Problem, Reaction, Solution

Problem, Reaction, Solution

In quick succession we had three knife attacks the first was supposedly by a white schizo woman hater, the second by a Muslim who hated Christians and the third by teenagers who hate authority.   This is fear based trauma which the five eyes always use and they had the legislation ready to drop just like the Patriot Act consisting of thousands of pages of legalese was immediately ready after the twin towers.  They love chaos and fear and creating division. They want women to blame men, Christians to blame Muslims and the youth to blame boomers.  As for the disinformation – that the killer was a Jew called Ben Cohen – that was first released by Channel Seven News.  It was therefore deliberately planted by the five eyes to discredit anyone who spread it and to reinforce the cry for more censorship. This was a five eyes psychological operation (PsyOp).  They want complete control, full spectrum dominance.


NSW Premier Chris Minns wants more CENSORSHIP in response to religiously motivated terror attack.(2 min)

“Radicalized Youth” – Assyrian Bishop Mari Mari Emmanuel Survives Stabbing Attack In Australia (20 min)


Leave the World Behind

Leave the World Behind

I know this Movie is on Netflix I almost watched it last night. Obama had a hand in the script for the movie.  Obviously trying to influence the culture and program people.  I will watch this (and the movie) when I get time.  Guaranteed that this analysis will be good.

VERY WEIRD | LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND BREAKDOWN | Viral Alex Jones, Musk, Tate Discussion Decoded 2024 (5:43)

Losing the Propaganda War

Losing the Propaganda War

It seems that Israel is losing the propaganda war.  Both sides lie that is a certainty.  It is best to wait a few days. The truth eventually leaks out.  It always does.

It is looking more and more like Oct 7 was a false flag just like 911. It looks like the neocons are getting their butt kicked….first in Ukraine now in Israel.  What next?  Will they back down?  Not on your Nelly (loz sorry sis).  They will escalate to war with Iran.  They have bio-warfare crimes to cover up and a financial crash to organize.  They need to keep the public distracted.

It is the bankers.  It is always the power elite.  I feel sorry for the useful idiots on both sides…both Jews and Palestinians dying for the bankers paradise.


Clean up?



Israeli Army Struggles To Advance | Major Losses Claimed (10 min)

Supernova Concert Site Location Moved 2 Days Before Attack In Israel (1 min)

Israel Supernova Concert Organizers Killed (1 min)

Psywar and Anti-Semitism

Psywar and Anti-Semitism

The Yes vote in Australia is driven by the Jews and their Tikkun Olam. 












Now, although I do not agree with some of their more extreme  views, extremism tends to beget extremism. That said, people and nations have every right to determine who lives in their country, and they have every right to demonstrate in-group preference.  The Jews do it all the time.  They promote their own, marry their own  and prefer their own company and yet when others do it is considered racist.    This was an interesting video because it exposes the agenda and how the intelligence agencies and Govt are spending millions to suppress information.

The Joel & Tom Show LIVE: PSYWAR (2:28min)

Here is the document:

John Farnham sells out the ‘Freedom Movement’ in exchange for taxpayer funded State propaganda (1 min)

No surprise as he sold out on mandates and vaccines as well.  All these “celebrities” are just paid whores addicted to fame.

This video has been included because at about 42 mins Malone warns about the anti-Semitic trap that is being set.


Here Glenn Greewald a  gay Jew (formerly left wing) warning how Anti-Semitism is being weaponized.

SPECIAL EPISODE: How the ADL Abandoned its Stated Mission in Order to Weaponize Anti-Semitism Accusations for the Online Censorship Regime and the Neoliberal Establishment | SYSTEM UPDATE #142



Censorship is being tightened everywhere.  There are no democracies.  There is no freedom.   This is just the beginning. It is going to get much, much worse.  They may even crash the internet.  I expect the war to escalate and special military war powers to be employed.