Time to Prepare

Time to Prepare

You can take Dirty Harry’s advice or David DuByne (lolz). It is up to you.

Crazy on Soup – Time to Prepare

The Zionist/Jewish financial cartels and their army of bribed and blackmailed officials in Congress, the State Department, the Department of Justice, IRS, Treasury, the Federal Reserve and in the office of the Director of the FBI are accelerating the theft of all assets, moneys and real estate from the American people into the Jewish controlled Hedge Funds, Asset Management corps and Private Equity groups (basically the old European Jewish banking mafia). They are accelerating their takeover at light speed and no one is stopping them. By the time these Jewish criminals and their accomplices get through printing money to replace the money they stole to buy themselves our assets, the remaining Jewish paper called dollars will be worthless, so take care of how you store your "Store of value". At this point Metals such as Gold, Silver, Palladium, and other minerals and real commodities are the only game in town.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention - SOUP!

Is August 2023 the Time Left We Have To Prepare? (52 min)

Optimism in the World of Chaos (Timelines and Solutions to 2025)-49 min


Notification: Prepping

Notification: Prepping

You might have noticed that the tempo of the blog articles has dropped slightly and that is because I have been using the nice weather to catch up on work and do some repairs and prepping.  We have had a lot of rain with very few sunny days but this week we had a couple of nice days (about 20 Celsius and sunny).   Spring started in our hemisphere on the 21 st of September so I am getting ready for spring planting.   We have had three La Ninjas in a row and the dust of the Tonga explosion means wetter and cooler weather in South Australia.

So this week I put in an extra drain in the garden and laid a pipe to stop the flooding. I also laid new turf and patched some muddy spots with seed.  Then I spent a day on the roof because I noticed water spots on the garage ceiling. That has been fixed and but still needs painting.   Today I dug out the chicken run and repaired and cleaned the cage (all four are laying now). I also laid out another flowerbed  and we purchased more supplies and I bought a bicycle (just in case).

On top of that we have changed internet providers (again). We have a new land line number but I have not connected it yet….so if any family members are reading this use the mobile numbers you have or in non-urgent cases send an email.  So flat out busy and barely time to sleep.   If it is nice tomorrow I will do some planting and fertilizing.    Still making kefir milk and Kombucha.  I  tried my Gumbi Gumbi – chopped up the leaves and brewed them in hot water.  Drank it cold with a 50/50 mix with tonic water.  It tasted a bit soapy and had a head of foam.  It even looked like beer.   My covid toes reappeared last week but my Gumbi Gumbi/Kombucha and supplements cured the problem.   So, that is my excuse-juggling too many balls but you should all be doing the same….get ready.


The “Doomsday Preppers” Were Right

The “Doomsday Preppers” Were Right (6 min)

I still found time to plant new veggies and fertilize my garden today. I had a three hour stream playing in the background while I was working.  It is difficult to keep up with events and the “doom” porn is epic. They want you to be confused and overwhelmed.  Bring it on we are just getting warmed up.

BIRD FLU: the Next Pandemic? (21 min)


Normies wake up

Normies wake up

As David says…we are playing catch up….the information and changes are coming so fast it is disorienting and confusing people (it is meant to).  Finally the “normies” are waking up because the main stream told them that shortages are coming.  You can expect panic buying. He who panics first panics best (lolz).

General Population Wakes to the Reality of Shortages (30 min)

No Tsunami

No Tsunami

Looks like fears of a mega tsunami have abated for now.

La Palma lava Flow To Reach The Sea In Hours – 100+ Homes Destroyed – Event Could Last For Weeks (6 min)

Thousands flee as volcano erupts on La Palma island, homes destroyed https://reut.rs/3tVs3nL La Palma lava flow to reach the sea around 8 pm Local Time https://reut.rs/3tT2946 La Palma volcano update: measurements reveal first eruption data https://bit.ly/39otNwl The Lava Flow Advancing 700m per hour https://bit.ly/3zoBtJF Impressive Time-Lapse Of The Eruption https://twitter.com/sky_live_tv/statu… La Palma Quakes vs Depth https://volcanodiscovery.de/fileadmin… Live Earthquake Maq From Spain https://bit.ly/2XhGy97 LIVE ERUPCIÓN VOLCÁNICA del CUMBRE VIEJA en LA PALMA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1ENP… DIRECTO: La lava del volcán de La Palma devora las casas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdRac…

 However, it looks like Californication is getting ready to rumble

9/17/2021 — M4.7 (M4.2 to M5.0) Strikes Los Angeles California at old oil fields of Carson, CA (45 min)


You could always dig a bunker or build a rocket like the celebrities.  Looks like the women have had the foresight to build in airbags to buffer any impacts (lolz).

Celebrities, Billionaires, Prepping, Non-Compliance (4 min)