Antisemitic Bill Passed

Antisemitic Bill Passed

Israel now have a free pass in committing genocide.  They can kill babies until the blood reaches the horses bridle. They can execute aid workers.  They can blow up hospitals.  They can dance on your grave,  And you are not allowed to say a thing.  This is of course contrary the first amendment but hey, what are constitutional laws between friends?

These university protests had agent provocateurs in their midst.  It stinks of PsyOp to get this bill passed.  More Jewish deception and lies.


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Protesting Genocide

Protesting Genocide


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Even Trump is jumping on the bandwagon (until after the election….if we have one).


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Beheaded, cooked in ovens, killed in incubators, caught on bayonets…

These grubs keep repeating the same lies even when they have been debunked.  This tool manged to get more money to Ukraine and Israel so that the brother-war and genocide can continue.  Apparently it is OK to occupy Palestine but not OK to occupy a campus.

This is timestamped to start at the lie so that you don’t have to watch it all.  Such despicable people. Psychopaths with no empathy.

Speaker Johnson speaks at Columbia University…

Elon Musk also sings from the same Hymn Sheet after his “reeducation” during the Auschwitz trip (lolz).  Now you know who has the real power.  The ones who you are not allowed to criticize for committing genocide.


Here was a typical response (not from me):

This is what happens when ignorant fucks like Musk lead conversations: he makes ridiculous points that sound smart. A stupid man’s smart man.

What Israel is doing is illegal, unjust and tyrannical. Israel is an occupying, apartheid state. There is no ethical framework within which Israel is not wrong.

To show the ridiculousness of Musk’s argument, the ‘weak side’ doesn’t define the ‘strong side’ — it is the oppressor who defines the relationship by virtue of their oppression. Because Palestine is ‘weak’ here doesn’t mean it is ‘right’ and therefore Israel is ‘wrong.’ Israel is occupying and oppressing Palestinians and depriving them of their basic human rights — that’s what defines Israel as ‘wrong,’ their very own actions.

This isn’t defined by who the Palestinians are. Whether the Palestinians meet your perceived framework of virtue literally doesn’t matter — oppression is always wrong, no matter who is being oppressed. It is *LUDICROUS* that we’re even having to have this conversation.

There can be NO meaningful conversation on virtue until the occupation ends, the apartheid ends, and Palestinians have the same rights and liberties as the rest of the world. NONE. And Musk likely knows this, but uses his platform to further oppress one of the most oppressed people on earth.


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By the way….there are Muslim “protests” in Germany to establish a Caliphate.   ** If you think that the Caliphate protests in Germany are genuine then you probably think that a man in a cave planned the Twin Towers, that JFK was assassinated with a magic bullet and that babies were beheaded and cooked in a pizza oven

The Pivot

The Pivot

See the video below…   This makes a lot of sense as there was a very quick pivot by the media, who, only a week ago or so, were accusing Israel and are now 100% behind Israel and calling out the campus protests.  I think the premise of the video is correct, namely that a deal was reached between Israel and the US that if they backed  down from a full on war with Iran, then the US would turn a blind eye on the upcoming “cleansing” of Rafah.  The media got told to switch the narrative  and they did it overnight and all speak with one voice.


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