Bar Wunder

Bar Wunder

Maybe Australia has some fight left after all. Bar Wunder in Toowoomba Saturday 15th of January 2022 police attend to try and shut down the premises. Gazcam Rah, TPR legends and the people were there to push back against Globali$$t Tyranny.


Australian emergency department doctor exposes the truth of what is happening with the vaccinated (7 min)

Australia publicly has authorized military officers to poison own people by “vaccination” (9 min)

The COVID vaccine has been classified as a Schedule 4 poison. This classification includes all drugs that could be harmful if abused and normally requires a prescription. This document just authorizes certain people to supply and administer it without a prescription. That said it is being abused ,seeing the millions of harmful side effects it already has shown and deaths world wide .





Dr Graham Lyons

Dr Graham Lyons

Few people have the courage to say it like it is, to speak the truth, to say the things we all want to know and hear. Dr Graham Lyons says it here without mincing his words. This is one of the more ‘in your face’ interviews about Covid, the Vax and an Agenda behind it all.

Dr Graham Lyons – Adelaide, South Australia, on The Agenda (13 min)

Dr Graham Lyons has produced a document against the Covid-19 vaccine in which he refers to it as a hoax and he is correct in the sense that the fear mongering and non Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI) are disproportionate to the CFR.  Link 1. Granted that long term sequela are only now being recognized demonstrating that we are dealing with  an incapacitating bio-agent that can result in thrombo-coagulopothy and neurodegenerative disease in some cohorts.  Although we are reluctant to call it a “hoax” the amount of gaslighting and psychological pressure inflicted on the public does give some validity to that charge.  When you are in a fox-hole fighting for you life the time for purity tests is gone.  Just point your rifle in the right direction and fire.  The govt and intelligence agencies have deliberately spread and promoted disinfo such as “the virus is not real” in order to divide and rule.  We won’t let them. Dr Graham Lyons has a degree in Agricultural Science, then gained a Masters in Public Health followed by a PhD in micronutrients and was a speaker at the Adelaide Freedom rally. Link 2 And he is still on the Adelaide Uni Staff Directory. Link 3.


Time is Up

Time is Up

This from an ex-police officer.  Time is up.  If you don’t push back you are done.


A retired Police Officer, David Dickson from Edmonton Alberta, made a speech outside of the Alberta Legislator Building, and he has been doing so every week for the last year. He served 10 years in the Merseyside Police in the Liverpool, he moved to Canada in mid nineties to start a new life as Canadian.

He’s worked directly for the RCMP and many other Law Enforcement agencies as a subject matter expert in IT relating to policing. He can be reached at on the following website:



Protests Galore

Protests Galore

More and more people are protesting as they realize what the future holds. They do not report on any protests on the MSM a total blackout. Protests are ongoing as we speak.  Soon they will censor everything or shut down the internet. They even want to read your text messages.  They are after full spectrum dominance. The only truth is their truth. I have been selective because there are protests in many countries.




Push back

Push back



India is  ruled by a Hindu supremacist government with close ties to Israel.  It is a place where the globalists like to practice their craft. In 2016 the Indian government abruptly wiped out most of the nation’s currency in hopes of ending black money and curbing corruption. It was a failure.  The real intention behind the move was to capture everyone in the banking system thus forcing people to register (or acquire) Identification  (many of the poor have no ID). Then you have the Bill and Melinda Gates vaccination campaigns which were also a disaster.  Now you have farm reform….once again demonstrating the globalist need to control food production.  Think here of Monsanto with its GMO crops etc…were seeds are deliberately sterile so that the farmer becomes dependent on the corporation for seed stock.

IWWH Ep 14: World’s Largest Protest in Human History in India Over the Global Food Takeover

The LARGEST peaceful protest in the history of humanity took place on November 26, 2020 where a staggering 250,000,000 pan-India stood together in workers strike. Why? Against the nefarious farm bills surreptitiously passed without debate during lockdown, threatening food sovereignty, livelihood of farmers and accelerating the globalist takeover of the food supply.

Since then, this protest has proliferated into the BIGGEST people’s uprising ever seen on our planet. Massive ‘insta-city’ encampments have formed at Singhu and Tikri borders into Delhi, the main protest sites, with an estimated 300,000 farmers and protesters currently encamped. And it’s growing. Thousands more, each day, from all over India, march towards the capital, in solidarity with the Farmers Protests to force the Indian PM to repeal these nefarious Acts.

India is now ONE MONTH into this unprecedented people’s uprising; in total, it is estimated that there are around 2 million people actively involved around India in protests against the government.

Authors and writers, Amandeep Sandhu and Devdan Chaudhuri from India, join UK activist Piers Corbyn, along with producers and contributors from UK, US and India, to bring you news of the most beautiful and important fight for our food sovereignty in the great Farmers Protests of India. Co-founder of the Trolly Times (a newspaper to counter “godi media” disinformation), Dr. Navkiran Nat, a young activist, sends us a video journal from the encampment at the Tikri Border.



Protests become violent

The protests are become violent in some places. People do not want to be  slaves in their own country.


Game Over part Deux

Game Over Part Deux

Another good video about the GameStop push back.


Peasant Revolt

People all around the world are pushing back (peacefully)  against the big tech oligarchy.  In France they are protesting against a new Amazon center. Covid has destroyed many small businesses making the likes of Bezo’s surpass the trillion mark.  Yet, he pays subsistence wages to his workers and even appeals to charity to supplement wages.  These people are scum on multiple levels. I believe Amazon cloud hosts the CIA.  They recently got rid of Parler the free speech platform.


Open up your businesses

They have used the fear of death and sickness to conquer the world.  Many countries are defying the government and opening businesses. England protested on the 30th of January by opening businesses.   People need to stand up. 

Protests everywhere

Protests everywhere

The mainstream media are not reporting the protests but they are breaking out everywhere. People are starting to realize that something sinister is going on.  Here are some of the protests. This is in the Netherlands. We do not condone destruction of property or violence but clearly people are venting their frustrations. During a protest against the curfew in Urk, the corona test location of the GGD was set on fire on Saturday evening. That happened after the curfew, around 9:30 PM. Mayor Cees van den Bos issued an emergency order at the end of the evening for the deployment of the riot police. “Dramatic as this evening is now going. I am ashamed of the events”, he writes on Twitter. There is a lot of police in the village.

 In Italy a campaign was started whereby Restaurants all open their doors and people went out for meals.  The campaign is catching on around Europe. Here follow a few of the tweets (there are many more) showing that people everywhere are pushing back. Remember they have already built “quarantine camps” in Germany.  So you still think this is about a virus do you?  Sweden never even had a lockdown.  We do not have 50 million deaths like Spanish flu. Stop being afraid and faithless and open up.  Mass civil disobedience. You do not need government permission to live and breathe. Your God given rights (natural law) are inalienable and cannot be taken away from you. You have the right to associate and worship, to travel, to procreate (be fruitful and multiply). Only you can decide what goes into your body.  God  created you with freewill.


Twitter feed

This twitter feed is good –




I now have this on my follow list – this information is suppressed by MSM.  There is an ongoing propaganda war.  The next video is to a FB link from the brilliant scientist Prof. Dolores Cahill. She has lobbied and started “Freedom Airways”.   She is very smart and courageous.  She speaks all over the EU and has never worn a mask or complied.

Prof. Dolores Cahill – How do you travel without complying to corrupt Government policies?




Can someone erect a statue to this woman?  Look at the audience all sitting there and lapping it up.  Another think tank probably.   More like a STINK TANK befouling the world with their demonic ideas. I bet not one of them thinks they are doing anything wrong.  Do they have a conscience?  Do they really think that they are making the world a better place.  They probably think this woman is some sort of lefty (and maybe she is) but decent people do not want to wage forever wars.   Many of these people have degree in political science etc but they have no soul.  They are probably neocons (code for Jewish).  Someone should get rid of these STINK TANKS and the FOULDATIONS that fund them.  Make war on the STINK TANKS…..regime change the FOULDATIONS…..regime change the lot of them.  Here endeth the rant. Phew. I feel better now.