Gigaohm Biological (31 July)

Gigaohm Biological (31 July)

Considers this at least in part a follow up of  we don’t need another Hero.

We Don’t Need Another Hero

In this episode J.C. continues deconstructing an interview with Robert Malone.  Knowing what we know now, and knowing what Housatonic has dug -up we can see that Malone was deeply involved (and protective) of the programs. At one point he even admits that this technology started in the Salk lab in the 80’s.

One minute short:

Robert Malone inadvertently admits being patient zero of Boston Biogen conference superspreader evnt (1:00)

The only point of contention I have with J.C. in this video is his promotion of gays as biology.  It may well be biology because we have homosexual behavior in animals but it is still deviant biology and an evolutionary dead-end.  That said I believe that the way the gay community has been treated and used for experimentation and how it has been ideologically hijacked for cultural-political agenda is disgusting.  There has always been homosexual behavior just as there has always been adultery. Some may say that is an unfair comparison but it follows the same logic that affairs of the heart cannot be controlled or dictated or that some attractions are biologically imprinted and inevitable.  I wish harm on  no one and do not advocate to have the woman caught in adultery stoned for the simple fact that I am aware of my own human weakness. Nevertheless, history teaches us that societies that equate homosexual union with marriage and encourage  permissiveness face degeneracy and collapse.

Rough running order:

07:00 Clinton associate suicide
09:00 Plaxlovid
10:00 Malone interview analyzed
01:17 Russell Brand clip
01:29 AIDS is not culturable either
01:47 Slide Set
02:14 Fighting for the rights of gay people?

Mystery Science Theater 2022: Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (2:29)