The war to end all wars

The war to end all wars

The war to end all wars. AP, Egypt warned Israel. Medvedev, Kiev black market. Kirby cries. U/1 (37 min)

U.S. Politicians Call For Wipeout Of Gaza! (21 min)


Israeli Rabbi Calls Hamas Attack “Inside Job” (44 min)


Putin Blames US Diplomacy; Israel Gaza Offensive, No Evidence Iran Involved; Avdeyevka Breakthrough (1:16 min)


ESCALATION! Hezbollah Joins Hamas Fight Against Israel (35 min)


Deep Intel on Why a US Carrier is Headed to the Israel-Hamas War (7 min)


The girl (body) in they back of the Hamas truck is still alive and in hospital

Genius Military Tactics

Genius Military Tactics

How Putin Used GENIUS Military Tactics to Defeat Ukraine Counteroffensive (22 min)



Rus Defends Russians, Odessa Rus City; Medvedev: West Talks a Trap; Kiev Freaks Out US Aid Dwindles

The Fall | Mass Deployment And Start Of Large Scale Ground Operation. Military Summary For 2023.10.6 (22 min)

Zelensky’s Wife Is NOT HAPPY About Applauding A Former N@zi (4 min)


Drowning Man

Drowning Man

Poland; No more weapons, Ukraine drowning man. Elensky refuses freeze. Assad in China. U/1 (34 min)

Putin Talks Aliyev, Pashinyan; Zelensky UN Falls Flat, Ukr Aid Dwindles Rejects Talks, Rus Offensive (1:18 min)

Russian civilians are being PREPPED for war | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (10 min)

The Fall | Russian Massive Missile Strikes 2.0 | Robotyne Kill Zone. Military Summary For 2023.09.21 (25 min)


The Tragedy of Artsakh: Armenians Seek Answers (9 min)


Ukr Offensive Huge Losses

Ukr Offensive Huge Losses

Ursula, China cars in TATTERS. Russia NOT running out of weapons. Penn, melt Oscars for Elensky. U/1 (34 min)


Ukr Offensive Huge Losses, No Gains; Putin, Lukashenko Discuss Offensive; Demands in US Biden to Go (1:18 min)

The Fall | North Korean 300-600mm MLRS Game-Enders Are Coming In October. Military Summary 2023.9.14 (19 min)

Ukraine Warns ‘Russian Propagandists’

Ukraine Warns ‘Russian Propagandists’

Does that mean that I am in trouble for posting this meme? (lolz) Sticking on plastic tits and a wig does not make you a woman.  You fell for Jewish woke, gay propaganda and self -mutilated.   Is Putin a good guy?  Nope (but at least he is still sane).  But you are a bunch of monsters in charge of a slaughter house.


Ukraine Warns ‘Russian Propagandists’: We’re Coming for You! (19 min)

Ukraine hits Sevastopol. Putin in Vladivostok, meets Kim Jong Un. Podolyak offends India, China. U/1 (42 min)

Ukr Attacks Sevastopol, Ukr Losses Surge, Rus Losses Lowest; Putin Kim Launch Strategic Partnership (1:24 min)

Putin meets Kim Jong Un. US warns more sanctions. (11 min)

Air Bases, Drone Swarms & New Ports: US Military Footprint in Asia Grows, But China Grows Faster (34 min)

Kurds Have No Right to Steal 1/3 of Syria (3 min)

Why Was Crimea Attacked? (11 min)

The Fall | Another Escalation By NATO. Russia Strikes Back. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.09.13 (18 min)



ZOG wars

ZOG wars

Not only partisans but even Foreign mercenaries are being killed while on leave in Ukraine. Almost a battalion of soldiers killed while taking a break away from the front.


The Fall | Russian Firebag Tactics Deals CRITICAL Damage.Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.9.10 (25 min)

US/EU pressure UAE in effort to pick apart BRICS (8 min)

Putin, Lavrov G20 win. Pirate Scholz stole G20 show. UN SWIFT offer to trick Russia. Dr. BoJo. U/1 (34 min)


From Ukraine to Taiwan & Japan: Washington’s Proxy Wars Around the World (14 min)

Germany Under Threat: The Globalist Plot Exposed (9 min)


Ukraine Offensive Failed

Ukraine Offensive Failed


“Ukraine has NO men left and now they’re recruiting women to fight” | Redacted News (27 min)


A. Blinken Brought Uranium Depleted Rounds For Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.09.07 (10 min)

Oil price cap failure. Huawei chip shocks west. Blinken gifts $1B to Kiev. Russia trolls UK MoD. U/1 (36 min)

British Challenger Tank Destroyed in Ukraine + Heavy Losses Amid Failing Offensive (35 min)

Putin; Ukraine offensive is not stalled, it is a failure (29 min)