Ukraine war can’t be won

Ukraine war can’t be won


Hollywood fails to see Ukraine war can’t be won. Orban, EU leaders failed. Yolanda TIME Top 100 (33 min)

Ukr Collapse: Rus Holds 40% Krasnogorovka, Storms Ocheretino, Ukr Mutinies; Israel Prepares Strike (1:18 min)

Prof. John Mearsheimer: Russia Smashes NATO. (35 min)

Poland just did the UNKTHINKABLE to Ukraine, Blackrock and Vanguard are FURIOUS | Redacted News (11 min)

Ukraine Wrecked

Ukraine Wrecked

The West is presiding over a genocide and a brother-war.  Well done.  It looks like you can chew gum and destroy countries at the same time.


Macron runs. 2025 counteroffensive. Boris back in Kiev. Putin can be defeated. Poland snubs Ukraine (38 min)

Rus Avdeyevka Offensive; Ukr Routed, 3 Villages Captures; Desperate Ukr Builds Dnieper Defence Line (1:23 min)

Pentagon Admits Ukraine Aid Unsustainable + Why Neutrality is Ukraine’s Only (Good) Option (52 min)

ICJ ruling ignored. Biden White House isolated (17 min)

SnowStorm | Robotyne Has Fallen | Chaotic Retreat Of The Ukrainian Army. Military Summary 2024.02.24 (23 min)

Wider War Coming

Wider War Coming

US/UK Strike Houthis, Prepare Iran Strike, MidEast Outrage, Wider War Coming; Rus Bombs Pummel Ukr (1:20min)

US, UK strike Yemen. Biden pushes $300B asset seize. Poland, Tusk vs Duda. Elensky No. 5 (38 min)


Poland PM, Donald Tusk targets opposition Law and Justice party (13 min)



Biden, ‘I understand power’

Biden, ‘I understand power’


Why Giving Ukraine Longer-Range Missiles Will Make No Difference (27 min)


Rus Offensive Coming UK Says, Avdeyevka, Liman Advances, Kiev AD Collapse; West Shocked; F16 Delay (1:18 min)

Biden, ‘I understand power.’ Haley, The Putin will invade Poland. UK will punish N. Korea (40 min)

Long range missiles and Zaluzhny panic (27 min)

How Israel Destroyed Arab-Jewish Communities (Ft. Ilan Pappé) -4 min


Snow Storm

Snow Storm

More like a different kind of storm.  Also beginning with an S….   This was in response to the devastating Russian missile and drone attack which was supposedly aimed at supermarkets etc .





SnowStorm | Russia Was Shelled With NATO Weapon. Escalation Is Imminent. Military Summary 2023.12.30 (28 min)

Rus Missile Strike Smashed Ukr AD System; Zelensky Avdeyevka As Defence Crumbles, Rus Industry Surge (1:05 min)

Mystery missile over Poland. Elensky curse in Avdeyevka. Euromaidan in Serbia. Bolton, attack Iran (39 min)

Biden scorched-earth policy. Prepares to sieze $300B Russian assets (29 min)

Ukraine Strategy

Ukraine Strategy


Tusk, Poland PM. EU, Russia asset steal. US General to Kiev, avoid defeat. China, enough is enough (42 min)

Desperate Moves, Ukr Defeat Approaches: Zelensky Begs Aid, US Seeks Conflict Freeze, Russia Says No (1:11 min)

Biden’s new Ukraine strategy, failure not defeat. Order Zelensky to freeze conflict (40 min)


Zelensky Embarrassed As Putin’s Men Defeat Ukraine’s Revenge Attack…