

3/05/2021 — Large earthquake unrest — New forecast for USA, Europe, Asia, Central / South America

Dutch places the antipode of the Kermodec quake in Spain but we suggest Iceland:

Kermadec Quake


Connect the dots

Connect the dots

All these events are linked.  They are all related to Space Weather, the weakening magnetic fields, melting Antarctica, changing ocean currents, volcanic activity, earthquakes, weird weather and meteorites.  Do you think God is trying to tell us something?

We’re on day 7 of a 7-10 day watch… technically we still keep watch for 3 more days.. but with the large M8.0 event not striking by day 7.. we have to look for where the energy is spreading….

Apparently in the 7 days since my last upload, a spread of noteworthy M5.0+ earthquakes spread across the whole planet, all the way around Antarctica, around the Indo-Australian plate, around the middle East, going into Europe.. and also spreading up to Japan, Alaska, and over into the USA coastline.

Additionally the exact same sized spread went across South America.. going down to the South Sandwich Islands.

Now we wait…… just a few days tops until every warning expires.


Africa at 10:38

Dutch shows the tear in the African Continent.  I find that  fascinating as it ties in with biblical prophecy that speaks of the Mount of Olives splitting because the African Rift follows the Red Sea and Jordan valley up to the Becca valley in Lebanon.  The topography of the middle East is going to change.  The Dead Sea will no longer be the lowest place on earth.  When the bible speaks of the “lake of fire” in the Apocalypse that is a literal lake of magma.   I found this video on Sky Watch which is from October last year but very relevant.  Recommended viewing.

African Continent is Shifting and Splitting Apart, Creating a Tectonic Rift

Beaufort Gyre, Oceans in Trouble, New Comet | S0 News Feb.26.2021

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Stunning meteor ‘mid air’ blast sparks nuclear missile scare in Canada

Watch this until the end and catch the line “all the orbits intersect at earth”.  What are the chance of that?


The only thing that is not being thrown at us is the kitchen sink.  Do you think God is trying to tell us something?   And the media is suspiciously quiet.  They either do not mention the changes or attribute it to global warming. Now do you understand why governments are locking people down?  We will probably be on rations before the end of the year. The technocrats think they can control this and use it to their advantage.  They think they know what is coming.  They have no idea.

Plate shift

Plate shift

700+ tremors one day… 600 another day… it sure looks like the plate is starting to slip again.

We all know what that means… simply put: when one thing moves.. the other things around it also tend to move on a similar basis.

At one point  Dutch mentions the amount of snow and water dumped right along the St Andreas fault line.  That increases the weight  and the tons of water together with the slow slip increases instability.  The next video from Mike Morales shows part of the California coastal highway that has fallen into the sea. He warns about increased landslides etc brought on by weather modification.

One nation under fraud

I had to pinch that line from Mike (LOL) it is certainly no longer one nation under God.  If you still doubt  the amount of Geo-engineering skip to 32 minutes and have a look.  Shocking.



Major Snow Expected From Colorado To Maine – Snow Records Will Fall In PA – Full Moon – Pine Mounds


Bitter cold, snow coming to Upstate NY: ‘Winter is a long way from over’ http://bit.ly/3r3Ngt5 Snow expected from Colorado to Maine this weekend http://cnn.it/39u4hXm A winter storm moving East will arrive in Northeast Ohio Sunday http://bit.ly/36sD45I Steady snow arrives Friday night, powder likely on Saturday http://bit.ly/3j7V5eI DEEP in Tahoe, good snow for most of the West http://bit.ly/3r49o6z SNOWFALL ANALYSIS FROM THE LAST 72 HOURS https://www.weather.gov/crh/snowfall Winter Storm Moves Eastward https://www.weather.gov/ GFS Model Total snow US http://bit.ly/3afu8S9 GFS Model Total Snow NE US http://bit.ly/3oFjx8t Earthquake swarm in Prestahnúkur volcano Iceland https://icelandgeology.net/ Planetary K-Index http://bit.ly/2Edsotf Worldwide Volcano News http://bit.ly/2v9JJhO Karangetang https://s.si.edu/2YpMtq8 A Wyoming County Predicts ‘Total Economic Devastation’ From Biden Leasing Ban http://n.pr/3t7czfH NY undercounted nursing home coronavirus deaths http://fxn.ws/39swBcJ Cuomo implicated in ‘criminal corruption scandal’ over nursing home coronavirus deaths http://fxn.ws/39tIIq6 Climate Change Is The Biggest Risk To Humanity Graphic https://bit.ly/3pwF5Ff The Full Moon Might Be Affecting Your Sleep & Menstrual Cycles, http://bit.ly/3iYNNtD Full moons affect sleep patterns, people go to bed later and get up early http://bit.ly/3qYgmtQ The UAE’s Hope Probe the first of 3 missions to arrive at Mars next month http://cnn.it/3owtMfc Does Covid-19 impact male fertility? http://cnn.it/3oszcaN ‘Priceless’ 500-year-old shipwreck treasure found in ‘forbidden zone’ http://bit.ly/39wn3xx The Isle of Pines Mounds: A South Pacific Mystery Solved? http://bit.ly/36n1Kws PAPER IN FRENCH https://bit.ly/3cnXZdP Decentralized Microgridding Can Provide 90% of a Neighborhood’s Energy Needs http://bit.ly/3j2y64o Coinbase is going public via direct listing http://tcrn.ch/3pDJoPq

God prepares a Great Reset

God prepares a Great Reset

The West coast of the USA is in a state of seismic unrest, and odd seismic events are occurring along with the shifting taking place. Additionally, a new series of fires broke out below the NEXRAD RADAR location (where the quakes were a few days ago). A series of hot spots showed up on GOES infrared satellite view, followed by multiple new fires breaking out across Southern California. Additionally hot spots appeared across Oregon, and Northern California which match locations which are volcanic, military, and electrical generating. Hot spots seen here: Southern California – https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms… Oregon: https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms…

12/03/2020 — Earthquakes, hot spots, and new fires across California, Oregon, and West Coast USA

More Nova Isotope Mysteries on Earth, Alaska Supervolcano | S0 News Dec.4.202

LAST NIGHT’S VIDEO: https://youtu.be/c8tawYAfyyc New Alaskan Supervolcano: https://news.agu.org/press-release/cl… Supernova Elemental Mystery: https://msutoday.msu.edu/news/2020/su… ESA GAIA: https://www.esa.int/Science_Explorati… Hubble Stingray: https://hubblesite.org/contents/news-… China’s Scary Fast Computing: https://www.nature.com/articles/d4158… 3d Galaxy Mapping: https://www.cardiff.ac.uk/news/view/2…


The beginning of sorrows

The beginning of sorrows

This appeared first (20 minute video)  Dutch had warned for a M5 or greater in the area of Cyprus but the Island of Lesbos of the coast of Turkey got hit.

10/30/2020 — Massive M7.0 earthquake strikes Europe / Turkey — Major damage across region

Cyprus was warned for upper M5.0 to lower M6.0 range for this past week… and now….. Turkey / Greece were hit by a magnitude larger than expected… M7.0 . This is the largest earthquake in years for Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Not only that but this from Dutch’s community page…..the Senate calling for the resignation of the head of USGS because of his treatment of whistle blowers!  Karma What goes around comes around.

Oct 29, 2020.. USGS director is BEING ASKED TO STEP DOWN BY CONGRESS over retaliation against a whistleblower employee at the agency!!!!! Yes this is really happening. Wow. https://www.doioig.gov/sites/doioig.g… And the step down requests here: https://connolly.house.gov/news/docum…


And now the updated video – the earthquake caused a small Tsunami.  This is obviously the second video.

10/30/2020 — Europe struck by Tsunami and M7.0 Earthquake — Greece Turkey — USGS ignores tsunami!

A tsunami has struck Greece and Turkey in the Agean Sea of South Europe. https://twitter.com/search?q=tsunami&… Professionals and average citizens in the area have reported, recorded and first hand witnessed a full fledged multi meter high tsunami. USGS and US agencies are deliberately ignoring the tsunami in Greece. Additionally they have no buoys in the direct area, and all buoys off in the whole region to top it off. (no buoys in europe where we have so many assets and allies?! weird.) View the LACK of tsunami warnings here: https://tsunami.gov has nothing To add insult to intellectual injury , the USGS earthquake page on the M7.0 in the Agean Sea is deliberately leaving out the ocean wave section normally included in all earthquakes worldwide which occur in an ocean. https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquak… All buoys either off or non-existent in the area: https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/