God Bless You, Mr Polish Potato Farmer!

God Bless You, Mr Polish Potato Farmer! (5 min)

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1. A thermonuclear war didn't happen not because of an unknown Polish hero farmer, but because when push was about to come to shove NATO/US caved in. That's when the photos appeared, although the flight path of the S-300 missile was tracked by NATO radars from the very beginning.

2. I agree to an extent. I think that if the U.S./NATO really was ready to take on Russia, they would’ve gone ahead and responded. This is what Zelensky doesn’t understand. The West is weak, and its armies and weaponry are no longer what they used to be. They have been weakened and exhausted by non-wars in the Middle East and other places where they have been embarrassed by smaller militias.

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Russia Launches Another Missile Strike, Kiev Doubles Down Polish Missile Strike; Xi Crushes Trudeau (53 min)



Stop it before these maniacs kill everyone

Stop it before these maniacs kill everyone

I am loathe to put up an info wars video clip but I have to admit that Alex Jones is right (and funny).  I take my information wherever I can find it.  I told you it was a false flag. AJ is corrrect…Zelensky is out of control.

Zelensky caught lying (9 min)

Russian Missiles Strike Ukrainian Infrastructure, Ukrainian Missiles Strike Polish Farm (18 min)


Russia Biggest Missile Attack on Ukraine, West Admits Ukraine Missile Hit Poland; UK Inflation Soars (59 min)



Breaking: WW3 imminent

Breaking: WW3 imminent

Apparently Russia fired missiles on Poland which means an attack on NATO.  That means that NATO must invoke common defense policy.  Why would Russia do that?   Obviously they want WW3 (lolz).  They bombed their own pipeline and bridge didn’t they?

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Australia responds to Russian missile strike in Poland | Sunrise (7 min)

I detest that “Kochie” guy…an obvious propagandist lick spittle.  See how the False Flag is being set up.  It is so transparent yet most people will believe it because the TV told them.

Now if you think for one minute that this is about Ukraine you have not been paying attention.  NATO already had troops and Western mercenaries in Ukraine and they are losing.   This is an act of desperation because they know that Russia is getting ready to launch a new offensive and is consolidating its positions.  This is not about Ukraine it is about the BRICS and the formation of the multi-polar world.  It is about the loss of the dollar as the global reserve currency.  It is about America no longer being the world hegemon.  What happened to the USA?   It was taken over by Jews (neocons) who used the US as a tool to destabilize the world. They want a one world order just not the same one as the globalists.

Who will be Americas friend?

America has blown up the German Nordstream and is behind the assassination attempt and coup of Imran Khan in Pakistan, the unrest in Iran and the bombing (terrorist attack) in Turkey.   The CIA has been very busy.  What do all these nations have in common?  They are all, turning towards the BRICS and supporting Russia and China.  They no longer want to be bullied.  I think someone at the CIA needs to read How to win friends and influence people.  Hint: You don’t do it by killing them and blowing up their stuff.

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Ukraine Debacle

Ukraine Debacle

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What is the End Game?

What is the End Game?

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Russian Ops in Ukraine

Russian Ops in Ukraine

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