Heart Attacks

Heart Attacks

They are building a new ambulance station closer to my home.  Oh, joy.   I hear the sirens all day long already. They can no longer hide the cardiac deaths or the excess deaths.  Of course they will blame it on the original covid not on the vaccine. Oh no.  It could never be the Jew Jab could it?  This is what Main Stream Media is saying now:


And now to our favorite right-hand mason with the good bedside manner, who initially encouraged everyone to get jabbed but now “realizes his mistake” (lolz):

Accelerated arterial disease (16 min)


And if you think that is bad it is just warming up.  All these diseases fall under the umbrella of prionopathy.  You are going to see an increase in  neurological pathologies, cancer and immune diseases. No doubt the emerging damage from their vaccines will be classified as disease X.  The stupid public will probably believe them and get more vaccines (lolz).

Prion Rap and Prion Gaming

Prion Rap and Prion Gaming

Dr McCairn is a domain level expert in systems neuroscience and his observations regarding the science have been data driven and nuanced.  He has resisted the corrupt science institutes by using unconventional methods to neutralize  one of their main weapons which is the wielding of woke critical Marxism as a blunt club to shut people down.  If you “notice” you are immediately ostracized as antisemitic or racist or…..   The only way to counter this strategy is with humor, memes and anti-woke language.  You do not play by their rules especially when they gate-keep the science and disallow any contrary evidence to be published.

In the first video Dr McCairn is being slandered by Mark from Housatonic who has teamed up with J. Couey in an effort to defame Dr McCairn.  According to them prions don’t exist or are harmless. In their paranoia they accuse Dr McCairn of going over to the dark side and running a PsyOp.  Mark lost his son recently in the fentanyl wars (chemical warfare) and J.C.was sacked by the RFK Jr Children’s Health Defense team (after doing the dirty on Rixey).  Their attack is suspicious and it looks like they caved to deep state pressure.

Their accusations are nonsense because Dr McCairn’s streams are throttled to ensure that their reach is limited.  They are not boosted as you would expect if they were supported by the establishment. Moreover, Dr McCairn is setting up a lab to inject hamsters with vaccines in order to induce prionopathy  or amloidogenic responses and to investigate methods to control or prevent prion cascades.

We know from sequencing that the spike protein contains prion-like domains as well as GP120-HIV1.  We know that these epitopes cause different pathologies in different people that can on the surface be as divergent as brain disease, heart disease  or immune collapse. Although they manifest as different sickness they have the same root cause. There has been a huge uptick in excess deaths and neurological diseases. Dr McCairn admits that we cannot say with any certainty if we will all be overwhelmed by prion disease which is why he is perusing lab work.

I have included two streams (starting after the intro). The stream with Stephanie Seneff and Joachim Gerlach is the more serious discussion about prions but below is the take down of Scooby-do (J.J. Couey who believes he has cracked and unveiled the villain). But first some fun with two short 2 minute videos –


Prion: Infection – Official Game Trailer – Steam

J. C needs to stay of the Scooby Snacks. Doing science while whacked not a good idea (lolz). Better to rob banks.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Scooby Snacks (Official Music Video) -4 min


The Take-down (ouch):

You Spin Me Right Round, Like a Giga-Spiral – Housatonic’s Shit-Tier Takes – 4/29/2024, 4:09:29 AM (2 hours)

“In the chaotic world of online fame, Gigastoned Judas Couey and Mark Jewsatonic, two useless YouTubers known for their dimwitted and often contentious content, are desperate to boost their dwindling viewership. In a reckless bid for viral success, they target Dr. Kevin W. McCairn, a well-respected neuroscientist renowned for his groundbreaking research on amyloids and prions, predicting their potential weaponization in bio-warfare scenarios.
As Judas and Mark spiral into paranoia and misinterpretation, they launch a series of misguided attacks on Dr. McCairn during live streams, accusing him of conspiracies and malpractices, hoping to stir controversy and capture attention. Unbeknownst to them, their actions spark a broader a further precipitous decline in their viewership.”

With serious -head on:

PRIONS With Stephanie Seneff & Joachim Gerlach- 4/24/2024, 4:52:27 AM


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French Coffins

French Coffins

Starts at 16 min

Dr McCairn has prepared the Laboratory and is unpacking equipment.  He is trying to raise more funds to purchase analytical equipment.  The idea is to see if he can induce prions and amyloid in rat brains using vaccines.  He also wants to develop a diagnostic method so that people can test for exposure and develop a way of neutralizing (if possible) any exposure.

Tolstoy – “French Coffins Will Return To Orly”, & HIV GP120 Amyloids Increase Infectivity

Super Prion Risk Assessment

Super Prion Risk Assessment

Dr McCairn is streaming again and I have included two other short videos on the same page because the shared theme is asking questions and challenging the narrative.  If you are not allowed to ask questions it is not science. In France they want to punish any dissent.  You will believe what we tell you or else.  That is where we are at.  How do you stop this?  You keep challenging with the truth.  In the end the truth will prevail. There are too many dead  to remain silent. We are their voices.

Carl Sagan On The Importance Of Free Speech And Skepticism (1 min)

Whistleblower – Embalmer Type Clots Occurring in the Living? (11 min)


SV40/Spike Integration/Propagation, Brain Blood Markers in Long COVID (1:52 min)

Zombies, Nuke fail, ONS Deceit

Zombies, Nuke fail, ONS Deceit

Starts at 15 min. Dr McCairn is streaming despite his back-pain. They pulled the trigger on biological warfare and as Dr McCairn predicted we are seeing an increase in amyloidogenic and prionogenic diseases often manifest as neurological pathologies (Alzheimer, Parkinson, CJD etc) but also as other chronic diseases such as diabetes, myocarditis etc and cancers. Now that we are seeing the emergence of prion diseases, they can’t very well blame it on their covid biowarfare and “vaccines” so they will blame it on nature, caused by Chronic wasting disease (CWD) a prion disease that affects deer, elk, reindeer, sika deer and moose. In a previous stream Rixey showed a map that had all the CWD outbreaks, and they were all in the vicinity of biolabs. A coincidence, I am sure. They will say that it has “jumped” the species barrier because in the USA there are a lot of hunters who eat deer venison. So, they shift the blame back to nature. It will allow them to impose stricter quarantine and monitor the food chain. They have the narrative ready.

Fictive NATO Nuclear Fail, ONS Deceit, More Zombie Deer Narrative Seeding: Nasal Bot Vectors (2:09min)

The Doc is back

The Doc is back

The Doc is streaming again after being sick.  Listening to in now, it starts at about 15 min. At 1:23 the US state Department forced all Ukrainians to tie their financial assets to their smartphones by developing the DIIA “State-in-Smartphone” app for Ukraine, and now Ukrainians who try not to die will have all their assets seized. 

The enemy IS NOT RUSSIA.

Good geopolitical analysis…

Reality Engine War Tensions, PRION Narrative Control, XenoAMPs & Amyloids (3:03 min)