Major War in Europe

Major War in Europe

🔴 Serbia’s President Drops Bombshell: All Signs Point to a Major War in Europe | Syriana Analysis (1:02 min)

Graham wants Ukraine resources. US lifts weapons ban. Elensky in Bundestag. Romania F16 trick (33 min)

Rus Defeats Ukr Volchansk, Takes Novoaleksandrovka; FT US Losing Faith Zelensky; F16s Romania Based (1:22)

Scott Ritter: Risking Nuclear War (26 min)

Douglas Macgregor Reveals: US Secrets Leaked! Iran’s Hypersonic Missile Threat Backed by Russia (30 min)

Larry Johnson Exposes: Putin Warns WEST to Prepare for Fatal Mistake- Germany Secret Attack Russia (49 min)

Ukraine has a DARK secret and Ukrainian families are DEMANDING answers | Redacted w Clayton Morris (21 min)


Col. Karen Kwiatkowski : Biden Justifies Attacks on Russia (26 min)

Scholz & Greens will learn nothing from election results (35 min)


Asymmetric Warfare

Asymmetric Warfare

The Duran report was amusing. The peace conference is collapsing as no one of importance is attending.  Zelensky wanted a photo op with important world leaders to establish his authority as he is no longer the elected leader.  So, instead he gate crashed the Shanghai security conference and bad mouthed China as a Putin Puppet (lolz) then chased after Marcos of the Philippians and when he flew home Zelensky chased after him on his plane.  Does Zelensky have a man crush? (lolz).  Chasing BongBong all the way home?

Fico returns. Putin, asymmetric response & NATO BS. WSJ, Biden signs of slipping. Klaus prank (41 min)

Putin Rus Strike Back Arm West Enemies; Zelensky Illegitimate; Kharkov Offensive, Rus Kherson Return (1:07 min)

Putin confident, Zelensky unstable. Cuban missile crisis scheme (36 min)

BREAKING! U.S. Plan To Deploy Soldiers To Fight Russia ! w/ Scott Ritter (27 min)

Aaron Maté: What Happens if US Troops Go to Ukraine? (28 min)

Max Blumenthal : Defending Grayzone Against WaPo Slander (30 min)

Prof. John J. Mearsheimer: What If Gaza and Ukraine Escalate? (36 min)

Prof. Gilbert Doctorow, PhD: Are Russian Threats Serious? (24 min)

LtCol. Tony Shaffer: No Way Ukraine Can Win (24 min)


Biden’s Senility Is Now “A Thing” As Russia Calls The US “An Enemy” – Peak Prosperity (15 min)

Not Bluffing

Not Bluffing

“NATO is TESTING Putin’s red line and he’s NOT bluffing” Redacted w Clayton Morris (16 min)

Rus Prepares Kharkov Battle; Rus Jams US Black Sea Drones; Ukr Troops Untrained; Turkey Wants BRICS (1:19 min)

Biden, Russian military decimated. US/NATO, 5 land corridors to fight Russia. US $50B Ukraine loan (42 min)

Kyle Anzalone: Antiwar Latest (30 min)

Patrick Lancaster: Latest on the Ground in Russian Ukraine (22 min)

🔴 America is preparing for war with China over Taiwan! (3 min)


This is definitely pro-Russian and it is four days old but pretty good. The Aussie Cossack Show:

NATO’s Thirst for WAR Exposed! With RT’s Chay Bowes (1:43)

Provoking Hot War

Provoking Hot War

The West is Hell-Bent on Provoking Russia Into Hot War (7 min)


Rus Breakthrough Chasov Yar, Ukr Energy Crisis, Belgorod HIMARS Strike; Rus Economy Bigger Japan (1:30 min)

Elensky, China sabotaging Swiss summit. Kallas, no Plan B. Above the law. Putin to conquer Eurasia (41 min)

WSJ: US actively preparing for war with China (23 min)

MAJOR ESCALATION: Biden OKs Ukraine Hitting Targets INSIDE Russia! (11 min)


Russian Momentum

Russian Momentum

The Russian Momentum is back (23 min)

Putin Warns Strike Europe Missiles Hit Rus; Nuclear Risk; US Backs Off; Rus Reaches Ukr Supply Bases (1:26 min)

Putin warns West. Macron humiliates Scholz. Guardian, ICC stalking. Elensky, Biden not strong (46 min)

INSANE VIDEO: Victoria Nuland Says The US Should Bomb Russian Cities (30 min)

Putin & King of Bahrain; Ready to mediate in Middle East (16 min)


Modern American Imperialism Part 2: Building Eager Armies Helping Colonize their own Nations (31 min)

Is it just me or does yseali (young south east asian leadership) initiative look like ysraeli ? (lolz)


Putin WARNS Russians prepare for NATO attacks along border | Redacted with Clayton Morris (21 min)

Mark it on your calendar so that you don’t miss the end of the world (lolz) on  July 18




NATO is making a DEADLY mistake

NATO is making a DEADLY mistake

Salvini, Stoltenberg resign. Elensky charm is over. Estonia will bring Russia to its knees (26 min)

“NATO is making a DEADLY mistake” and WW3 will look UNLIKE anything we’ve ever seen | Redacted News (12 min)

Rus Resumes Volchansk Advance; Putin Confirms Rus Build Up; EU Govs Back Off Ukr Attacks Rus (1:13min)

Georgia passes foreign agents law. Armenia protests (20 min)

NATO Escalates

NATO Escalates

NATO, time has come to hit Russia hard. Putin entourage. Reuters floats freeze with Elensky gone (38 min)

Rus Advances Chasov Yar, Takes Villages; Jams Starlink, HIMARS; West Escalates, Armavir, Rus Assets (1:31 min)


The West’s “Theory of Victory” in Ukraine: Convincing Ukraine to Fight a Futile War (1:12 min)

Putin & Lukashenko prepare for NATO escalation (25 min)


🔴 Syria’s First Lady Diagnosed With Leukemia | Syriana Analysis (18 min)


Aussie Cossack Show

Aussie Cossack Show

The “Cossack” is wanted by the police and is broadcasting from the Russian Consulate (In Sydney I think).  I know it is propaganda but then it is all propaganda and psychological operations.  Nevertheless, the show is pretty good and you need the info (agitprop) from both sides.   In any case watch the bit about the two bodyguards at the start of the video.


The Aussie Cossack Show – Russia & China Tell The West To F**k Off!

From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love

The bromance that has Blinken bapping in his pants (lolz)


We could send Bond to fix this but he is undergoing a sex change operation (lolz).


Putin; EU vassals, Kharkov cordon sanitaire. Elensky, US help to strike Russia. Kirby & the hug (28 min)

Kiev Panic, Demands Hundreds Patriots, F16s; Rus Sumy Offensive; Rus More Volchansk; Ukr 70% Losses (1:31min)



Imperial Overreach

Imperial Overreach

Slithering Into World War III (4 min)

US Aggression & Manifest Destiny in the Indo-Pacific, w/ Prof. Ken Hammond (51 min)


Video: Students Force Police Off Campus! (8 min)


Rus Storms Kharkov Towns, Syrsky Troops Encircled, Ukr Crimea Strike; Putin Xi Forge Rus China Ties (1:25 min)

Xi-Putin multipolar hug. Elensky blames world for Kharkov. New Caledonia uprising (37 min)

Robert Fico, Slovak patriot (24 min)

Russian forces are STUNNED by what they just found in Ukraine!!? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (10 min)