Rainbows for Everyone

Rainbows for Everyone

Just started watching this and had to post…. Kevin starts by critiquing this “science” article which is pushing homo garbage. Dr Kevin McCairn is right to be enraged and he makes fun of this abomination. There is nothing left to save of these ideologically motivated and captured institutes. Let it burn.

Ukraine Proxy War Escalation, Monkey Pox, SARS Neuroscience (4 hours)



I will embed the video when I have uploaded it to Odysee.  This belongs on the same page (not watched it yet):

😨 Science as Belief. Priests of Materialism 😨 (20 min)

Regime change party over

Regime change party over

Kervork is a Syrian Armenian Christian living in Berlin. He is often targeted by Jihadist trolls. This is an excellent explanation. Recommended viewing. Saudi Arabia losing Syria and Yemen and seeking detente but Israel (and US) has no interest in rapprochement between Saudi and Iran.

Saudi and Syrian intelligence chiefs meet: a hint at detente?

The head of Saudi General Intelligence Directorate Lieutenant-General Khalid Al-Humaidan visited Damascus today and met with President Assad and the head of National Security Bureau Major General Ali Mamlouk for talks about reopening the Saudi embassy after Eid Al-Fitr, per Rai al-Youm newspaper. (See his YouTube channel for reading links and in order to support him).


Meanwhile in Israel….