It looks like Trump is backing down (apology for video disappearing).


I am full of admiration at the amount of propaganda that he managed to jam into this address.   He must have some good speech writers.   Of the top of my head (I could not endure the whole charade) – the reference to the money that Obama (and I am no fan of the globalist Nobel Peace Prize winner LOL) gave Iran is nonsense.  It was their own money. Their assets had been frozen because of the sanctions. And that stuff about terrorism and Yemen…..didn’t mention Saudi Arabia’s role did you?   And Iran wanting a nuclear deterrence…..nothing to do with the fact that Israel has nukes?  (Yes, we know…it is a very badly kept “secret”).   Iran has looked around and seen that the Anglo-Zionists have demolished any country that does not have nukes.  If Julian Assange had a nuke would they have jailed him? (LOL).   I could go on but see how many lies you can spot. Actually I might doctor this video and put a lie counter in the corner but I don’t have time.  Don’t get me wrong I am not partisan….I have equal (or more disdain) for the Globo-Bolsheviks.  Anyone who chooses either side is a sucker.    So, WW3 has been avoided/postponed.  Don’t worry it is still coming just not today.  The ground is being prepared.   Trump and his generals look very worried and stressed.  There is obviously a lot that we do not know.  For the moment both sides have allowed the other side to “save face” and have stepped back from the brink. But they will maneuver for advantage behind the scenes.  I smell a Very Big False Flag coming.   If three buildings got taken down last time how big is this going to be?   And will people be just as stoopid and believe everything? 



This is interesting.  MEK was helped and sponsored by Neoconservatives like Bolton and Pompeo but now they are being designated as Fake Opposition Groups??   (which they are).   This tells me that Iran must have threatened the US very badly (perhaps together with China/Russia???).  They have been told to dismantle the CIA structure and Pompeo is complying?   They must be afraid of getting their butt kicked.