The Power of One

The Power of One

Sometimes we can give into despair. What difference does it make if I speak out? I am only a lone voice and no one is listening. My voice will be drowned out or I will be labelled. And so we self censor and go with the crowd.

Talking to people when I am out and about or tweeting online I find that there are many that are completely, unquestioningly accepting of the government and media narratives. Sometimes they have lost their job or have financial worries.  Perhaps they are traumatized or perhaps they are hypnotized but facts seem to make no difference. It is as though there is a mental block.  Well I am here to tell you about the power of one. One person speaking the truth can make a difference and can empower others.   First I will show you an article about a scientific experiment and then a report about a lady who stood up and was counted.

The lady who takes a stand



The Doctor who takes a stand


Don’t be this guy  (parody)

Don’t let the likes of Bill Gates of Hell with his “final solution” go unchallenged (there are many like him).  Make as much noise as you can while you still can. Do not go silently into the night.  This is the promise – that even the Gates of Hell will not prevail against his church.  Don’t back down. Stand your ground.