Ukraine is FINISHED

Ukraine is FINISHED

Ukraine is FINISHED and Blackrock is taking over | Redacted with Clayton Morris (17 min)


UK escalation, Storm Shadow long-range missiles to Ukraine (16 min)

Spring offensive false start (33 min)


MoD Says Ukr Attacks Repelled, Prigozhin Feud Intensifies; UK Media Admits Sanctions Fail (1:14 min)

UK Storm Shadow. Biden hunts Russians. Georgia must ban Russian planes. Elenksy Eurovision snub. U/1 (39 min)


Zaluzhny skips NATO meeting

Zaluzhny skips NATO meeting

Trump vs CNN. Zaluzhny skips NATO meeting. Poland renames Kaliningrad. Klitschko shows Kinzhal. U/1 (44 min)

NATO meeting (31 min)

Zelensky to BBC, Ukraine needs more time. Zaluzhny, NATO no show. Syrsky, busy in Bakhmut (30 min)

Russia 742 metres Bakhmut, Prigozhin Complains; Zelensky: Offensive Postponed, Zaluzhny Skips NATO (1:11 min)

Russia has one tank left

Russia has one tank left

Imran Khan arrested. MIC Europe Day payday. Big battle for Middle-earth. Russia has 1 tank left. U/1 (33 min)

Russia Withdraws 1990 Treaty, Attacks 2 Ukr Bakhmut Buildings; Prigozhin Chaos; Cleverly Doubts (1:09)


“Total Catastrophe” Putin’s New Order Could Be DISASTROUS (14 min)



Nuclear Event Coming?

Nuclear Event Coming?

Nuclear Event Coming? US Wiring Ukraine with Radiation Sensors, Mad Panic As Nuclear Plant Evacuated (3 min)

WaPo, spring offensive all hype. Kadyrov in Bakhmut. Dutch farmers lifetime ban. Kamala AI Tsar. U/1 (42 min)

New podcast – Russia is now only one step away from victory (14 min)

Kiev Denies Downing Khinzhal, Downs Own TB-2 Drone + Russia Plans Slow Grind After Ukraine Offensive (35 min)


Russia Storming Bakhmut, Prigozhin Says Surovikin in Charge, Russia Repels Drones, Bombards Ukraine (1:11 min)


NATO in Japan

NATO in Japan

Lavrov, Elensky is a ‘puppet.’ Zaporozhye evacuation. NATO in Japan. Blackrock in Kiev. U/1 (30 min)

Hundreds of thousands of Russian troops are sweeping everything before them (23 min)

Ukraine Jails US Commentator Gonzalo Lira for Speaking Uncomfortable Facts

Prigozhin Says Bakhmut Will Be Taken, Russia Advances; HIMARS Lose Effectiveness; Russia Econ. Grows (57 min)

Kremlin drone NOT false flag

Kremlin drone NOT false flag

Ukrainian delegate punches Russian counterpart after he rips down flag at conference (1 min)

Prigozhin angry. FT, Kremlin drone NOT false flag. EU infrastructure funds diverted to Kiev. U/1 (38 min)

LIVE CHAT: part 1 Brian Berletic – Kremlin attack, Is Philippines & South Korea Next Ukraine? (40 min)

Military shake up after Prigozhin video (28 min)

Wagner To WITHDRAW FROM BAKHMUT Following Ammo Row. NATO Tanks Threaten Transnistria. (11 min)

Ukr 3% Bakhmut, Prigozhin Wagner Withdraw 10 May; Zelensky Tours Europe; Putin Security Council Meet (55 min)